Rubber Bridge Class Wednesday mornings (9:30-11:30) starting June 6

Slam Bidding Summer School Tuesday mornings (9:00-11:00)

  • Jun 26: Reverses & Jump Shifts by Opener
  • Jul 3:   Reverses & Jump Shifts by Responder
  • Jul 10: Splinter Bids!
  • Jul 17: Inverted Minors
  • Jul 24: Minor Suit Transfers
  • Jul 31: 2♣  Openings & Modern Responses
  • Aug 7:  Responses to 2NT: Major Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 14: Responses to 2NT: Minor Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 21: Modern Preemptive Bidding
  • Aug 28: Basic 2 Over 1! 


Finding A Partner
VCC Player Partnering

This form is for use by VCC Players seeking a VCC Partner. Scroll down to the next page for Visitors seeking a VCC Partner.

Enter your contact information, playing level, desired dates and any other comments. Requests will be posted below after clicking on the Partner Request tab.  All responses will be emailed directly to you.

All postings with be deleted after the desired play date has expired.

Visitor Partnering

Call or click-on the name below for sending an email to contact our Partnering Committee team to arrange for a partnership with a VCC Member.  Please direct your request based on your Master Point ranking:

0-500 Master Points       Sandy Stephens     501-915-0460        
              500+ Master Points        Shan Merritt          501-915-9714    

Welcome to our Village Card Club . . .