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The next Wednesday Teams Evening will be on January 10th.   Please sign-up here if you intend to play.  

Did you know there was a a trophy awarded to the member who wins most master points on the first ten Thursdays Evenings of each calendar year?  Play on Thursdays to have a chance of getting your name on the Dennis Wallace Cup.  First night Thursday 4th January.

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Board of Directors
Board of Directors 2015/6

Chair                   June Morrison

Secretary            Carolyn Dempsie

Card                    Jim Williams

House                 Denis Howell

Marketing & IT   Michael Baron

Education           Alison Littleboy

Tournaments      Hazel Brown & Michael Baron

Master Points      Hazel Brown

East District Rep Catriona Gardiner

Other Members   Maureen Smith

                            Elizabth Peckham

                            Dougie Kemp