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May 14, 2018 10:46 EDT
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Sunday Swiss Games in 2018

The Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club holds Swiss Teams games from June - September.  Look below for details and dates.  Each game is Eight is Enough as described below.   

1.  Each team may add up to NO MORE THAN 8 points for the total 4-person team.  Players under 300 masterpoints count as 1 point.  Players with 300-1000 masterpoints count as 2 points.  Players with over 1000 masterpoints count as 3 points.  A team may have LESS THAN 8 points or 8 points exactly, but not more than 8. This means that no team may have more than 2 A players and, if a team has 2 A players, they must be playing with 2 C players.

2.  We will play 4 rounds of 6 hands each, time permitting.  We must be finished in 4 hours or less, which should be no problem if everyone arrives on time and plays at a good pace.

3.  Cost is $3 to enter the Rec Center, which goes to the Center, and $4 for bridge club members (guests will pay $5). If you are a member of the Rec Center, then you only pay the $4 or $5 bridge fee. 

4.  Please make your reservations via the link below and put ALL THREE of your teammates in the TEAMMATES’ box.  When you find the date you want, click the box that says Sign Up.  Next, go to the bottom of the page and click Submit and Sign Up.  Finally, put all of your teammates in the box, use a quantity of 1 (for one team) and click Sign Up Now and you are done.

Sign Up Now!
As always, walk-ins of full four person teams are welcome, but reservations will have priority.

5. If you need teammates to make a team of four, please use our partnership desk link on this page.


Dates for Swiss Teams in 2018

Swiss Team Games for the 2018 season will be as follows: 

June 17

July 8 and 22

August 26

September 16 - if interest justifies.


Other News
Host Club Schedule

Steve Lazoff reported that the Captains agreed to the following host club rotation for the annual Interclub matches.

Year Host Club Winner
2014 Sapphire Valley Wildcat Cliffs
2015 Cullasaja Wildcliff Cliffs
2016 Burlingame  
2017 Wildcat Cliffs  
2018 Mountain Laurel  
2019 Wade Hampton  
2020 Highlands  
2021 Highlands Falls  
2022 Sapphire Valley