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Please note the changes to personnel made in the Contact Us panel on the home page



Quite a busy time with the club hosting a variety of external events as well as its normal club program. Note both the ED Mens and Womens Teams will take place at the club. Each event is played over two (Wednesday) sessions - see also main panel





We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


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2018 Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday Afternoon Improver Class

This class is aimed at students who have completed the SBU Course and who have started to play in Bronze Tournaments. The objective of the Course is to introduce topics with which the student may be unfamiliar and to reinforce earlier lessons which might benefit from revision.

Each class costs £5 and students should email to register their interest in attending and to ask any questions they might have 

The Lessons for the second term are as follows

12 Feb planning the play in No Trump

19 Feb 2NT responses and 5 card puppet Stayman

26 Feb when to postpone drawing trump

5 Mar forcing bids

12 Mar hand evaluation

19 Mar ducking (danger hand & avoidance play)

26 Mar overcalling

2 Apr responding to partner's overcall