The Village Card Club



Slam Bidding Summer School: Tuesdays (9:00-11:00 am) Open to All

  • Jun 27: Reverses & Jump Shifts by Responder
  • Jul 4:    Splinter Bids vs. Jacoby 2NT (When one vs. the other?)
  • Jul 11:  Inverted Minors (Preempts, Power & Power-Plus)
  • Jul 18:  Minor Suit Transfers (Warnings & Invitations)
  • Jul 25:  2♣ Openings & Modern Responses
  • Aug 1:  Responses to 2NT: Major Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 8:  Responses to 2NT: Minor Suit Slam Tries
  • Aug 15: Modern Preemptive Bidding
  • Aug 22: Getting Out of Trouble
Continuing Education
Education Planning


Per the recommendation of the current Player Development Director and the Education Director, the VCC board approved the following for 2017:

The Education Director position and the Education Committee will be set aside.  In their place, the Player Development Director, in conjunction with the new VCC president, will appoint a committee to oversee Player Development and Education at the VCC for the 2017 year.  This committee will be comprised of representatives of the class facilitators, the mentoring leaders, and 3-5 representatives of the players in the 0-500 stratification.  

The class facilitators, including EasyBridge!, will determine the course offerings for education, the mentoring leaders will determine the mentoring schedule and offerings, and the other committee representatives will provide input on other education offerings as reported by the membership.  The Player Development Director will lead the committee and be their board liaison.

As of right now, EASYBRIDGE! 1 or LEARN BRIDGE IN A DAY! will not be offered again until fall.   When the mentoring topics are known, classes that focus on play of the hand and defense, will be offered in conjunction with the mentoring program, but will be open to all players.

EASYBRIDGE! 2 workshops will continue into the New Year.  Check the website homepage, lower left, for updated info.

MENTORING, which starts February 7, 2017, will have signup sheets available right after the first of the year.  Come as one, two, three, four, five or six of like ability – there is a place for you.  If you have at least 20 master points, you can benefit from the mentoring program, but the target audience is those with 100 points – experience at the table makes the difference.  I have close to 500 points and still benefit from mentoring!  Duplicate bridge is a great game and one that presents you with life long learning opportunities.