Rubber Bridge Class Wednesday mornings (9:30-11:30) starting June 6

Slam Bidding Summer School Tuesday mornings (9:00-11:00)

  • Jul 17: Inverted Minors
  • Jul 24: Minor Suit Transfers
  • Jul 31: 2♣  Openings & Modern Responses
  • Aug 7:  Responses to 2NT: Major Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 14: Responses to 2NT: Minor Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 21: Modern Preemptive Bidding
  • Aug 28: Basic 2 Over 1! 


Partnering Process
VCC Player Partnering

This section is for use in finding a VCC Partner by either a VCC Member or VCC Guest.

For VCC Members seeking a VCC Partner there's a five step process as follows:

  1. Begin by clicking on the VCC Membership Partnering tab on the left side of page.
  2. Click-on the "Use Calendar to Find Partner" text to view the current VCC Play Calendar.
  3. Scroll down on the VCC Play Calendar to click-on the desired partnering play date. A Pop-Up will appear to confirm the selected play format and date.
  4. Click-On the "Partner Required" icon, located at the bottom of the Pop-Up for that desired date.
  5. Enter your contact information for use by an interested partner . . . name, email address or phone number for the system to locate your record.

Your request will be entered on the VCC Club Calendar/Partnering Request, with contact information for use by someone interested in partnering with you. Expired requests will be automatically removed from the Partnering Process.

For VCC Guests seeking a VCC Partner, click on the VCC Guest Partnering tab on the left side of the page for instructions.