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The next Wednesday Teams Evening will be on February 7th.  Please sign-up on the form in the Club.  

Did you know there was a a trophy awarded to the member who wins most master points on the first ten Thursdays Evenings of each calendar year?  Play on Thursdays to have a chance of getting your name on the Dennis Wallace Cup.  First night Thursday 4th January.

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News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Children in Need

The total raised from the Children in Need charity simultaneous event was an enormous £74,173.35!

The total raised over the years has now reached £956,122.84 and the team at ECats would like to thank the Carlton for our participation. They hope to hit the £1 million mark this year.

♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣   ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠  ♣  ♠ ♣ ♣  ♠  ♣  

Last updated : 13th Mar 2018 11:33 GMT
Tuesday Afternoon Improver Lessons (Copy)

 The Tuesday Afternoon Classes are aimed at players who are keen to improve their bidding and play skills. The new term starts on 23 January at 13:30 and all are welcome. There is no need to attend all classes. Encourage your regular partner to join you in the class so that you can learn and improve together. The first 5 weeks will cover useful bidding techniques and are designed to help you get to the best contract. The final 5 weeks will be on improving card play both as declarer and as a defender.. ♣ 

 23 January  -  Breaking Transfers

   30 January  -  5 Card Puppet Stayman

   6 February  -  Losing Trick Count

   13 February  -  Splinter Bids

   20 February - Forcing Bids & Implications  ♠ 

If you have any questions contact

Last updated : 10th Feb 2018 14:25 GMT
Tuesday Afternoon Improver Lessons

 The Tuesday Afternoon Classes are aimed at players who are keen to improve their bidding and play skills. The new term starts on 23 January at 13:30 and all are welcome. There is no need to attend all classes. Encourage your regular partner to join you in the class so that you can learn and improve together. The first 5 weeks will cover useful bidding techniques and are designed to help you get to the best contract. The final 5 weeks will be on improving card play both as declarer and as a defender.. ♣ 

 23 January  -  Breaking Transfers

   30 January  -  5 Card Puppet Stayman

   6 February  -  Losing Trick Count

   13 February  -  Splinter Bids

   20 February - Forcing Bids & Implications  ♠ 

If you have any questions contact

Last updated : 10th Feb 2018 14:24 GMT
Porteous Cup

Porteous Cup

(Porteous Handicap Cup)

Tuesday Evenings

6th February, 20th February, 6th March


Carlton Bridge Club’s Teams Competition

Teams of 4 (Up to 6 allowed in each team)

All teams play all teams each night

Scoring by VPs over aggregate IMP score over the three nights

Please enter your team on the sign-up sheet on the notice board in the club (or phone the club)

All Carlton club members are very welcome

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:16 GMT
Bridge Classes

New Year – New Skill – New Friends

Make 2018 the year you learn to play Bridge. At the Carlton we offer lessons at all levels in custom built premises. Bridge is a great game which keeps the brain alert and can improve health and wellbeing.

Whether you have no card skills or have a little experience, you will be welcome to join the Beginner’s Class where you will be supported at all times

Classes start on Wednesday 10 January at 13:30

Contact  552 3122 or

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:14 GMT
Harrower 2017
Harrower 2017

Congratulations to the Merchistonians, Alison & William Littleboy,  Norma & Alec Kerr who won the Harrower Cup with a total of 111 VPs.  Susan Gilchrist and Pam Martis also played for the team.

Flat Hands, Norman & Mary Stewart, Frances Kay, Billy McGee and Geraldine Marshall were second with a creditable 95 VPs.

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:14 GMT
More Xmas Pictures
  • 2017 Xmas 21
  • 2017 xmas 23
  • 2017 xmas 27
  • 2017 xmas 28 5
  • IMG 1910 6
  • IMG 1911 3
  • IMG 1920
  • IMG 1922
  • IMG 1925
  • IMG 1927

The Christmas raffle raised £450 for MND Scotland.  Brenda Baird would like to thank all those who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets.

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:11 GMT
Xmas Party 2017
  • 2017 Xmas
  • 2017 Xmas
  • 2017 Xmas
  • 2017 Xmas 11
  • 2017 Xmas 12
  • 2017 Xmas 13
  • 2017 xmas 14
  • 2017 Xmas 15
  • 2017 Xmas 16
  • 2017 Xmas 18
  • 2017 Xmas 19
  • 2017 Xmas 3
  • 2017 Xmas 5
  • 2017 Xmas 6
  • 2017 Xmas 7
  • 2017 Xmas 8
  • 2017 Xmas 9
  • 2017 Xmas 9
  • 2107 xmas 10

  A great night!

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:09 GMT
Personal Analysis on the Web Site

You can get a graph of your scores at the club with different partners and over different periods in Personal Analysis.  It is a sub-menu in Results Calendar, click here.  Select your name to see your scores.

Last updated : 6th Feb 2018 16:09 GMT
2017 Carlton Congress Winners
2017 Carlton Congress Winners

Congratulations to Jeff Bond and Jim Sharp who won the pairs at the congress - we now have a picture of the victors!

Last updated : 20th Dec 2017 22:14 GMT
Hallowe'en Fun
  • 2017 Halloween
  • 2017 Halloween
  • 2017 Halloween 10
  • 2017 Halloween 4
  • 2017 Halloween 5
  • 2017 Halloween 6
  • 2017 Halloween 7
  • 2017 Halloween 8
  • 2017 Halloween 9
Last updated : 3rd Dec 2017 15:05 GMT
Min Thomas 2017
Min Thomas 2017

Congratulations to Dilys Gellatly and Kenny Hunter this year's winners of the Min Thomas.  The final scores are here.

Last updated : 3rd Dec 2017 15:05 GMT
Carlton Members are East District Winners
Carlton Members are East District Winners

Congratulations to Elizabeth Peckham who won the East Swiss Pairs on Sunday with Andrew Harborow.

Cogratulations to Catherine Hepburn & Margaret Ross who won the East District Sims.  

Last updated : 3rd Dec 2017 15:04 GMT
Carlton Stalwarts win at the Mull Congress

Congratultions to Elizabeth Peckham, Catriona Gardiner, Ian and Margaret Ross who won the teams at the recent Mull Congress.  

Last updated : 21st Nov 2017 11:17 GMT
Elspeth Martin

We have just heard that Elspeth Martin passed away last weekend.  Elspeth was a very popular member of  the club playing mainly in the afternoon.  She will be much missed.  Elspeth's funeral will be at 2pm on Wednesday 1st November at Warriston.

Last updated : 1st Nov 2017 19:05 GMT
September Newsletter

Click here to see the latest club Newsletter.  

Last updated : 23rd Oct 2017 12:05 BST
Grenfell Tower Fire Pairs - Note from the Organisers

Fellow bridge players

I am pleased to inform you that the Grenfell Sim Pairs run during August raised a total of £7066.80 which will be donated to Grenfell Tower appeal as part of the charity “The London Community Foundation” (Registered Charity No. 1091263) which has been set up to directly help the victims of the fire.

I am humbled by the amount of money raised. The idea for this sim pairs was from David Spalding of the ABC(Cymru) Bridge Club (in Menai Bridge, Anglesey) who was distressed to see this tragedy unfolding in London.

I am deeply indebted to the clubs who took part in this sim and would like to thank both David Spaulding for his support in this and also Anna Gudge of ECats  for her hard work in making all this possible. I would also like to thank all the players who took part and I hope by this contribution we can in some way help the victims and their families

Paddy Murphy

(Chairman North Wales Bridge Association)

Last updated : 23rd Oct 2017 12:04 BST
Russell Cup 2017 Results

Congratulations to Brian Short  - this year's winner of the Russell Cup.  Congratulations also go to Christine Walker who won the handicap competition.  The final results and the prize money list are here

Last updated : 26th Sep 2017 22:37 BST
Taster Session Cancelled

There has been insufficient interest in the Taster Session planned for 9 September and regretably it has been cancelled. Apologies to anyone who had hoped to attend but pre-registration was required. If you would like more information on  Beginner lessons then please contact the club on 552 3122 or

Last updated : 17th Sep 2017 21:49 BST
Gordon Kirk

We were very sorry to hear that Gordon Kirk died on Monday.  He has been described as one of the world's true gentleman.  He was a stalwart of the club and will be much missed.  The funeral will be private, but we understand that there will be a memorial service in due course. For further information please contact

Last updated : 8th Sep 2017 05:38 BST
Clarendon Bowl Winners
Clarendon Bowl Winners

The Clarendon Bowl is an invitational event run by Dundee Bridge Club for the winners of Club team Championships.

Congratulations to the Carlton team of Roy Bennett, Harry Smith, Derrick Peden, and Liz McGowan who won the event this year with 154 VP out of a possible 220, just ahead of Aberdeen Phoenix on 153.

The holders are usually invited to the event the following year, so the Carlton may get two teams next year.

Last updated : 8th Sep 2017 05:38 BST
AGM 2017 Prize Winnners
  • Club Cup Mike Young
  • Dennis Wallace and McKenzie Dougie Kemp
  • Min Thomas Catriona Gardiner
  • Porteous Handicap Heather Peter Braid
  • Sutherland Quaich Maurice Brady
  • Wendy Gray David Kaye Irene Sime Michael Baron
Last updated : 14th Aug 2017 10:33 BST
Carlton Members do well at Kelso Congress

Congratulations to Dilys Gellatly & Derrick Peden who won the pairs and Iain Ross, Margaret Ross, and Jim Wilkinson, (playing with Willie Wilkinson) who won the teams.  

Last updated : 12th Jul 2017 20:48 BST
Motor Neurone Disease Coffee Morning

A successful coffee morning was held on Saturday 10th June. The total raised was £627. 52 which will all  go towards research in to M.N.D. Thank you so much to all those who donated to the charity and all those who attended the coffee morning. A special thanks to Sara and Chris  who made  everything so much easier for my family and myself. 

We had cakes and biscuits left over ( we are inclined to over cater!) so we delivered them to St. Columba's hospice on our way home. 

The raffle prize was won by the Egan family. ( Kirsty and the twins) 

Brenda Baird

Last updated : 19th Jun 2017 12:53 BST
Marjorie Murray

We are very sad to hear of the death of Marjorie Murray on Thursday 25th May.  Marjorie will be much missed.  She played in afternoon tournaments for many years and was a pleasure to play with or against. She was always welcoming and friendly particularly to new members.  The funeral will take place at 2.30 on Tuesday 6th June at Warriston Crematorium.  

Last updated : 6th Jun 2017 15:02 BST
Carlton v Melville Match May 2017

This years match was won by the Carlton with a score of 7870.  The highest scores for each club and orientation were:

Carlton: N/S Ron Mccarron & Jack Edgar; E/W Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff Bailey

Melville: N/S Julia Palmer and Laura Middleton; E/W Iain Sime and Fiona McQuaker

Last updated : 27th May 2017 15:17 BST
Classes for 2016 - 17

The details of classes for the autumn term are shown below.

Duncan Cursitor's is running a new course on Thursday Afternoon aimed at people thinking of joining the club (but open to all).  it will include lessons on etiquette and rules.

The starting date for each course is given but you can join at anytime.

Beginners' Classes            

Wednesday Evening at 7.00 pm with Jim Wilkinson (starts 21st September)

Thursday Afternoon at 1.30 pm with Margo Cursiter (starts 22nd September)

Designed for absolute beginners.  Covers the basic mechanics of the game, bidding and play.


Post Beginners

Tuesday Evening at 7.00 pm with June Morrison (starts 27th September)

Wednesday Afternoon at 1.30pm with Elizabeth Peckham (starts 21st September)

Designed for those who have completed the Beginners' Class, those who are returning to bridge after a long absence or those who have played social bridge, but have missed out on formal lessons. 


Intermediate Classes         

Tuesday Afternoon at 1.30 pm with June Morrison (starts 20th September) See here for programme for Autumn Term

Thursday Afternoon at 1.30 pm with Duncan Cursiter (starts 22nd September)

Friday Evening at 7.00 pm with Mike Young (starts 30th September)                                         

Designed for students and club players who wish to improve their standard.       

Last updated : 8th May 2017 11:15 BST
Tournament Director Course

Duncan Cursiter is running an introduction to Tournament Directing Course on Saturday 29 April. It starts at 10:00 and will finish by 12:30. The course is open to everyone and free for Carlton members. Why not come along and find out what is involved.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2017 16:55 BST
Wendy Gray 2017 Winners

Congratulations to Irene Sime, Jane Stephenson, Julie Palmer, David Kaye and Michael Baron this year's winnners.

Congratulations to Hazel Brown, Norma Kerr, Janet Appleton & Clare Douglas who won the Bronze Prize

Last updated : 29th Apr 2017 16:55 BST
Dennis Wallace 2017

Congratulations to Dougie Kemp this year's winner of the Dennis Wallace Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the member who wins the most master points in the first ten Thursdays of the year.

Last updated : 14th Apr 2017 17:48 BST
Bill Brown 2017

Congratulations to David Kaye and Irene Sime who are the winners of the Bill Brown Senior Pairs.

Last updated : 14th Apr 2017 17:47 BST
Wednesday Evening Teams 5th April

Sign-up online by 12 noon on the Tuesday prior to the game.  If there is an odd number of pairs signed-up we should be able to find another pair to make up the numbers.  (If we cannot, the last signed-up pair will be informed.) 

Last updated : 8th Apr 2017 14:06 BST
Wendy Gray - Thursdays 6th & 14th April

The Wendy Gray is the club teams tournament that only players ranked Life Master and lower can participate. 

Last updated : 8th Apr 2017 14:05 BST
Wednesday Teams

Don't forget to sign-up for the April Teams! 

Starting in April, and in order to improve the organisation of the Wednesday teams, we will ask Pairs to enter by the Tuesday lunchtime preceding the Wednesday. You can do this on the web site under Sign-ups or on a notice on the club notice-board.  This will help us to determine if we need a 'spare' pair and improve our ability to find an additional two players. Any pair not entering in this way will not be guaranteed a game unless they can find another pair who have also failed to enter.

Last updated : 8th Apr 2017 14:03 BST
Club Cup

The 2016-2017 handicaps and the allocation of prize money have been added to the Club Cup page under Club Competitions

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:55 GMT
SBU Easter Pairs Tuesday 14th March

The Carlton heat of an SBU competition.  Lots of master points  for those who do well.  Please sign-up if you intend to play.  We need at least 8 pairs for a valid competition.  If you sign-up and the event is concelled, you will be informed by email.

Last updated : 20th Mar 2017 09:54 GMT
Club Cup 2016-2017

Congratulations to Mike Young and Duncan Macdonald who are the Open winners of the Club Cup. Full results can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Douglas Macdonald and Jim Wilkinson who have won the Harry Stein Trophy, the Club Handicap Cup. Full results can be seen by clicking here.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2017 23:02 GMT
Lesley Burgoyne

We are sad to hear of the death of Lesley Burgoyne on Friday 3rd March, aged 101.  She was a member for many years and a very keen player.  The funeral takes place at Mortonhall Crematorium on Thursday 16 March at 11.30.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2017 23:01 GMT
Wilma Thomson

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Wilma Thomson. Wilma was a member of the Carlton for over 20 years and played mainly in the afternoons. Her funeral service will be in Lorimer Chapel at Warriston Crematorium on Saturday 4 March at 12 noon 

Last updated : 10th Mar 2017 11:15 GMT
Porteous 2017

Congratulations to Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Patrick Home, Finlay Marshall and Roy Bennett who have won the Porteous Cup.

Congraltualtions to Jim Wilkinson, Colin Hamilton, Peter and Heather Braid who have won the Porteous Handicap Cup.

Final results are here.

Last updated : 5th Mar 2017 16:51 GMT
Harrower 2016/7

Congratulations to Pat Hastings, Pat Johnston, Sonia Fair,  Jim Fair and Heather D’Arcy winners of this year's Harrower.

Last updated : 22nd Feb 2017 17:46 GMT
Porteous 2017 - Tuesdays 7th and 21st February

The Porteous is the Carlton's teams competition.  There are cups for the overall winners and for the handicap winners.  In order to encourage more participants this year, the format has been changed.  The event will be held over 2 nights.

Last updated : 22nd Feb 2017 17:42 GMT
Dennis Wallace

We were very sad to hear about the death of Dennis Wallace in the Western General on Thursday 26th Janaury.  Dennis was a stalwart of the  Carlton and pioneer of associate membership/ Thursday nights.  The cup for Thursday nights is named after him.  The funeral service will take place at Seafield Crematorium, on Monday, February 6, at 1 pm, to which all family and friends are respectfully invited. Family flowers only. Enquiries to Scotmid 0131 669 7401.

Last updated : 7th Feb 2017 04:53 GMT
Cowan Cup - East District Pairs Carlton Heat

In order to ensure that there are enough pairs to run the event, please sign up. If there are insufficient numbers a week before, the event will be cancelled.

The event is open to all - not just Carlton members and the table money will be £6.00 for everyone (including £3 to the East District).

To sign up, fill in the form below with your name and your partner, or email  There will also be a sign-up sheet on the club notice-board.

Last updated : 24th Jan 2017 13:15 GMT
Xmas Party
  • 2016 Xmas The Raffle
  • 2016Xmas
  • 2016Xmas1
  • 2016Xmas10
  • 2016Xmas11
  • 2016Xmas2
  • 2016Xmas3
  • 2016Xmas4
  • 2016Xmas5
  • 2016Xmas6
  • 2016Xmas7
  • 2016Xmas8
  • 2016Xmas9
  • Breast cancer now
  • Raffle people

A great evening was had by all with the catering particualrly commended.  

The raffle in aid of Breast Cancer Now raised an amazing £477.

Party pictures thanks to Geraldine Girvan, Raffle pictures thanks to Hazel Brown.



Last updated : 19th Jan 2017 12:52 GMT
Xmas and New Year Opening

There will be no regular tournament on Wednesday 14th December because of the Xmas Party.

The club will be closed on Monday and Tuesday 26th and 27th December and 2nd and 3rd January.

If you fancy some bridge prior to the New Year celebrations, come to "Last Bridge of Year Party" on Friday 30th December.


Last updated : 5th Jan 2017 16:19 GMT
Min Thomas 2016
Min Thomas 2016

Congratulations to Catriona Gardiner & Andrzej Judycki this years winners of the club mixed pairs competition, the Min Thomas.


Last updated : 28th Nov 2016 23:45 GMT
Sad Announcement

I regret to inform you  that we have learned of the death of Gordon Wellington. He died peacefully in the Strachan Care Home on 27 October 2016.  The funeral service for Gordon is to be on Tuesday8th November at 1pm in Warriston Crematorium in the Lorimer Chapel.

Last updated : 9th Nov 2016 01:05 GMT
Johnston & Jesner SBU Ranked Pairs Sunday 6th November

The Carlton is hosting this event on Sunday November 6th.  Local and District Masters are eligible for the Johnston, and Masters and Senior Masters play in the Jesner - more info here.   SBU Registration online is not working at present - eligible pairs are welcome to come along and play even if they have not registered.

Last updated : 7th Nov 2016 17:36 GMT
Russell Cup 2016

Congratulations to Derrick Peden this year's winner of the Russell Cup.  Congratulations also go to Andrew Muir who was the top player who was a National Master or below and wins the Handicap Prize.  Final Results here, and prize money here.  

Last updated : 29th Oct 2016 09:45 GMT
Scottish Women's Team Success
Scottish Women's Team Success

The Scottish Women's Team including our own Liz McGowan had an excellent tournament at the World Bridge Games in Wroclaw Poland.  They reached the semi-final where they lost narrowly to a strong French Team.  They lost the third place play-off to China.   While they will be disappointed losing the semi-final, it was an excellent achievement of the team to get so far. 

Last updated : 5th Oct 2016 06:34 BST
Bridge Taster Sunday 4th September

We are running a free taster session for anyone interested in trying bridge.  It will at the club starting at 10.30 am on Sunday 4th September.  Click here for a copy of the flyer.  Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be persuaded to try our great game!

Last updated : 13th Sep 2016 23:07 BST
AGM 2016 - Prize Winners
  • AGM 2016 Catriona Gardiner and Neil MacPherson
  • AGM 2016 Dougie Kemp
  • AGM 2016 Gordon Kirk
  • AGM 2016 Heather and Peter Braid
  • AGM 2016 Jane Harper
Last updated : 29th Aug 2016 10:56 BST
Moira Murray

We have heard that Moira Murray died on Saturday 30th July, condolences to her friends and family.  Moira will be remembered for the great pleasure she derived from being a member of the Carlton.

Her funeral will take place at Marchmont St Giles Church on Wednesday, 10th August, at 11.30 am.

Last updated : 13th Aug 2016 00:28 BST
Directors for 2016/7

The Directors elected at the recent AGM were:

Michael Baron, Hazel Brown, Catriona Gardiner, Denis Howell, Dougie Kemp, Alison Littleboy, June Morrison, Elizabeth Peckham, Maureen Smith, and Jim Williams.

June Morrison has been elected as Chair.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2016 23:02 BST
McKenzie Trophy

Congratulations to Dougie Kemp this years winner of the McKenzie Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the member who wins the most masterpoints at the Wednesday Evening tournament from June to April each year.  See this year's result here.

Last updated : 30th Jul 2016 15:14 BST
Classes for 2015- 2016

Beginners' Classes            

Tuesday Evening at 7.00 pm with June Morrison                                     

Wednesday Afternoon at 1.30 pm with Elizabeth Peckham                       

Designed for absolute beginners.  Covers the basic mechanics of the game, bidding and play.


Post Beginners

Thursday Afternoon at 1.30pm with Margo Cursitor                                  


Designed for those who have completed the Beginners' Class, those who are returning to bridge after a long absence or those who have played social bridge, but have missed out on formal lessons. 


Intermediate Class         

Wednesday Evening at 7.00 pm with Clare Gray                                     

Friday Evening at 7.00 pm with Mike Young                                          


Designed for students and club players who wish to improve their standard.       


Bridge Revision & Tournaments

Tuesday afternoon at 1.30 pm with June Morrison                                

Designed for students who have completed all 60 SBU lessons or have reached that standard but want some more coaching in bidding, declarer play, and defensive play. A mixture of new topics, revision, and tournaments.  There is no commitment to attend every week but you will be welcome at any time. Costs is Lessons - £5, and Tournaments - £4 (with prizes awarded)

Bridge Beginners Class
Derek Sanders will be running this class starting Monday 21st March.  There will be a course fee of £35 and table money of £1.50 per evening.  More information here.  
Last updated : 8th Jun 2016 16:44 BST
Wendy Gray 2016

Congratulations to Catriona Gardiner, Louise Kennedy, Linda Delworth, and Neil Macpherson this year's winners of the Wendy Gray.  

Also congratulations to Susan Gilchrist, Alison Littleboy, Clare Douglas, and Maurice Franceschi winners of the prize for the best placed lower ranked team.

Last updated : 19th May 2016 19:17 BST
Carlton V Melville Match

The Carlton Bridge Club beat the New Melville in the end of season friendly match between the two clubs with a score of +6160.

The leading NS and EW scores for each club were as follows.

NS Carlton -  Veronica Guy & Carolyn Peploe +4430

EW Carlton -  Geoff Bailey & Elizabeth Peckham -1250

NS Melville -  John Hamilton & Dave Sharp +5430

EW Melville -  Iain Sime & Fiona McQuaker -2080

Thanks to everybody that took part.

Last updated : 19th May 2016 19:17 BST
Carlton V Melville Match 2016

Carlton V Melville Match Wednesday 4th May 2016  

At the Melville 7.00pm

Team for 2016


NB Because of this match the normal Wednesday Evening Tournament  will not run.


Set 1    Set 2
Liz McGowan(Captain) and David Liggat             Rosemary Steers and Jane Stephenson
Caroline Peploe and Veronica Guy Irene Sime and David Kaye
Malcolm McCardle and Derek Peden Peter and Heather Braid
Derek Sanders and Roy Bennett June Morrison and Pam Mackie     
Set 3  Set 4 
Mike Baron and Julia Palmer Catriona Gardiner and Linda Delworth 
Peter Wright and Jim Herbert Jim Wilkinson and Douglas McDonald
Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff Bailey Maurice Brady and Gerry Girvan
Ron McCarron and Jack Edgar Ian Maccaulay and Catherine Hepburn
Reserve         Hazel Brown and Clare Douglas  
Last updated : 5th May 2016 23:06 BST
Parking in Warriston Gardens

We have had complaints from people in the houses at the cemetery end of Warriston Gardens and we have been asked to remind members that parking is not permitted beyond the entrance to the club on the bridge to the cemetery.

Last updated : 5th May 2016 23:02 BST
Dennis Wallace 2016

Congratultaions to Andrzej Judycki this year's winner of the Dennis Wallace.

The Dennis Wallace trophy is awarded to the member who wins most master points on the first ten Thursdays of each calendar year.

Last updated : 11th Apr 2016 12:20 BST

Congratulations to the following members who did well in the club cup.  We have new winners on both cups!

Club Cup Prize Money
1st    David Brayford & Gordon Kirk 46.20
2nd   Liz Mcgowan & David Liggat 35.00
3rd   Neil Macpherson & Linda Delworth 25.20
Harry Stein Cup (Handicap)  
1st    Rosa Bisset & Jane Harper 19.60
2nd   Catriona Gardiner & Jane Stephenson 14.00


Last updated : 11th Apr 2016 12:20 BST
Porteous Cup 2016

Congratulatons to D Peden, M McCardle, F Greenwood, V Guy, K Youngs who have won the Porteous Cup and to J Wilkinson, C Hamilton, P Braid, H Braid who have won the handicap.

Last updated : 17th Mar 2016 10:48 GMT
Thea Teale

Thea Teale is a much missed Carlton member.  She left a generaous legacy to the SBU.  Click here for more information.

Last updated : 3rd Mar 2016 23:02 GMT
Pataya Bridge Club

For an eye witness account of the raid on this Bridge Club in Thailand see here.  For a You Tube video of the raid see here.

Last updated : 16th Feb 2016 11:34 GMT
Children in Need 2015

The total raised by bridge clubs for Children in Need in 2015 was £71,347.32 - a record.   Bridge clubs have raised over £811,000 over the years.

Last updated : 15th Feb 2016 10:50 GMT
Sims in aid of Syrian Refuge Children

We raised £235.  Thanks to everyone who played and contributed to the raffle.

Last updated : 8th Feb 2016 23:16 GMT
  • XMAS 2015
  • XMAS 2015
  • XMAS 2015 10
  • XMAS 2015 11
  • XMAS 2015 12
  • XMAS 2015 3
  • XMAS 2015 4
  • XMAS 2015 5
  • XMAS 2015 6
  • XMAS 2015 7
  • XMAS 2015 8
  • XMAS 2015 9


Many thanks to club members for the generous donation of prizes (we had over 70) and for purchasing tickets.

The proceeds will be going to the charity


Last updated : 29th Jan 2016 10:36 GMT

Congratulations to Eldrydd Robinson, Billy McGhee, Pat Findlater, Frances Kay, Geraldine Marshall and Val Beamish winners of this year's Harrower Cup.

Last updated : 9th Jan 2016 23:06 GMT
Club Secretary

Club Secretary

A new secretary has now been appointed to the club.  Her name is Carolyn Dempsie and she is an experienced administrator to a large city company.  We welcome Carolyn and look forward to working with her in the future.

Ellen Leggate Chairman

Last updated : 9th Jan 2016 23:05 GMT
Children in Need 2015

A total of £243.50 was raised for Children in Need.

There were five correct answers to the quiz - the winner was drawn at random.  Congratulations to Maureen Smith whose entry was selected.  

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Carlton Success at the Aviemore Congress
Carlton Success at the Aviemore Congress

Liz McGowan and David Liggat were winners of the Teams Final

Irene Sime, David Kaye and Michael Baron were winners of the Consolation Teams Final

Picture curtesy of Geraldine Girvan

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Min Thomas 2015

Congratulation to Bron McWhinney and Duncan Cursiter who have won the 2015 Min Thomas.  The final results are here.

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Congress 2015
  • Congress 2015 Pairs
  • Congress 2015 Teams

Congratulations to Pairs Winners: Peter Wright and Jim Herbert

Teams Winners: Elizabeth Peckham, Geoff Bailey, Duncan Macdonald, and Mike Young

Last updated : 20th Nov 2015 15:26 GMT
Sutherland Quaich 2015
Sutherland Quaich 2015

Congratulations to Norman O'Neill, Helen Dougall, Eldrydd Robinson and Pat Findlater who have won the first trophy of the new season: the Sutherland Quaich.

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Bridge Cheating Scandal

Now Germany have withdrawn from the Bermuda Bowl (World Championships) see:

Scandal now extended to world's top pair.  See

Recent events have caused consternation in the top level of the bridge world.  Read more at these web sites:;

Last updated : 13th Oct 2015 11:25 BST
Tournament Directors Wanted

Without TD’s there is no bridge.  We would like to increase our pool of TD’s, initially to help out when established TD’s are unavailable.  There will be a half day training programme run by Duncan Cursitor and this will cover the basics:

  • The role of TD
  • Movements, how they work and how to select them.
  • Introduction to the rules of bridge
  • Guide to the most common rulings including lead out of turn, revoke, and bid out of turn

No experience of TDing, or rules is required.

All aspirant TD’s will be given the opportunity to run tournaments under the supervision of an established TD prior to taking charge.

The course will take place on SATURDAY 10TH OCTOBER at 10.00 am at the club.   Tea/Coffee and croissants will be available from 9.30 am.

Please let Sara know if you intend to come along.  Attending the course does not oblige you to become a TD. 

Last updated : 13th Oct 2015 11:25 BST
Lesson on the Rules of Bridge

Duncan Cursiter has kindly offered to deliver a short talk on the rules of bridge on Monday 28th September 2015 at 12.45pm.  

All bridge players, new and experienced alike, can be concerned that they are not fully aware of all of the rules in bridge that can affect them in club tournament play. Whilst he cannot address all of the rules in this one short session, Duncan plans to look briefly at revokes, bid out of turn and insufficient bid.  

This should prove to be a very useful and instructive talk. Questions are encouraged, and all are welcome!

Last updated : 28th Sep 2015 22:42 BST
Summer Car Parking

A reminder to all members and visitors to the Club. The Bowling season begins 18 April. From that date carpark spaces 8-13 return to the Bowling Club. Space 14 belongs to the Bowling Club Steward.

Please respect our neighbours and their parking spaces.

The Bridge Club spaces are 16 to 23. Space 15 is reserved for the Tournament Director. 

There is ample on-street parking at £4.00 for 9 hours or free parking on Ferry Road.

Last updated : 13th Sep 2015 16:33 BST
Bridge Taster Session Saturday 29th August

Have you ever considered learning to play bridge but were too shy or scared to try? Come along to our free taster session and we'll introduce you to our club, the game, and give you the chance to play a simplified form of bridge or watch others playing. It will run from 10.30 to 12.30 on Saturday 29th August. Refreshments will be provided. Please phone 0131 552 3122or email to book your place.

To Existing Members: Please encourage any interested friends you have to come along. Leaflets are available in the club to distribute.

Last updated : 30th Aug 2015 17:08 BST
Board of Directors 2015/6

The following were elected as Board Members for 2015/6 at the AGM:

Peter Wright                        Alison Littleboy
Jim Williams                        Jim Wilkinson
Hazel Brown                        Maureen Smith
Mike Baron                          Julie Choudhury

We are pleased to announce that Ellen-Nora Leggate has agreed to come back on the Board and will continue as Chairman.

Last updated : 27th Aug 2015 20:16 BST
Mackenzie Trophy 2015

Congratulations to Dougie Kemp who as won the Mackenzie Trophy this year.  Full results here.

The Mackenzie Trophy is awarded to the member who wins most master points on Wednesdays from June to April each year.

Last updated : 24th Jul 2015 09:27 BST

The Chairman's Report for the AGM is now available.  Click here to see it.  

Last updated : 24th Jul 2015 09:26 BST
AGM 2015 - Prize Winners
  • Catriona Gardiner
  • Derrick Peden and Malclom McCardle
  • Dougie Kemp
  • Finlay Marshall
  • Heather and Peter Braid Dougie Kemp
  • Jim Wilkinson

Carlton Trophy Winners   -   2014/15

Club Cup:                    Malcolm McCardle & Derrick Peden            

Harry Stein:                 Douglas Macdonald & Jim Wilkinson

Porteous Cup:              L McGowan, D Liggat, P Home, F Marshall & R Bennett   

Porteous Handicap:      C Gardiner, N McPherson, E Peckham & L Delworth

Bill Brown:                   Dougie Kemp & Jim Sharp    

Wendy Gray:                Peter & Heather Braid with Dougie Kemp & Douglas Macdonald

Harrower Cup:              Did not run    

Min Thomas:                Duncan Macdonald & Carolyn Peploe                      

Mackenzie Trophy:       Dougie Kemp

Dennis Wallace:           Louise Kennedy

Russell Cup 2014:        Jake Corry                              

Sutherland Quaich:      Did not run

Carlton Handicap Congress:

     Pairs:                    Jane & Andrew Carnegie

     Swiss Teams:        Ross & Anne Torkington, Norman & Bett Morrison

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George Wiltshire Amended time

It is with regret that we note the passing of George, a member for many decades. The funeral will be at Warriston, Cloisters Chapel at 14.30 on Monday 6 July.

Last updated : 9th Jul 2015 12:46 BST

To all members the Club AGM will be held on the 8 July at 7pm. Agenda and last year's minutes have been emailed to those members who have submitted email addresses. (Please check you junkmail/spam filter.) If you have not received any communications please contact the Secretary using the 'contact us' facility. Members with out emails may collect their letters from the Club until the weekend when they will be mailed.

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Club Accounts

To All members. Some of you may have noticed that the accounts were not included in the AGM notice. I have arranged for copies to be available at the Club. If you would like your own copy please email me or leave a note in the Secretary box stating how you would like your copy- electronic form or paper form. Secretary Carlton Bridge Club.


Last updated : 9th Jul 2015 12:45 BST

Its time to renew your membership. I have sent out 264 emails. There are 50 letters to be printed and these will be available in the Club from Wednesday. Any letters not collected will be mailed over the weekend.

Issued by the Secretary Tuesday 14 April 2015.

Last updated : 18th May 2015 22:12 BST
Carlton Members Success

Congratulations to Carlton members for their competition success:

Anne Young on winning the Fairlie Individual

Christine McNaughton and Maurice Francheschi on winning the Kennedy pairs

and a commendation to Dilys Gellatly who was 3rd in the Shenkin Individual

Last updated : 18th May 2015 22:11 BST
Carlton V Melville Match

The annual Carlton V Melville Match will be held on Wednesday 6th May 7.00pm

The team is as follows

Set 1       Liz McGowan and David Liggat,    Carolyn Peploe and Veronica Guy,    Malcolm McCardle and Derrick Peden,    Derek Sanders and Roy Bennett

Set 2       Heather and Peter Braid,    June Morrison and Catriona Gardiner,    Irene Sime and David Kaye,   Eileen Carmichael and Tony Gill

Set 3       Elizabeth Peckham and Ian Macaulay,    Peter Wright MBE and Jim Herbert,    Ron McCarron and Jack Edgar,   Jim Wilkinsom and Jim Sharp

Set 4      Gerry Girvan and Maurice Brady,   Hasan Choudhury and Neil McPherson,    Margaret and Ian Ross,    Dilys Gellatly and Norman Cooper

Good Luck to them all.


Last updated : 10th May 2015 14:17 BST
All Carlton Team win MacLaren Cup!

Congratulations to Carlton Camden who have won the MacLaren Cup beating Phoenix in the final. 

Carlton Camden is made up solely of Carlton members:

The champions were represented in the final by Graeme Williamson, Alison White, Christine Flannery, Moira Robertson, Hasan & Julie Choudhury, Alistair Rae & Maurice Franceschi.

En route they knocked out Ratten, Waverley, Hermitage and Scramblers with appearances by Peter Wright, Jim Herbert, Linda Delworth, Maggie Greer, Willie McGruer, Felicity MacGregor and Jessie Foulner.

Last updated : 23rd Apr 2015 20:08 BST
Thursday Afternoon

There has been a problem with the scoring for Thursday afternoon 16 April. Corrected results will be issued when corrected.

Last updated : 20th Apr 2015 18:01 BST
Mini Bridge in Schools

The SBU are encouraging the teaching of mini bridge in primary schools. Many of the skills developed in playing bridge are included in the National Curriculum and other regions have found that schools are delighted to have our input. At present there are very few schools in Edinburgh participating and we would like to encourage more to take part. We need volunteers to go into schools, deliver the course, and support the pupils. At the end of the first course we hope to arrange a mini event for all participating schools. Eventually our schools will participate in the Scottish schools event.

You only need a little bridge experience and lots of enthusiasm. 

Please send an email to June Morrison ( or phone 0131 339 5189 if you are interested in becoming involved. If you have a preferred school then add these details. 

Last updated : 16th Apr 2015 10:59 BST
Wendy Gray 2015

Congratulations to P Braid, H Braid, D Kemp, D Macdonald this year's winnners of the Wendy Gray.

Congratulations to J Unsworth, C Douglas, B Baird, F Davies (pictured below) who won the novice prize.  

Full results and hand records here.

Last updated : 16th Apr 2015 10:59 BST
Freddie Short Trophy

The Freddie Short Trophy will be held at the New Melville Club on Friday 10 at 2pm. This now a one session event. The cost will now be £7.50. This is open to all SBU members over 60. This information is a change from previously advertised notices. Date 8 April 2015.

Last updated : 10th Apr 2015 17:15 BST
Dennis Wallace 2015

Congratulations to Louise Kennedy who has won the Dennis Wallace Cup.  The full results are here.

The Dennis Wallace is awarded to the member who wins most master points on the first ten Thursdays of each calendar year.

Last updated : 30th Mar 2015 15:45 BST
Discussion on Bridge Etiquette
  • Can I bid if my partner hesitates?
  • Why do we need a stop card?
  • When should you call the Director?

New players can be worried about starting to play in club tournaments because they are not aware of the rules and etiquette. 

Duncan Cursiter will lead a discussion on these and any other issues that are raised.  This will take place on Monday 30th March at 12.50 and will finish in time for the Monday Afternoon tournament.

Duncan is a Carlton member and he regularly acts as a TD in national competitions.

Last updated : 30th Mar 2015 15:44 BST
Attention Novices, Club and Local Masters

There will be a heat for Kennedy Ranked Pairs on Wednesday 25th March as part of the Intermediate Tournament.  The Kennedy is an annual competition run by the SBU, limited to players who are local masters or below.  Red points are awarded to those who do well.  Those who qualify will be eligible to play in the final which will take place at the Melville Bridge Club, Edinburgh on Sunday 26th April 2015.

Last updated : 25th Mar 2015 20:40 GMT
Red Nose Charity

Well done to Sara and her team who raised £100 for Red Nose Day Charity.

Last updated : 23rd Mar 2015 14:42 GMT
Porteous Cup 2015

Congratulation to Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Patrick Home, Finlay Marshall, and Roy Bennett this years winners of the Carlton Premier Teams Tournament, the Porteous Cup.

Congratulation to Catriona Gardiner, Neil McPherson, Elizabeth Peckham, and Linda Delworth who won the Handicap prize.

Final results here.  

Last updated : 15th Mar 2015 13:03 GMT
CLUB CUP 2014/5

Congratulations to Malcolm Mccardle and Derrick Peden who have won the Club Cup for the third year running.  2nd were Douglas Macdonald & Jim Wilkinson and 3rd were Ron Mccarron & Les Sinclair.  The full results and prize money are here.

The Harry Stein Cup (for the winners after handicap) was won by Douglas Macdonald & Jim Wilkinson.  The full results and prize money are here.

 The masterpoint awards for the Club Cup are shown here.  They will be issued manually in due course.

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Xmas Party 2014
  • SAM 0513
  • SAM 0515
  • SAM 0516
  • SAM 0517
  • SAM 0518
  • SAM 0519
  • SAM 0521
  • SAM 0524
  • SAM 0525
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International Bridge Comes to Edinburgh

Scotland did not have the best of weekends and are standing fourth in the table.  The Camrose is played over two weekends and the Scottish team will want to improve their postion in the second weekend in Northern Ireland in early March.  The full results for the weekend are at the dedicated website here.  

Last updated : 21st Jan 2015 13:27 GMT
Parking in Warriston Gardens

We have had a letter from the Council saying that the nine hour parking in Warriston Gardens has been re-instated and apologising for the problem.  So if you pay for 4 hours in Warriston Gardens you get all day parking.

Last updated : 15th Jan 2015 15:37 GMT
Felicity MacGregor Updated

It is with sadness that I inform you of the death on Tuesday afternoon of Felicity MacGregor.

There will be a funeral service in Warriston Crematorium for family members only.  A service in Davidson's Mains Parish Church  at 1.30pm with tea and coffee to follow.  Friends and family are invited to attend this service.

I will send a card of condolence to Felicity's family on behalf of the club members.


Ellen Leggate

Last updated : 15th Jan 2015 15:36 GMT
Defibrillator Training

The Club will be hosting a Defibrillator & CPR Training on Monday 12 or 19 January 2015. Please email the Secretary from the contact us page giving contact details and preferred date. The aim is to have sufficient volunteers so that 1 trained person will usually be in attendance at all the usual Carlton events.

The actual date will be decided by the number of volunteers for each proposed date.

The training will start at 9.30, finishing at 12.45 so you won't miss the afternoon tournament.

Last updated : 12th Jan 2015 22:55 GMT
Defibrillator Training

Thank to all the volunteers for the defibrillator training. We got a really good response and the 20 volunteers will be notifed individually. The date of the training will be Monday 12 January 2015.

Last updated : 12th Jan 2015 22:49 GMT
Min Thomas 2014

Congratulations to Duncan Macdonald and Carolyn Peploe who have won the Min Thomas.  Final Result here.

Last updated : 9th Dec 2014 10:09 GMT
East District Swiss Pairs

The Carlton is hosting this event on Sunday 23rd November.  In a "Swiss" competition, there is a random draw in the first round.  For subsequent rounds you play opponents on a similar score to your own. In theory this means that you play pairs of a similar standard, particularly in the later rounds.  This is a red pointed event and you get a quarter of a point (25 local points) for each match won.  To register to play contact the convenor Jake Corry at or phone  07563 503159.  

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2014 23:05 GMT

In the near future it is the intention of the club to buy a defibrillator.  On Wednesday 19th November at 5.00pm Dougie Hosie will be in the club to give a short introductory demonstration on how to use this device.  Any one who would like to know a little more about it is welcome to come along.  When we have purchased the device a further, fuller course of instruction shall be to given to a number of interested members.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2014 20:27 GMT
John McWhinney

We have just heard that John McWhinney passed away very suddenly in the early hours of this morning (12th November).  He took a seizure and although it was only a small one, he never regained consciousness and stopped breathing half an hour later. The ambulance was very prompt but nothing could be done.

With his sense of humour, unfailing politeness and sharp bridge brain, it was always a good experience either playing with him or against him.  He will be much missed.  I am sure we all want to pass on our condolences to Bron.

John McWhinney's funeral will be at Warriston at 2.00pm on Friday 21st November and afterwards you are invited back to the club.



Last updated : 22nd Nov 2014 11:14 GMT

At the Board meeting of Thursday 2nd October, it was decided to adopt a policy of no E-cigararettes to be smoked in the club.

Last updated : 6th Nov 2014 23:24 GMT
Hallowe'en Party 2014

Last updated : 6th Nov 2014 23:23 GMT
Richard Dennis

We have just had the sad news that Richard Dennis died of a heart attack last night.  He has been a member of the Carlton for a long time and played regularly.  He will be remembered as a extremely pleasant and courteous opponent whether winning or losing.   He was also a member of the Pied Pipers team and was playing in a match last night.  I am sure we would all wish to pass on our condolences to his family.  

Last updated : 6th Nov 2014 23:23 GMT
Carlton Congress 2014


Pairs winners:  Jane Carnegie & Andrew Carnegie

Teams winnners: Ross Torkington, Anne Torkington, Bett Morrison, Norman Morrison,

Teams Silver Prize – Peter Braid, Heather Braid, Dougie Kemp, Jeff Bond

Teams Bronze 1st – Catherine Hepburn, Neil MacPherson, Norma Robertson, Marjorie Murray

Teams Bronze 2nd –Tom Bagnall, Denise King, David King, Andrew Harborow

Congress Organisers Duncan Cursitor & Margot Cursitor with Club Chair Ellen Nora Leggate

Last updated : 2nd Nov 2014 17:44 GMT
Russell Cup 2014congratulations

Congratulations to Jake Corry, this year's Russell Cup winner.  

The final results and prize money should be up by the end of next week.

Last updated : 14th Oct 2014 20:04 BST
Learning Bridge at the Carlton

Would you like to learn how to play bridge?  Do you already know how to play but you would like to improve?  If so, the Carlton can help.  We run three levels of bridge classes for beginners, post beginners and intermediates.  Each class costs £5 and you only pay for when you attend.  We also run a weekly tournaments for new and intermediate players.  All the classes restart in September.  Click here for full details and start dates.  

Last updated : 7th Sep 2014 17:18 BST
Bob Kinloch

Bob Kinloch passed away, on August 27, 2014, in Western General Hospital.  Bob will be known to many members as a sharp but genial opponent.  Those not aware of the full life he led should consult his Scotsman obituary here.  The funeral will be at Warriston Crematorium, Lorimer Chapel, on Friday, September 5, at 1 pm, to which all friends are welcome. No flowers please, but donations, if desired, may be made in aid of Cancer Research.  

Last updated : 7th Sep 2014 16:27 BST
Calendar 2014/5
Advanced Bridge Lessons Summer 2014

Mike Young's popular advanced lessons continue over the summer.  The lessons  will take the form of an open discussion with some new examples clarifying points raised in the lessons. The lessons are aimed at those who have completed lessons and want to improve their play. 

Friday 09/05/14   Opening leads and how to make good ones.
Friday 16/05/14   Make a Plan. Improve your declarer play.
Friday 23/05/14   Signals why and how.
Friday 06/06/14   Agreeing a trump fit. How to express it.
Friday 13/06/14   Pre-Emptive Bidding.
Friday 20/06/14   Defensive Systems To 1NT & Pre-Empts.
Friday 04/07/14   Transfers. Why you need them.
Friday 11/07/14   Take-Out Doubles.
Friday 18/07/14   Simple Counting in Defence.
Friday 08/08/14   Sacrifice Bidding.
Friday 15/08/14   Safety Plays. 
Friday 22/08/14   Match Point & Team Competition Tactics.

Time 19:15 - 21:30      Includes a short tea-break.  Cost £5 per head.
An indication of numbers attending is desirable please email me at the address to express your interest.                                  Tel. Home 0131 6615441.


Last updated : 26th Aug 2014 16:38 BST
Glenrothes Congress Win 2014

Congratulations to Dilys Gellatly and Fiona Greenwood who won the pairs at the Glenrothes Congress on Sunday.

Glenrothes Congress Win 2014
Last updated : 22nd Jul 2014 00:25 BST
2014 AGM Papers

Copies of the papers for the AGM are available here.

Last updated : 22nd Jul 2014 00:25 BST
European Bridge Championships 22nd June to 1st July

Scotland has 3 teams (Women's, Open and Senior) playing in the European Teams Championships in Opatija, Croatia, from 22nd June to 1st July 2014.

There are a number of ways of following the progress of the Scottish Teams:  

The official web site of the competition which will include results is at

The SBU website will have daily updates at

For a pre-tournament form guide see the June 11th entry on Paul Gipson's excellent blog at  He will be providing regular comments as the action unfolds.

To get a daily account of goings on follow Harry Smith's blog at

You will be able to watch some of the play on BBO at

Last updated : 1st Jul 2014 23:36 BST
Wendy Gray 2013 Winners
Congratulations to Jim Wilkinson, Katherine Hepburn, Jim Sharp, and Jim Herbert.
Final placings in Results
Last updated : 30th Jun 2014 12:32 BST
Carlton Members win Melville Congress!

Congratulation to Dilys Gellatly and Marjorie Murray who won the handicap pairs at the Melville Congress on Saturday.

Move Mouse over thumbnail to change picture

photo courtesy of Damien Byron

Last updated : 5th May 2014 09:46 BST
Julie's Retirement Party
  • Ellen Nora\'s Speech
  • Julie
  • Julie and Ellen Nora
  • Julie and Ellen Nora
  • Julie and Ellen Nora
Last updated : 26th Apr 2014 14:59 BST
Bridge Story on Radio 4

The Afternoon Play on Radio 4 on Wednesday 2nd April is "The Great British Bridge Scandal" about an allegation of cheating against the British Team in 1965.  Click here for more information.  It is usually available on listen again for about a week.  Thanks to Catherine Ledingham for pointing this out.

Last updated : 16th Apr 2014 19:02 BST
Wendy Gray

The Wendy Gray is the Club Swiss Teams Competition.  It runs over two Thursdays 3rd and 10th April.  We need at least sixteen teams to make a good competition and to achieve this we need a few more to enter.  For those who have never played in one, a Swiss is a fun competition.  After a random draw in the first round, the second round pairs teams with similar scores. The third and subsequent rounds are similar. This means that the teams with the highest score play each other, and teams with the lowest scores play each other.  The competition is open to players who are ranked up to Life Masters.  If you are a pair looking for team mates put your names up on the sign up sheet at the club and we will try and find you team mates.

STOP PRESS - We now have 17 teams but would welcome one more or one team will require to drop out.

Starting time 6.45pm

Last updated : 4th Apr 2014 13:26 BST
Carlton Teams for the Porteous Cup 2014

The winners of this year's Club Teams Competition are D Peden, M McCardle, F Greenwood, V Guy, and K Youngs.

The winners of the Club Teams Handicap are C Gardner,J Harper,E Peckham,R Dennis,J Miller,and L Delworth.

Congratulations to all.

Carlton Teams for the Porteous Cup 2014
Last updated : 25th Mar 2014 11:16 GMT
Fairlie and Shenkin Individuals

The East district heats of these Individual events will be held in the Carlton Bridge Centre on Tuesday 11 March at 1.30 pm

Individuals are a fun way of meeting other players with the same level of experience, and, as a bonus, you can win National (Red) Points if you are lucky enough to do well.

Entry fees are £3 (plus £3 table money).  Entries and enquiries to:   Liz McGowan.  Tel 0131 667 2432

Exact numbers are important in an Individual event, so please enter and encourage your friends to do so also.

The Fairlie is for all players who are members of the SBU and appear on the Master Point ranking list, up to the rank of District Master, The Shenkin is for players with the rank of Master, Star Master or Senior Master.  If the entries are large enough we shall hold separate heats: if not the two events will be combined.

Last updated : 11th Mar 2014 11:38 GMT
CLUB CUP 2013/4

The results of Club Cup were:

1st   Malcolm McCardle & Derrick Peden

2nd   Liz McGowan & David Liggat

3rd   Douglas MacDonald & Jim Wilkinson

So last year's winners win again!  Congratulations to them.

The results for the Harry Stein Cup (handicap) were

1st   Douglas MacDonald & Jim Wilkinson

2nd   Neil MacPherson & Catriona Gardiner

3rd   Dougie Kemp & Jim Sharp

Douglas MacDonald & Jim Wilkinson won the handicap and came thrid in the main competition  - an excellent performance.  


Full results in the Results section

Last updated : 11th Mar 2014 11:16 GMT
Strathpeffer Cup

Well done to David Kaye and Irene who won the Strathpeffer Cup

Strathpeffer Cup
Last updated : 7th Mar 2014 12:28 GMT
Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer Trophy

Two of our youngest members, Katherine Dempsie and Jacob Moody, were in action this weekend in the annual Peggie Bayer tournament contested between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.  The result of the Peggie Bayer for players under 20 was:

England 135.57
Scotland 98.73
Ireland 91.93
Northern Ireland 33.77

In the Junior Camrose for players under 25 the result was:

England 123.51
Scotland 109.23
Ireland 92.46
Northern Ireland 34.80


Congratulations to all the Scottish players for a good performance.


Last updated : 28th Feb 2014 12:02 GMT
Children in Need 2013

The Children in Need Sims raised  £69,717.44.  

The master points are now in the boxes in the cafe.

Last updated : 24th Feb 2014 10:32 GMT
Harrower 2013/4

Congratulation to Alison Littleboy (Captain), Janet Unsworth, Yuen Man Rowbottom, Helen Mackinnon, Simon Rowbottom, and Barbara Pirie who have won the Harrower Cup.

Thanks go to Jim Herbert who organised the event which introduced lots of up and coming players to the enjoyment of teams bridge.  


Harrower 2013/4
Last updated : 13th Feb 2014 19:16 GMT
Carlton Qualifiers for National Pairs

The East District semi-final of the National Pairs to be held on Saturday April 5th at 12 noon at the Carlton Bridge Centre.

The following pairs have qualified.  Please contact Anne Perkins on to let her know whether you intend to play or not.   This is so the organisers know how many pairs will be playing and can orgainse the event.


Peter Moss & George Plant
Malcolm McCardle & Catriona Gardiner
Bob & Margaret Kinloch
Troy Van D’Lisle & Jake Corry
Syd Kennedy & Irene Mathieson
 Geraldine Girvan & Maurice Brady
 Ron McCarron & Les Sinclair
 Rita Chester & Rita Stockdale
 Bill Brown & Archie McLachlan
 Drew Mathieson & Louise Kennedy
 John & Bron McWhinney
 Rosemary Steers & Alicia Ogilvy
 Janet Unsworth & Alison Littleboy
 John Hamilton & Mike Smith
 Jean-Phillipe Hertzog & Rob Sandham
 Marjorie Clark & Audrey Watt
 Malcolm McCardle & Derrick Peden
 Renee Lees & Ronnie Turnbull
 Ian Macaulay & Clare Gray
 Thea Teale & Jane Stephenson
 Kenneth Hunter & Norman Cooper
 Keith Youngs & Fiona Greenwood
Ian & Anne Thomson
Liz McGowan & David Liggat
Lilian Flett & Jane Richings
Fiona Davies & Moira Murray 
Irene Sime & David Kaye
Margo Cursiter & Elizabeth Henderson
Bob Williams & Sid Zoltie


Last updated : 12th Feb 2014 20:30 GMT
Cowan Cup Qualifiers

The following have qualified for the Cowan Cup final.  This will be held on Sunday 23 February 2014, starting at 1.00pm at the New Melville Bridge Club, Edinburgh.  If you do not intend to play in the final, could you inform Sheena ( or Anne (

Bob & Margaret Kinloch,                                        Neil MacPherson & Nicky Marr,                                           Bill Cowe & Frank Robertson, 

Norma Robertson & Iain Dingwall,                        Mike Young & Duncan Macdonald,                                       Ron McCarron & Jack Edgar,

Roy Bennett & David Liggat,                                  Alison White & Graeme Williamson,                                    Derrick Peden & Malcolm McCardle, 

Ellen-Nora Leggate & Jean-Philippe Herzog.

Last updated : 17th Jan 2014 12:18 GMT

The results for the 4th and 5th rounds of the Harrower are now shown in Results.

Last updated : 17th Jan 2014 12:09 GMT
Children in Need

Money raised for Children in Need is still coming in.  To date we have raised £320.95.  Congratulations to David Kaye who won the Quiz with the only all correct entry.

Last updated : 12th Dec 2013 16:58 GMT
Carlton Members make the Camrose Team

Congratulations to our members Iain Sime and Derek Sanders who have made the Scotland team for the Camrose match in January.  More info here

Last updated : 10th Dec 2013 16:56 GMT
Min Thomas 2013

Congratulations to  Peter and Heather Braid who have won the Min Thomas, the Carlton Mixed Pairs Competition.  The final results are shown under "results".

Last updated : 10th Dec 2013 07:37 GMT
SBU Master Point Changes
The SBU are making major changes to the Master Point system.  They have put everyone's Master Point record on line and you can now login and see your record.  The new system is called MEMPAD.  To request a login to the new system please contact Janet Rixon, Master Point Secretary at quoting your Master Point number - this is the same as your SBU Membership Number.  If you do not know your number, there is a list of all Carlton members with their number here.  Click here for a user guide to the new system.

The second stage of this initiative is to allow clubs to send in Master Points awarded directly rather than printing out those little pieces of paper.  In order to accommodate this, we will have to change the login to the bridgemates to the SBU Membership Number.   This is likely to happen in a couple of months and we will give your plenty of advance notice of the change.  

Last updated : 12th Nov 2013 16:07 GMT
Youth Paris Open Bridge
Two of our youngest members, Katherine Dempsie and Jacob Moody are playing for Scotland in Paris a present.  I am sure we wish them every success.  Details, results and player profiles at the French Bridge Federation site.
Last updated : 6th Nov 2013 22:42 GMT
Halloween 2013
  • Halloween 2013
  • Halloween 2013
  • Halloween 2013 3
Last updated : 5th Nov 2013 19:43 GMT
Congress 2013
  • Congress 2013
  • Congress 2013
  • Congress Organisers Duncan and Margo Cursiter
  • Pairs Winners Veronica Guy and Moray Jeffrey
  • Teams Winners Veronica Guy Moray Jeffry Fiona Greenwood Carolyn Peploe


Last updated : 5th Nov 2013 13:04 GMT
Report from Bali
Harry Smith, the Captain of the Scottish Team at Bali, has sent us a report and thanked us for our support.  click on this to see it.  
Last updated : 1st Nov 2013 18:27 GMT
Senior Team in Bridge World Champiionship
The Scotland Senior Team match with the Netherlands will be broadcast on BBO tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 10.00am BST.
 If you haven't use BBO then go to, click on "Play Bridge Now", You do not need to create an identity - click on "Look around our site", click on "Vugraph (live broadcasts)", you may have to scroll down to find Scotland v Netherlands as the Seniors (called be d'Orsi) is usually at the bottom, click on "join" to watch.  You will see all four hands, and all the plays with a commentary from experts. 

IMG_0512.JPG - 1.82 MB
Last updated : 21st Sep 2013 13:31 BST
Tournament Directing

The Carlton is lucky in having a great team of Directors, but we could do with a few more volunteers for both afternoon and evening sessions.  We need TDs to cover for holidays, we also have a new tournament starting on a Tuesday afternoon which will need directors, and we need reserves for when current TDs need to move on. 

We know that some people are happy to direct tournaments but are concerned about the Bridgemates and the computer.  Others would be happy to deal with the computer issues but do not want to set up tournaments.  There is no reason why the roles cannot be split we are looking for volunteers for both sides of the job.

We are organising a training session on Saturday 5thOctober starting at 10.00 am for anyone interested.  The session will be run by Duncan Cursiter and will cover the basics of directing.

Coming to the session does not commit you to becoming a TD.  You are welcome to come along if you are just interested in the rules and how tournaments are run.  If you intend to come along please let us know at or sign up on the form in the club. 

If you want more information, email or contact any Director. 

Last updated : 16th Sep 2013 23:54 BST
Trophy winners 2012/3

 Carlton Trophy Winners

Porteous Cup             Derek Peden, Malcolm McCardle, Veronica Guy and Laura Middleton, Keith Youngs

Porteous Handicap    Duncan McDonald, Mike Young, Duncan Cursiter, Dougie Kemp

Wendy Gray               Catherine Hepburn, Jim Sharp, Jim Wilkinson, Jim Herbert

Sutherland Quaich     Maurice Brady, Kay Campbell, Susan Gilchrist, Pamela Martis

Harrower Cup              Jim Boyle, Alister Rae, Maurice Franceschi, Christine McNaughton, Sheila Butchart, Rosemary Jamieson


Club  Cup  

Derek Peden, Malcolm McCardle    Club Handicap  David Brayford, Gordon Kirk

Min  Thomas     Liz McGowan and David Liggat

Bill Brown         Duncan Cursiter and Dougie Kemp


Dennis Wallace     Linda Delworth and Catriona Gardiner

McKenzie Cup       Peter and Heather Braid

Russell Cup           Iain Sime

Last updated : 16th Sep 2013 11:42 BST
Trophy winners at Carlton AGM 2013
  • David Liggat and Liz McGowan
  • Derek Peden
  • Dougie Kemp and Duncan Cursiter
  • Jim Wilkinson, Catherine Hepburn and Jim Herbert
  • Maurice Brady
  • Peter and Heather Braid
Last updated : 16th Sep 2013 11:41 BST
2013/4 Calendar
Click the banner to see the timetable for Carlton Events. Click here to see more information on the Club competitions.  
Last updated : 31st Aug 2013 21:16 BST
Award Winners for 2011 - 2012

Club member's successes:-

Ian Sime - was part of Scottish Seniors bronze medal winning team at the European Teams Championships in Dublin.

Liz McGowan played in the Scottish Women's Team in Dublin

The following members have represented Scotland in the Home Internationals:-     

Camrose: Iain Sime

Lady  Milne: Liz McGowan

Senior Camrose:   Iain Sime

        Carlton Trophy Winners for 2011 -2012

Porteous Cup:          Derek Peden, Malcolm McCardle, Dee Harley, Anna  St Clare  

Porteous Handicap:  Ron McCarron, Les Sinclair, Gordon Kirk, David Brayford      

Wendy Gray:           Jim McDowall, Thea Teale,  Rosemary McKinnel,  Rosemary Steers

Sutherland Quaich:   Norma Bain,  Bob Brodie,  Brian Caine,  John Lennon

Harrower Cup:         Sheila Stewart, Ian Thomson,  Brian Hughes, George Inglis,           Ronnie Turnbull            

Club Cup: Liz McGowan and David Liggat

Club Handicap:  Mark Kinloch and Nicola Marr

Min Thomas: David Liggat and Liz McGowan

Bill Brown:  Rosemary McKinnel and Rosemary Steers

Dennis Wallace: Syd and Louise Kennedy

McKenzie Cup: Heather Braid

Russel Cup: Brian Short                                                                    

Last updated : 3rd Aug 2013 10:45 BST
No Fears Teams' Event

The East District Summer for No Fears teams is running again this year.

The League is for teams of 4-6 players and is open to anyone who is currently taking classes or other inexperienced players who wish to play teams of a similar standard.  Matches are organised by captains at a time and venue convenient to both teams.  These matches consist of 24 boards, aggregate scoring, with pairs playing each of the opposing pairs for 12 boards, swapping midway through the match.

The cost is 20 per team.  In addition, teams playing their matches in bridge clubs will need to pay table money to the host club.  The winning team will receive a cash prize and all teams will earn Masterpoints for every match won.

Should there be sufficient interest, the competition will consist of two separate divisions with the winners in each division off in a final match.

Entries from interested teams to Jake Corry at

Last updated : 26th Jul 2013 10:04 BST
Andrew Robson OBE

Andrew Robson, a top English player and teacher and the bridge correspondent of the Times, was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List.  He commented:

"Dear Fellow Bridge Players, I would like to say how excited I am to receive this award, which I do on behalf of all Bridge players, whether a serious tournament player a beginner or social player. I hope that in its small way, the award will help to further advance the profile of the game we all love. Happy New Year and thank you."

More information at
Last updated : 6th Jul 2013 03:48 BST
Advance Notice of this years Congress.  The date for your diary is Sunday 27th October.
Pictures from 2012 now in News
click here
Last updated : 13th Mar 2013 11:34 GMT
Carlton Congess 2012 Pictures
  • Agreeing a System
  • Anyone for afters?
  • Chair\'s welcome
  • Duncan the TD
  • Handicap in progress
  • Handicap prize giving
  • Handicap winnners
  • Pairs Winners
  • Players
  • Players
  • Players
  • Players
  • Players
  • Players
  • Supper!
  • Teams Winners
  • Teams Winners Silver
Last updated : 13th Feb 2013 14:02 GMT
Harrower Cup Winners

Congratulations to "Two Clubbers" have won the Harrower Cup. 

Captain: Maurice Franceschi

Team: Alastair Rae

          Sheila Yule

          Rosemary Jamieson

          Christine McNaughton

          Jim Boyle

Full results here.

Last updated : 6th Feb 2013 17:12 GMT
Xmas Party Raffle

Scottish Association for Mental Health

The raffle at the Xmas Party this year was held in aid of the SAMH - the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

370 was raised for this excellent cause.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Last updated : 16th Jan 2013 06:15 GMT
Children in Need
The final total raised for Children in Need was 611.  Well done everyone.
Last updated : 3rd Jan 2013 10:16 GMT
Message from Australia addressed to Woman Bridge Players

Hello from Australia,

 I have written a bridge book for women...ISBN 978-0-646-59165-0; Free Range Bridge Not For Chickens.

Very few women have written bridge books; a mere handful worldwide ever!

As the name suggests it is a bit different (but so are women).  Its time women started writing books that are appropriate for them, and sharing some of their ideas.

 I have written it specifically for women at intermediate or advanced level who are interested in becoming more aggressive at the table, and also using their feminine skills of craft and multi-tasking more effectively.

 I also address a clean up of ethics and body language, so that more serious bridge can be considered.

 My book is a frolic; its feisty, controversial and a fun read, whilst full of juicy tips and useful info.

 I have just printed the 2nd Edition.

 Ebooks and kindles (both $10) can be purchased, along with hard copies, from my website with MC or Visa (go in via Pay need to have a PP account).

 Would you mind pinning up my attached flyer at your club. My book makes a perfect Xmas present @ $16 plus $7 postage, but much cheaper if 2+.

 Kind regards

Mary Lynch
Ph. 0430895799
Free Range Bridge Not For Chickens

Last updated : 26th Nov 2012 16:34 GMT
Halloween Party

A buzzing night.  The raffle was won by Thelma McGuire.  £280 was raised for Children in Need.  Thanks to Ellen-Nora and Irene for all their efforts and all those who dressed up and to everybody for getting into the Halloween spirit.

Last updated : 27th Oct 2012 23:52 BST
We have an author in our midst

Margaret Forrester has just published a new story book for children, "Mac's Christmas Star".  It is aimed at 3 to 9 year olds and would make an excellent addition to the Xmas stocking.  The book retails at £5.99 but she is making it available to Carlton members for £5.50. to take advantage of this offer, pick up a flyer at the club or ask at counter.  More info at

Margaret Forrester; Illustrated by Sandra Klaassen - Mac's Christmas Star


Last updated : 23rd Oct 2012 11:30 BST
Carlton Handicap Congress
The Carlton Handicap Congress was held on Sunday 14th October.

Full Results are on the Results Pages

Pairs Winners Jane Richings &
Liliian Flett

Improvers Pairs Winners Cecelia and Rosemary