The Village Card Club



Slam Bidding Summer School: Tuesdays (9:00-11:00 am) Open to All

  • Jun 27: Reverses & Jump Shifts by Responder
  • Jul 4:    Splinter Bids vs. Jacoby 2NT (When one vs. the other?)
  • Jul 11:  Inverted Minors (Preempts, Power & Power-Plus)
  • Jul 18:  Minor Suit Transfers (Warnings & Invitations)
  • Jul 25:  2♣ Openings & Modern Responses
  • Aug 1:  Responses to 2NT: Major Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 8:  Responses to 2NT: Minor Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 15: Modern Preemptive Bidding
  • Aug 22: Getting Out of Trouble

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