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Last updated :  September17th 2018
2018 Committee

President:  Joseph Coyne

Vice President:  Owen Cummins

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt

Secretary: David Melody

ex Officio:  Paul O'Meara

Points Secretary: Paul O'Meara

Bridgemates: Tony Smyth

Match Maker:   Noreen Fleming


Kitty McCabe

Ethel Mulhern

Sally Burke

Brendan O'Driscoll

Ger Maher

Mary Greene

Welcome to Castleknock Bridge Club
Clarification to CBAI rules (2018 diary Page 29)

Re: Doubles:   All Doubles on the 1st or 2nd round of bidding of a 1 or 2 level suit bid are deemed to be TAKE OUT DOUBLE.   All other bids are deemed to be PENALTY DOUBLES.     Any variations must be ALERTED.

Announcements:   You should announce your partners bid in 3 specific cases

  1. If partner opens a non forcing 1C or 1D that can be made with 0,1,2, or 3 cards in the suit,  you say “could be 0,1,2, or 3” as appropriate.
  2. If Partner opens 1NT – you state the range eg – 12-14 or 15-17 as appropriate
  3. If  you open 1NT and partner makes a transfer bid,  you announce “Transfer to Hearts”  etc


A forcing 1C opening bid needs to be alerted.

No alert or announcement is required for  (1) a 5 card Major suit opening,  (2) a strong  Acol 2C opening,   (3) Stayman 2C response to 1NT opening.

You should not alert any call above 3NT that occurs on or after the openers rebid.   Instead the declaring side alerts such calls after the final pass but before the opening lead has been selected while the defending side alerts such calls after the opening lead has been selected but before it has been faced.     1NT - 4C ( alert gerber);   1NT-4D ( alert Texas)    but 1C-1D-1NT (by opener) - 4C (Gerber but not alertable)

Club Volunteers
Date Director A Director B Director C Bridgemate Operator Room Manager
20/9 Mary Greene Carmel Grimes Frances Daly Jim Egan Joe Coyne
27/9 Jim Egan Marianne Toomey Mary Jo O'Connor Tony Smyth Joe Coyne
4/10 Brian Lawlor (Autumn Pairs 1)     Joe Coyne
11/10 Brian Lawlor (Autumn Pairs 2)     Joe Coyne
18/10 Larry O'Sullivan Veronica Farry Mary Flynn Brigid Connolly Joe coyne
25/10 Ann Clerkin Maureen Reddy Joan McAndrew Mary  Flynn Joe Coyne
1/11 Brian Lawlor (Teams)     Joe Coyne

If Volunteers have a problem with the date assigned, arrange a swap if possible. If not possible, please contact Sally Burke re TDs and Tony Smyth re Bridgemate Operations.


Calendar of Events 2018/2019

Autumn Pairs (2 weeks)

October 4th/11th

Teams (two sections)

November 1st

Simultaneous Pairs IBU

November 8th

Christmas Social

November 29th

Turkey Competitions

December 6th

Club Pairs (2 weeks)

January 17th/24th

Simultaneous Pairs CBAI

February 7th

President’s Prize (2 weeks)

February 21st/28th

Presidents Prize Dinner

March 7th

Gilligan Trophy

March 14th

Charity Night

March 28th

Easter Egg Competitions

April 11th


May 23rd

League Dates: 27th Sept, 25th Oct, 22nd November                10th Jan, 21st March, 25th April, 9th May
Bridge Etiquette

Castleknock Bridge Club is a dynamic club with over two hundred members, many of whom joined the club in recent years, and many have never read "The Laws of Duplicate Bridge"  and don't particularly want to.

The  most important law to remember is that Bridge is a game and players are reminded that they should treat all players including their partners in a civilised and friendly manner.   Players are also reminded that your club is run by a committee of volunteers who are not paid for their services.

In the website's  main menu there is a page "Bridge Etiquette"  it outlines many of the rules of bridge in everyday languaage  and it is worthwhile to have a browse when you have a few minutes to spare.

Tournament Director's Course

Your club needs volunteers to manage the competitions on a nightly basis.  If you are willing to help but are not confident on the Rules of Bridge or in organising the competition formats then your club will be please to sponsor a small number of individuals to attend the course.  The Mid Leinster Region is running a Tournament Directors Course  on behalf of all clubs in the area 27 September in Westmanstown.    The course wll be interesting and will handle most common problems and includes notes and lunch.     If your interested  Talk to Joe  !


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