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Novice/Intermediate Workshops: Mondays (9:00-11:00 am) Open to all

  • Dec 12: Our Partnership Agreements
  • Jan 9:    Opening Leads - The Killer Defense
  • Jan 16:  Cuebids: Bidding THEIR suit to show... ??? (Fundamental to Modern Bridge)
  • Jan 23:  The Rule of 20 - Reading the Backs of their Cards
  • Jan 30:  The Power of Trumps - Planning a cross-ruff, defending against it!

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Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
choosen by the EBU!

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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

New: Vu-Bridge Defender
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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Welcome to Casa de Carta
Village Card Club
Village Card Club

This bridge player’s mecca is nestled in the largest gated community in the United States (26,000 acres in the Ouachita Mountains), along with 9 golf courses and 11 lakes.

Play in our 5,700 sq ft "House of Cards" where over 8,000 tables of duplicate and rubber bridge are played annually.  We are ranked in the Top 50 among ACBL's 3,200 bridge clubs.

Come and share our motto:
Where ladies and gentlemen gather to play a game they love.

2017 Board of Directors


Special Events in December

STaC Week: All sanctioned games, Dec 12-18 including Sunday Swiss Teams (Open & 500)

Christmas Party Luncheon: Thursday, Dec 15 at noon (Buy your lunch tickets from any director)

Unit-Wide Championship: Tuesday, Dec 20 at 1:00 pm (Open, 500 & 50) & 6:00 pm (750 Pairs)

ACBL-Wide International Fund Game: Wednesday evening, Dec 21 at 7:00 pm (Open & 500) Sign-up in lobby

VCC Bridge Bowl - Open & 750 Pairs (CC): Sunday, Jan 1, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Rubber Bridge - Tuesdays 9:30 am, Wednesdays 7:00 pm, Thursdays 9:30 am

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