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Carlton Calendar 2018-19. This summary document is now available via the similarly named entry under the Club Calendar menu. A more detailed version of the calendar is available via "Full Club Calendar 2018-19"


Parking: We have now reverted to the winter parking arrangements 

Emails to Steward: Please be careful to use  [not 'sara' who is no longer in the role]



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2018 Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Afternoon Improver Class

This class is aimed at students who have completed the SBU Course and who have started to play in Bronze Tournaments. The objective of the Course is to introduce topics with which the student may be unfamiliar and to reinforce earlier lessons which might benefit from revision.

Each class costs £5 and students should email to register their interest in attending and to ask any questions they might have 

The first 10 Lessons are as follows

1.  Doubles & Negative Doubles

2. Competitive Bidding UCBs

3.  Card Play  Danger Hand/End Plays

4.  Opener’s Strong Rebids

5.  Competing when Opponents open  1NT - Landy

6.   Declarer Play – Cross Ruffing

7. Coping when opponents double your 1NT opening bid

8. Losing Trick Count

9. Fourth Suit Forcing 

10. Breaking Transfers