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Last updated :  July 11th 2018
2018 Committee

President:  Joseph Coyne

Vice President:  Owen Cummins

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt

Secretary: David Melody

ex Officio:  Paul O'Meara

Points Secretary: Paul O'Meara

Match Maker:   Noreen Fleming


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Ethel Mulhern

Sally Burke

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Welcome to Castleknock Bridge Club
Recording the Hands on the Bridgemates

Recording the hands on the Bridgemates has a number of key advantages including uploading same onto our website for review and analysis.   This helps everyone to improve bidding and play.   Another key advantage is the rectification of misboarding.     

Last Thursday  the Tournament Director was called to table  "12 in one hand, 14 in the other."    A regular occurrence but slow to fix as the board is passed back to the offending table for correction and East/West have moved on,  plus the fact that North/South are in the middle of their game. So two/three tables are disturbed.      Last night ,  we asked the 14 card hand to suit their cards and at the same time TD called up the hand on the  bridgemate...instantly the extra card was identified and nobody else was disturbed. Problem resolved in 30 seconds !

Later in the evening the TD  was called to another table after the players reviewed the hand they just played  and discovered  that the hand was misboarded  on the last table.   Both parties were rewarded with average plus.

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          Joe Coyne


Draft Calender

Calendar of Events 2018/2019

Autumn Pairs (2 weeks)

October 4th/11th

Teams (two sections)

November 1st

Simultaneous Pairs IBU

November 8th

Christmas Social

November 29th

Turkey Competitions

December 6th

Club Pairs (2 weeks)

January 17th/24th

Simultaneous Pairs CBAI

February 7th

President’s Prize (2 weeks)

February 21st/28th

Presidents Prize Dinner

March 7th

Gilligan Trophy

March 14th

Charity Night

March 28th

Easter Egg Competitions



May 23rd

Bridge Etiquette

Castleknock Bridge Club is a dynamic club with over 220 members many of whom joined the club in recent years and many have never read "The Laws of Duplicate Bridge"  and dont particularly want to.

The  most important law to remember is that Bridge is a game and players are reminded that they should treat all players including their partners in a civilised and friendly manner.   Players are also reminded that your club is run by a committee of volunteers who are not paid for their services.

In the website's  main menu there is a page "Bridge Etiquette"  it outlines many of the rules of bridge in everyday languaage  and it is worthwhile to have a browse when you have a few minutes to spare.


When you have 10.5 tables  your choice is either 

(1) a Mitchell 22 board movement N/S play 22 boards and and the East West play 20 boards  or

(2) a Bowman Movement were N/S can play 27 boards  and E/W can play 24 boards.    The price you pay is that Table 1 and 10 share the boards all night.    Boards and people move like an ordinary Mitchell.

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