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In order to decide which competitions are suitable for you please assign yourself a grade according to the descriptions below.

No-one else needs to know your grade and you may decide to change it over the course of the season.

One or more of the following descriptors may apply.

Black Played in A/B division of County League; Invited to play in A, B or C division of Western League; Regular at County Events; Regional Master or above; NGS 10 or higher.

Red Played in the C division of County League possibly B; Played one or two County Events; Star Master or above

Blue May have played in C division of County League; might have attended some County Events; Regular Club player;

Green Newcomers to the Game; unlikely to have played in County Events; starting to play regularly in club duplicates.

All County Events are open to all EBU members with the exception of the new Non-Expert events which are restricted to Red, Blue & Green categories and the No-Fear pairs which are restricted to Green.

Non EBU members may however enter the Non-Expert & No FearPairs along with the Michael Coda Simultaneous pairs & the C divisions of the County Leagues.

New for the 2015-16 season:

Non-Expert Events

Competitions designed for those who rarely, if ever, take part in County Events but love the game, are keen to improve and want a new challenge.

Meet and compete against players of similar ability from other areas of the County.

Pairs Events:(Red, Blue, Green) Friday evenings at Woolavington Village hall starting at 7pm with an optional seminar on various topics from 6.15pm. Tea, Coffee & Biscuits available. Entry 5

Dates: 28th August; 16th October; 11th March.

Teams Events:(Red, Blue, Green) Sunday afternoons at Woolavington Village Hall starting at 2pm finishing around 6pm depending on numbers. Optional seminar from 1pm on various aspects of team play. Tea, coffee & biscuits available. Entry 5

Dates: 20th September; 31st January; 27th March.

No Fear Pairs(Green) for newcomers to the game. Come and play your own competition alongside County events. Play the same boards (but not as many!) but against players of your own ability. Compare your results with the whole field on line afterwards. These will be restricted to 6 tables so enter fast. Entry fee 5 or 8 to include a plated tea. Woolavington Village Hall 2pm start.

Dates: 26th July; 6th September; 12th December.

For all the above no partner or team mates necessary enter as an individual, pair or team of 4 but please enter in good time via the website that we know numbers well in advance. Non EBU members welcome although we do encourage you to join.

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10th September 2015
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17th September 2015
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24th September 2015
Duplicate Pairs
27th August 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Brian Bottomley
20th August 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Mike
Scorer: Michael Millican
13th August 2015
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Alan Atkinson
Scorer: Barry Blight
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