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Carlton Calendar 2018-19 is now available via the similarly named entry under the Club Calendar menu

Parking: We have now reverted to the winter parking arrangements with additional parking available to bridge club members. Note that any spaces designated as reserved for the Bowling Club  should not be used.

Emails to Steward: Please be careful to use  [not 'sara' who is no longer in the role]



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Bridge Master classes Autumn 2018
Bridge Master classes Autumn 2018

The club is offering a series of talks before the start of the Monday and Thursday afternoon tournaments this autumn by two experienced players, Liz McGowan and Derrick Peden.  Please be seated by 12.00.  The talks will last about 30 minutes and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  It is planned that these talks will finish by 12.45 so that you have time for refreshments before the start of the afternoon tournaments.

Liz and Derrick are giving up their time for this and they are not asking for any payment but Liz is closely involved in planning for the Scottish Women’s team to visit China in 2019 for the world championships.  We are asking for donations towards the cost of this trip and there will be a collection for this at each class.




Monday 1-10-18

Liz McGowan

Cue Bidding

Thursday 11-10-18

Derrick Peden


Monday 15-10-18

Derrick Peden

Making a plan

Thursday 25-10-18

Liz McGowan


Monday 29-10-18

Derrick Peden

Responding to take-out doubles

Thursday 8-11-18

Liz McGowan

2-suited overcalls

Thursday 22-11-18

Liz McGowan

High level competition

Monday 26-11-18

Derrick Peden

Unassuming cue bids

Thursday 6-12-18

Liz Mc Gowan

Re-opening the auction