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Carlton Calendar 2018-19 is now available via the similarly named entry under the Club Calendar menu

Parking: We have now reverted to the winter parking arrangements with additional parking available to bridge club members. Note that any spaces designated as reserved for the Bowling Club  should not be used.

Emails to Steward: Please be careful to use  [not 'sara' who is no longer in the role]



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2018 Class Details
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At the Carlton we teach the 60 lessons which form the SBU Bridge Course. We also offer a series of lessons for improvers. These lessons introduce new bidding and play techniques for students who have completed the SBU Course and want to expand their knowledge 


This series of lessons is aimed at new players and are suitable for students who have no prior knowledge. At the end of the 20 week course you will have learned the fundamentals of bidding, and card play, and you'll be ready to play in your first tournaments

Post Beginners

This series of lessons is aimed at players who have completed the Beginner Course or those who have a basic knowledge of bidding and card play techniques. The lessons build on what you have learned and introduce new topics. At the end of these 20 lessons you'll be ready to play in Bronze events


This series of lessons is aimed at players who have completed the first 40 lessons and have had some practice in tournaments. It introduces more advanced topics. On completion of thse lessons you are ready for regular club tournaments 


This series of lessons is aimed at players who have completed the SBU Course and are playing regularly.The course introduces topics not covered by the SBU Course. Click here for the 10 lessons starting on 25 September.

Classes cost £5 per session and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means you can come along and try one out without commiting to 10 lessons. You have the opportunity to take a break for tea/coffee and cake. Handouts will be provided for each lesson. 

Classes are expected to last approximately 2 hours but may last longer because many students take an extended break to socialise with each other.