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2106 Committee

President:   Richie Fallon

Vice President:  Paul O'Meara

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt

Secretary: Carmel Grimes

Points Secretary:  Tony Smyth

Match Maker:   Noreen Fleming


Kittly McCable

Ethel Mulhern

Sheila Connolly

Cyril Greene

2017 Waiting List


Jim Barrett ( Now invited to join)

Teresa Gorman

Louise Curley

Fiona & Graham Smithers

Jo O'Brien

Mary O'Brien

Theresa Farrell

Martina Glennon

Tony & Evelyn Robinson

Carmel Hickey

Brendan O'Driscoll

Roisin & Willie O'Gorman

Helen Downing

Patricia Kelly

Betty Halligan

Anne Lawlor

Marie Dunne

Angela Harford

Patricia Bassett

Greta Kelly

Elaine Orr

Charles Corcoran

Maureen Grady

Gabrielle Dineen

Joan McAndrew


Last updated :  22/01/2017
Club Teams Competition 2nd March 2017

The  Teams Match will be run as two separate and near identical competitions ( Seniors and Intermediates) with 14 tables in each section playing head to head matches.  ( 4 boards in the seniors and 3 boards in the Intermediates)

You are asked to assemble your team at the allocated table,  then there will be a draw for tables at 7:15pm.  Playing cards will be issued telling the team where to move.  ( 4 teams will be exempt as they need to sit i.e.  table 1 and 4 in each section.

After the draw and players reposition at the new "HOME" tables they enter the Bridgemate Numbers and  then East West of each team will move to the Opposition table by adding or subtracting 7 to their number  eg: 

East/West  table 1 move to table 8.  And East West table 8 move to table 1.

East/West  table 2 move to table 9.  And East West table 9 move to table 2.

The  North/South/East/West of  teams  8 to 14 in each section will be moving for the night.

Memo:  the seniors will be playing 4 board matches (28 boards in all) and its important to minimise the comparison times otherwise we loose a round.

The following is the assembly table for each team.  ( will be published Tuesday)

MEMO:   If someone in your team can not play...please let us know we have some reserves waiting to play.   It is essential to have 14 full tables on each side to make the head to head matches work  ( Phone 085 8862241)

Club Pairs 2017 Results


Joe Coyne Ann Moynihan 1st Overall
Ann Clerkin Mary O Sullivan 2nd Overall
Deirdre Ridgeway  John Mcnamara 3rd Overall
Patrick Connolly Maura Harte 1st M
Mary Brady  Tearesa O Suilleabhain 2nd M
Peter Rooney Gaye Downs 3rd M
Brian Mullan Mary Greene  1st A1
Margaret Fitzgerald  Geraldine Keane 2nd A1
Phyllis Lynch Claire Grey 3rd A1
Noreen Sullivan  Sheila Healy 1st A2
Katherine Claffey  Brigid Gallagher 1st A2
Margaret Nardone Miriam Doyle 3rd A2
Tom Daly  Mary T Brady 4th A2
Michael McGee Noirin Fleming 5th A2
Paul O'Meara Sally Burke 6th A2
Grainne Barton Sheila Connolly 1st B
Sheila O'Mahony Mary Flynn  2nd B
Yvonne Boyle Josephine Loughrey 3rd B
Richie Fallon Arthur McGrail 1st session
Tony Smyth Noreen Smyth 2nd session
Gilligan Cup

The Gilligan Cup is on the 9th March.  It is confined to B and Novice players.   Pre-entry is not required.


Club Volunteers


Comp A


Comp B


Comp C





23 Feb Paddy Daly Mary T Brady Cyril Greene Evelyn Blennerhaset Paul O'Meara
2 Mar Brian Lawlor Brian Lawlor   Brian Lawlor Owen Cummins
9 Mar Mary Brady Paul O'Meara Louise Grogan Tony Smyth Owen Cummins
16 Mar John Macnamara Colette Cullen Mary Flynn Jim Egan Owen Cummins
23 Mar Brian Lawlor  


Brian Lawlor

Owen CUmmins
30 Mar Brian Lawlor     Brian Lawlor Owen Cummins
6 April Presidents Dinner       Owen Cummins


2017 Calandar
9th  Feb Sim Pairs
3rd March Club Team of 4
9th March Gilligan Trophy
16 March Easter Egg
23rd & 30 March Presidents Prize

6th April

Presidents Dinner
27 April Omega Prize
25 May AGM


DIFFERENCE Between AVERAGE and PASS OUT click here
Autumn Pairs 2016

The prizes for the Autumn Pairs were distributed evenly amongst the various grades.   There were 3 overall prizes,  after that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd  prizes for each grade were equal.  The lucky ones were.

Autumn Pairs Result  
Joseph Coyne & Ann Moynihan 1st overall
Noreen & Tony Smyth 2nd overall
Barbara Burke & Larry O'Sullivan 3rd overall
Patrick Connolly & Maura Harte 1st M
Neil Burke & Pat Hannon 2nd M
Arthur McGrail & Sean McNamee 3rd M
Mary Finnegan & Claire Gray 1st A1
Phyllis Lynch & Angela Massey 2nd A1
Bernie Hickey & Miriam Macken 3rd A1
Noirin Fleming & Michael McGee 1st A2
Sheila Healy & Noreen Sullivan 2nd A2
Brid Fallon & Margaret Fenton 3rd A2
Blanaid Morris & Breda Tuite 4th A2
Marie Kehoe & Ann Moore 5th A2
Breda & Mary Mulvany 6th A2
Grainne Barton & Sheila Connolly 1st B1
Bea Canavan & Therese Kilcline 2nd B1
Richie Fallon & Deirdre Ridgway 1st  Session
Patrick Daly & Patrick Kelly 2nd Session
Tips for entering cards onto Bridgemates
  1. Remember that 95% of table problems can be eliminated if South ensures that they play the South cards and return their cards to the South position
  2. Treat Bridgemate like a calculator or mobile phone,  there is a button for every  card.  The zero button on the bottom line acts for the ten.
  3. When the “Record the Cards” message appears immediately press OK button, if it’s not  pressed within 15 seconds you will loose the opportunity to record the hand. 
  4. All players should divide their cards into the 4 suits on the table.  Don’t put them in sequence  (the Bridgemate will take any sequence)
  5. Call out the cards slowly and distinctly in suit seniority (starting with Spades, Hearts, Diamonds etc).   Press the OK button after each suit. 




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23rd Feb 2017
C5 Mitch 4bds
23rd Feb 2017
sect 2
23rd Feb 2017
A9 Mitch 3bds
16th Feb 2017
C7 HT SKIP 3bds
16th Feb 2017
B13 Mitch 2bds
16th Feb 2017
A9 HT SKIP 3bds
2nd Mar 2017
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23rd Feb 2017
C5 Mitch 4bds
23rd Feb 2017
sect 2
23rd Feb 2017
A9 Mitch 3bds
16th Feb 2017
C7 HT SKIP 3bds
16th Feb 2017
B13 Mitch 2bds
16th Feb 2017
A9 HT SKIP 3bds
2nd Mar 2017
9th Mar 2017
16th Mar 2017
23rd Mar 2017
30th Mar 2017
6th Apr 2017