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2017 Committee

President:   Paul O'Meara

Vice President:  Vacant

Treasurer: Helen McDevitt

Secretary: David Melody

ex Officio:  Richie Fallon

Points Secretary:  Jean Neary

Match Maker:   Noreen Fleming


Kittly McCabe

Ethel Mulhern

Sally Burke

Theresa Conlon

Tony Smyth

Ger Maher

2017 Waiting List



Teresa Gorman

Louise Curley

Fiona & Graham Smithers

Jo O'Brien

Mary O'Brien

Theresa Farrell

Martina Glennon

Tony & Evelyn Robinson

Carmel Hickey

Brendan O'Driscoll

Roisin & Willie O'Gorman

Helen Downing

Patricia Kelly

Betty Halligan

Anne Lawlor

Marie Dunne

Angela Harford

Patricia Bassett

Greta Kelly

Elaine Orr

Charles Corcoran

Maureen Grady

Gabrielle Dineen

Joan McAndrew

Margaret Tierney

Tony Owens

Frances Daly

Gerry Kyne

Marian Horkan

Anette Neil

James McCarthy

Pat Rooney



Last updated :  29/06/2017
Welcome to Castleknock Bridge Club
Autumn Bridge - members only

The club is open to members only from 1st September.

Members are reminded that your annual subscription of €50   is now due.


The Irish Bridge Journal is a bi monthly magazine full of useful articles, tips and competitions for all grades.    It is one way to help improve your bridge.   The magaxine is compact in size (B5),  slips into pocket or bag and is very useful for reading in waiting rooms etc.   The magazine is sent by post and costs  €25 for the year..absolutely great value ( price of a newspaper).     Copies of the magazine will be on display next Thursday night at the Bridgemate Table. 



New Grading System from Sept 2017.    CBAI membership/grading cards will be issued on Thursday 21 Sept.

Players may apply to be regraded in the following situations -

  1. An Intermediate  B2 player holding less than 2000 Local Points, may apply to be regraded to Novice N1 provided it is less than 5 years since they took their first lesson.
  2. An Intermediate B1 player holding less than 1 National Point (5000 Local Points) may apply to be regraded to Intermediate B2.
  3. An Intermediate A2 player holding less than 2 National Points (10000 Local Points) may apply to be regraded to Intermediate B1
  4. An Intermediate  A1 player holding less than 5 National Point (25000 Local Points) may apply to be regraded to Intermediate A2.
  5. Regional  Master player holding less than 40 National Points may apply to be regraded to Area Master


Please note that regrading is entirely optional and the choice of the individual member –if they do not apply, they will hold the grade shown on their card at 1 September. 

If players wish to regrade then hand your CBAI card to the Secretary of your ‘Home’ Club.  A fresh membership card will then be issued in early 2018.



Gleeson Butchers Summer Competition

The Club would like to sincerely thank Richie Fallon for organising the Summer competition and Gleeson Butchers for donating the prizes.   Members are asked to remember Gleesons when shopping and mention the bridge Clubs !.

The results of the summer competitions  are as follows :

Section:  Masters / A1        
Name   Cnucha Castleknock Overall Place
Richie Fallon  63.13 57.37 60.25 1
Sean McNamee 62.63 53.36 57.99 2
Peter Rooney 61.24 53.27 57.26 3
Larry O'Sullivan 55.03 56.63 55.83  
Michael Fitzgerald 55.29 56.18 55.74  
Ann Clerkin 61.24 50.08 55.66  
John Macnamara 55.08 56.03 55.56  
Barbara Burke 51.03 55.78 53.40  
Pauline McDonald 52.51 52.74 52.62  
Margaret Browne 56.32 45.81 51.07  
Section :  A2/B        
Name   Cnucha Castleknock Overall Place
Majella Maguire-Flanagan  59.17 64.79 61.98 1
Margaret Nardone 61.57 60.28 60.92 2
Miriam Doyle 59.12 58.49 58.80 3
Noirin Fleming 51.92 62.78 57.35  
Mary T Brady 53.9 57.3 55.60  
Eileen Howley 51.72 59.13 55.42  
Michael McGee 51.92 58.27 55.10  
Gearldine Murphy 52.83 56.8 54.82  
Veronica Farry 53.41 56.12 54.77  
Margaret Fenton 56.12 52.7 54.41  
Gearldine Maher 52.83 55.2 54.01  
Marie Dunne 58.21 48.59 53.40  
Tommy Kelly 52.44 51.28 51.86  
Catherine O'Gorman 53.61 49.95 51.78  
Helen McDevitt 56.12 47.26 51.69  

Most members like a full night of bridge and dislike two board movements and especially when it is 11 tables as they only get to play 22 boards for the night.

The Appendix Mitchell movement is a simple movement and allows 11 tables to play 12 rounds (24 boards) for the night.    The price you pay for playing an extra round is that you will play one pair for two rounds.  It should be remembered that it is the boards you play and not the players.   As East West you are competing against the other East Wests and not against the North South sitting at the table.

The movements is a straight forward Mitchell movement . The only difference is that two sets of boards ( boards 23,24, 25,26) are relayed/fed into table 11.   

With 10.5 tables there is an even better movement called a Bowman movement.  This movement uses 27 boards, 3 boards a table.    Table 11 is a sit out with no boards.   The price you pay is that Table 1 and 10 share the boards all night.  This is a billiant Mitchell movement allowing 27 boards to be played when you have 10.5 tables

Summary of Local Rules

Castleknock Bridge Club is a dynamic club with over 220 members many of whom joined the club in the last five years.  In addition, the introduction of Bridgemates has changed our operations and so it is necessary to update our local rules.  The following  summary details the main rules that apply each night and  should of course be read in conjunction with the Club’s constitution and rules of the CBAI.

1.    Bridge is a game and players are reminded that they should treat all players including their partners in a civilised and friendly manner.  Players are also reminded that your club is run by a committee of volunteers who are not paid for their services.

2.    The Bridgemate operator with be the overall Tournament Director on the night (unless otherwise arranged.)   They will provide support  and assistance to the  Tournament Director (TD) in each competition.

3.    One member of each partnership should be seated at their table 15 minutes prior to the start time (7:30pm) in order to facilitate the organisation of the competitions.

4.    All players are expected to put away their chairs after the game has finished.

5.    East West are expected to put away the Tables, Table cloths and Bidding boxes when the game is finished.  If they are not physically capable of same they should arrange for somebody else to do so.

6.    Whilst all players have a responsibility to ensure that boards are returned to their respective pockets,  South is expected to ensure that their cards are extracted and returned to the South pocket  and so prevent any possible misboarding.

7.    North will be responsible for operating the Bridgemate, entering information/scores and passing the Bridgemate to East/West for verification.    North will also ensure that the other players at the table have an opportunity to review the results screen.   

8.    The TD in each competition ends each round by calling “East West move please” .  When this call is made, players are prohibited from commencing a new board.    If however the lead card has already been faced up then play may continue but the players are expected to quickly finish the board  and forgo post-mortems etc., and are expected to speed up play during the next round

9.     North will pass the boards backwards when the TD calls “East West move please”   

10.  North will also ensure that the boards and table numbers are returned to the TD and     the Bridgemate returned to the Bridgemate Operator at end of night. 

11.  Fast players must wait for the TD ‘s call before moving or passing back boards.

DRAFT Calendar 2017 -2018

Autumn Pairs     October 12th & 19th

Sim Pairs            Nov 9th

Charity Night     Nov 23rd

Xmas Social       Nov 30th   ( Hotel venue with Bridge afterwards)

Turkey                Dec 14th

Club Pairs           Jan 18th & 25th

Sim Pairs             Feb 8th

Team 4                 March 1st

Gilligan Cup         Mar 15th

Easter Egg            Mar 22nd

Presidents             Apr 12th & 19th

Social                   Apr  26th

Club Volunteers


Comp A


Comp B


Comp C






Click for the latest results
21st Sep 2017
B14 HT Mitch 2bds
21st Sep 2017
A10 HT Bowman 3bd 9rd
14th Sep 2017
C4 HT Hwl 3bd 8rd
14th Sep 2017
B12 SKIP 2bds
14th Sep 2017
A9 HT Rlay 3bds
7th Sep 2017
C8 SKIP 3 bds
Click for the latest results
21st Sep 2017
B14 HT Mitch 2bds
21st Sep 2017
A10 HT Bowman 3bd 9rd
14th Sep 2017
C4 HT Hwl 3bd 8rd
14th Sep 2017
B12 SKIP 2bds
14th Sep 2017
A9 HT Rlay 3bds
7th Sep 2017
C8 SKIP 3 bds