The Village Card Club




Play of the Hand: Tuesday mornings (9:00-11:00 am) (8 weeks)  Open to All

  • Oct 24: Handling the Dangerous Opponent
  • Oct 31: Tuump Siut Management
  • Nov 7:  Choosing what's best for this hand

Easybridge 1: Wednesday mornings (9:00-11:00) (16 weeks)

  • Oct 25: Game #5: Takeout Doubles & Pass

Easybridge Workshops: Monday mornings (9:00-11:00)

  • Ocr 23: Overcalls
  • Oct 30: Takeout Doubles

2017 Milestone Achievements

Selected 14
Dwayne Marcia Marilyn Deborah Gretchen
Ballew Ballew Biegler Christian Evanco
(GLM) (GLM) (BLM) (LM) (SLM)
Dee Marcy Jane Sandy Peggy
Hoffman Jordan Moore Popkin Ross
(RLM) (SLM) (BLM) (LM) (GLM)
Linda Suzanne Clark Matt  
Shearin Stofer Vernon Williams  
  (BLM) (LM) (LM)