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Carlton Calendar 2018-19. This summary document is now available via the similarly named entry under the Club Calendar menu. A more detailed version of the calendar is available via "Full Club Calendar 2018-19"


Parking: We have now reverted to the winter parking arrangements 

Emails to Steward: Please be careful to use  [not 'sara' who is no longer in the role]



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Red News Page
Forthcoming Events

Red Pointed and/or Sims events for 2018 from October onwards include

Sun Oct 14 Diamond Trophy Senior National Pairs

SBU Autumn Congress 19-21 October [now with ealier start and finish times]

Oct 22nd - 25th SBU Sim Pairs

Sun 4th Nov Ranked Pairs mostly at the Buchanan BC, Glasgow but Jesner (Masters)  and Johnston (Local and District Masters) are at the Carlton

Mon Nov 5th ED Sim Pairs at Carlton 

Thu Nov 15th Children in Need Sim Pairs

Sun 18th Nov ED Swiss Pairs

Tue Dec 4th National Pairs Qualifier at the Carlton


Defence to Polish Club [and other strong club systems]

For those relatively new to National pointed events you may not have a defence to Strong Club systems or where the one club is two way [usualy 16+ or showing a no trump hand typically 13-15]. The two way 1 club opener is characteristic of Polish Clubs systems but is becoming more widely adopted.

A simple but effective defence [also easy to agree at short notice]  is :-
Double is for take out and shows a good hand 14+
One level suit overcalls are lead directing and show opening points.
Higher bids are pre-emptive showing a weak shapely hand.

Obviously more might be stated and is, see the Defence to Strong and Polish Club Systems PDF

Targetting Regional Master Status

You will find that some Red Pointed events are quite difficult but others much easier to help add to your Red Point collection.

Generally short duration events yield more success and teams events tend to be less demanding of concentration levels than match pointed pairs. Some events are popular with Grand Masters and the like, others attract mixed ability fields.

Where you can go for one day teams of four events. Fortune favours the well organised. Swiss Teams is a great source of Reds as the matches are short and the Swiss format tends to match opponents of comparable ability.

Congresses are a good source of Master Points but note not all are Red Pointed, If you can only play one day pick the teams day. Swiss Teams should be preferred to Multiple Teams however

Some multiple teams events offer minor Red point awards for mini-matches won. So your team might be in a section scheduled to play twelve two board matches in a round robin event. You might have to win multiple matches, perhaps three to get any Reds but this could be worth the gamble so check the tournament regulations to evaluate the risk vs rewards.

Pairs can be a source of Reds and a good result in a Simultaneous Pairs might result in a shed full of MPs including a few Reds. District Events that attract Reds are superficially less daunting than SBU equivalents and usually involve less travelling. Ranked events for example the Shenken Individual again should find you up against pairs of comparable ability.

I do not wish to put you off but Swiss Pairs are not easy. Not only is the fight for the extra trick demanding but it may be difficult to get a match to stay won. If opponents think they are losing [perhaps 5-15] they might play the last hand for a "top" to get narrow win, not caring if they lose 20-nil when it goes wrong. So you may find opponents bid very risky slams or stay out of obvious games looking for the miracle result. If you find Swiss Pairs good fun then go for it but do not expect an easy ride.

Always remember that on good days you can get into the place points [which can be very rewarding] and Bronze prizes may be up for grabs.

Good Luck