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A very good result for Carlton Members [Dilys Gellatly; Keith Youngs; Elizabeth Peckham, Geoff Bailey] finishing 3rd in the Peebles Summer Congress Teams. 

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Regular Club Tournaments
10.00 am 1.15 pm 7.00 pm
Monday   Match Pointed Match Pointed
Tuesday Match Pointed Match Pointed Bronze
Wednesday   Match Pointed Bronze X-Imps*
Thursday   Match Pointed Match Pointed
Friday   Match Pointed



“Bronze” tournaments are aimed at lower ranked players. 

You do not need a partner to play in Bronze tournaments—just turn up.  For other tournaments you need a partner.  If you are looking for a partner, phone or email the club and we will try to find one.

*Wednesday Evening will be played as teams on the first Wednesday of the month.  Come as a pair — there will be a draw for team mates.  You usually have to register here to ensure you get a game.  

*Wednesday Evening will be played as Novice and Regular on the second Wednesday of the monththere will be a draw for partners. You must register online or in the club for this event.

Players are asked to be seated 10 minutes prior to the start time.


Click here for Tournaments for Beginners/Intermediates Timetable