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Please note the changes to personnel made in the Contact Us panel on the home page



Quite a busy time with the club hosting a variety of external events as well as its normal club program. Note both the ED Mens and Womens Teams will take place at the club. Each event is played over two (Wednesday) sessions - see also main panel





We are always looking for news of interest to the Clubs website readers. We routinely update the website with notable successes 


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News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Bobby Allan, SBU Easter Sims 2019

Bobby Allan / SBU Easter Sims- Results are available on ECATs web site.



1st EW were Dilys Gellatly and Nicol Taylor

2nd EW Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff  Bailey


1st NS Geraldine Givan and Maurice Brady

2nd NS Hazel Brown and John Cowan


Last updated : 3rd Apr 2019 11:36 BST
Bill Brown Senior Pairs 2019

Winners were Elizabeth Peckham and Geoff Bailey

2nd Ella-Nora Leggate and David Perry

3rd Jim Wilkinson and Colin Hamilton


Interestingly all three pairs posted some quite impressive stats as defenders. There was an even split between declaring and defending for each of the top five pairs.

It goes to show that although declarer is notionally in control, albeit the defenders get to go first, that at pairs declarer play is not necessarily easy or the only route to success.




Last updated : 31st Mar 2019 11:36 BST
Dennis Wallace 2019

Dennis Wallace 2019 Result - leading players

Joint 1st Geraldine Girvan and Maurice Brady 78 points

3rd Louise Kennedy 70 points

4th Linda Delworth

5th Neil MacPherson

Last updated : 31st Mar 2019 11:36 BST
Porteous Cup

Congratulations to D Liggat, R Bennett, H Smith, L McGowan, F Marshall and P Home for winning the Porteous Cup.

Also to K Hunter, D Gellatly, B McWhinney, N Taylor and D Cursiter who won the Handicap Cup.


Last updated : 31st Mar 2019 11:36 BST
Min Thomas 2018-19 Season - Result

Min Thomas Mixed Pairs overall result -

1. Iain and Margaret Ross who had a bumper score in the second session

2. Hazel Brown and Ian Macauley 

3. Jim Wilkinson and Catriona Gardiner 

4. Alison White and Graeme Williamson tied with Irene Sime and David Kaye 

Last updated : 18th Mar 2019 08:30 GMT
SBU Swiss Teams 2019

Congratulations to 


Kenny Hunter, Norman Cooper, Dilys Gellatly, Nicol Taylor


on finishing third equal. 


Last updated : 2nd Feb 2019 19:31 GMT
Harrower 2018 Winners

Congratulations to the No Fearties who won this year's Harrower Cup.  The team was Andrew Macleod (Captain), John Pottinger, John Sneddon and Alec Brown. 

Runners up were The Muppets, Eldrydd Robinson (Captain), Marilyn McDonagh, Pat Findlater and Tom Duffy

Last updated : 21st Jan 2019 11:37 GMT
Success at SBU Congress

Three Carlton members and a Melville member won the Teams event at the SBU |Congress.

Congratulations to David Kaye, Mike Baron, and Irene Sime.

and to Anne Perkins, the fourth member of the successful team

Last updated : 10th Jan 2019 18:12 GMT
Christmas 2018 Pictures
  • 2018 Christmas
  • 2018 Christmas gg
  • 2018 Christmas gg10
  • 2018 Christmas gg3
  • 2018 Christmas gg4
  • 2018 Christmas gg5
  • 2018 Christmas gg6
  • 2018 Christmas gg7
  • 2018 Christmas gg9
  • 2018 Christmas ggr2
  • 2018 Christmas Public Enemy No1
  • 2018 Christmas GPB2
  • 2018 Chritsmas gg8

A selection of photos from the Christmas party



Last updated : 10th Jan 2019 18:09 GMT
More Xmas Pictures 2018
  • 2018xmas3a
  • 2018xmas3b
  • 2018xmas3c
  • 2018xmas3d
  • 2018xmas3e
  • P1090430
  • P1090431
  • P1090435
  • P1090437

A few more Christmas party 2018 pictures

Last updated : 10th Jan 2019 18:09 GMT
Children in Need 2018 Results

Children in Need Sim Pairs 2018 results are now on the ECATS web site

In the Top 200 for Thurday were

Dilys Gellatly & Norman Cooper 8th Overall                   

Rosemary Steers & Mike Baron

Jim Wilkinson & Catriona Gardiner

Note all were EW

Last updated : 28th Nov 2018 10:05 GMT
Congress 2018 Pictures
  • 2018 Congress Pairs winners Tom Allison and Janis Perry
  • 2018 Congress Teams Winners
  • Congress Pairs 2nd

Teams Winners Andrew Harborow, Tom Bagnall, David and Shona Anderson 


Pairs Winners Tom Allison & Janice Perry 

Pairs 2nd  Geraldine Girvan and Maurice Brady

Last updated : 18th Nov 2018 13:19 GMT
Sad News

I am saddened to inform you that Bob Brodie died peacefully at home on Sunday 4 November. At this time last year he was not expected to see Christmas, and so his fighting spirit gave him another 12 months. A well respected and admired Club member he will be sadly missed 

Last updated : 12th Nov 2018 20:24 GMT
Halloween Pictures
  • 2018h1
  • 2018h2
  • 2018h3
  • 2018h4
  • 2018h5 3
  • 2018h6
  • 2018h7
  • 2018h8
Last updated : 6th Nov 2018 17:03 GMT
Congress Results 2018


Winners Andrew Harborow, Tom Bagnall, David and Shona Anderson 

2nd Mandy Aberdour, Denise King, John and David Hamilton 

3rd David Marshal Catherine McGregor, Sandy Murray, Margot McIntyre 

4th Elizabeth Peckham Geoff Bailey Andrew Gray Muir and Steven Ashford 



Winners Tom Allison & Janice Perry [Bronze 3]

2nd  Geraldine Girvan and Maurice Brady [Bronze 4]

3rd David Marshal & Catherine McGreggor [Silver ]

And various ranking and category prizes including

4th Denise King and Mandy Aberdour 

5th Catherine Hepburn and Norma Robertson 

6th Andrew Harborow and Tom Bagnall 

Bronze 3 David Nisbet and Jane Harper

Bronze 2 Helen McKinnen and Sheila Allan 

Bronze 1 Jim Marshal and partner







Last updated : 6th Nov 2018 17:03 GMT
Sutherland Quaich 2018 Result
Sutherland Quaich 2018 Result

The competition was played in a fine spirit with each round of matches completing promptly. There were many fine performances and a few notable reverses which resulted in a blanket finish and 'Squeeky Sum Time' but ultimately congratulations go to the team of Kenny Hunter, Tom Duffy, Marilyn McDonagh and Eldrydd Robinson

Author's Note: I thought the evening went tremendously well and many thanks to the organisers, scorer, volunteer team captains and all players who participated. 

Last updated : 26th Oct 2018 18:41 BST
Successful Weekend for Carlton Members
Successful Weekend for Carlton Members

A Carlton Member won each of the Individual events on 16 September. Congratulations to all three.

Jim McDowell - Faie                    

Mary Stewart - Bronze   (pictured)

Judith Smeaton - Novice                 

Last updated : 7th Oct 2018 12:51 BST
Sara Duncan
Sara Duncan

We all wish Sara the best of luck for her future. We will still see her in the club as she plans to continue the Tuesday evening Bronze tournament. From Monday Ellen Nora will be the new steward and we wish her every success in this role.

Last updated : 17th Sep 2018 17:15 BST
AGM 2018 Trophy Winners
  • 2018 AGM Catriona Gardiner
  • 2018 AGM Heather Braid
  • 2018 AGM Irene Sime
  • 2018 AGM Malcolm McCardle and Derrick Peden

The AGM photographs show some of the prize winners 

Catriona Gadiner, Heather Braid, Irene Sime, Derrick Peden and Malcolm McCardle

A more complete list of trophy winners is here

Last updated : 16th Aug 2018 14:05 BST
Peebles Summer 2018

A very good result for Carlton Members [Dilys Gellatly; Keith Youngs; Elizabeth Peckham, Geoff Bailey] finishing 3rd in the Peebles Summer Congress Teams. 

Last updated : 16th Aug 2018 14:01 BST
Celtic Pairs and Worldwide Pairs [2018]

Irene Sime and David Kaye were 1st out of 200 in the Celtic pairs held in Scotland/Ireland/Wales.

Irene Sime and David Kaye were 5th out of 724 pairs in the Worldwide pairs held in April.



Last updated : 16th Aug 2018 13:52 BST
Kelso Congress 2018
Kelso Congress 2018

Congratulation to Hazel Brown and Derrick Peden who won the Pairs, and Dilys Gelatly and Nicol Taylor who were second.

A great result for Carlton members

Last updated : 10th Jul 2018 16:44 BST
Kennedy 2018
Kennedy 2018

Congratulations to Carole Macartney and Sheena Spence who won the Kennedy with a score of 62%. Stewart Green and Helen Noble were second with 57%. A brilliant result for Carlton members and well done to both pairs.

Mary and Norman Stewart, last years winners, handing over the Kennedy Trophy to Carole and Sheena.

Last updated : 2nd Jul 2018 14:49 BST
McKenzie Trophy

Congratulations to Peter and Heather Braid, winners of the McKenzie trophy.

The McKenzie trophy is presented to the members who win the most master points in the year on Wednesday evenings. 

Last updated : 2nd Jul 2018 14:48 BST
Spring Pairs
Spring Pairs

Congratulations to Ron McCarron and Jack Edgar, winners of the club's new pairs trophy.

Last updated : 2nd Jul 2018 14:47 BST
Carlton V Melville Match 2018

Carlton v Melville 2018 

A comfortable win for our opponents which was a reversal of fortune from last year 

Carlton Team best performers were

Liz McGowan & David Liggat NS +3770

Ian McCaulay & Hazel Brown NS +2430

June Morrison & Pam Mackie EW   -410

Cartiona Gardiner & Andrzej Judycki EW -1070


Last updated : 23rd May 2018 16:26 BST
Defence Discussion Group - any takers

I am thinking of forming a Defence Discussion Group.

I will set the agenda and lead the group.

I have a number of presentations in preparation under a general title of ‘Elements of Defence for Sophisticated People’.

The hope is to help people structure their thoughts in a difficult and mostly neglected area of the game of Bridge.


I have no wish to discourage novices but you will need to be comfortable with the game to prevent information overload.


I prefer to issue material well in advance of any actual presentation.

The hope is to eventually have a catalogue of cohesive material that people might read on their own should they choose.


The start point I have entitled


How to avoid psuedo-squeezes (as declarer chases an important extra trick or two)


- which may seem a non-standard introduction point but as you will find other titles might be equally appropriate.


If there is any interest in the group please contact me (Geoff Bailey)

Last updated : 23rd May 2018 16:05 BST
Wendy Gray 2018

Winners are: 

Catriona Gardner & Kenny Hunter; Dilys Gellatly & Nicol Taylor

Last updated : 9th May 2018 15:25 BST
Strathpeffer Winners
Strathpeffer Winners

Congratulations to Irene Sime and David Kaye for winning the Pairs Trophy at the Strathpeffer Congress 2018

Last updated : 4th May 2018 15:09 BST
Cowan Cup
Cowan Cup

Cowan Cup

Congratulations to Derrick Peden and Malcolm McCardle for winning the East District Pairs.

Last updated : 3rd May 2018 13:35 BST
Club Club Winners

Club Cup

Congratulations to Derrick Peden and Malcolm McCardle who won the Club Cup.

Congratulations also to the winners of the Handicap (Harry Stein Cup) Kenneth Latham and Eoin Rutter.


Last updated : 3rd May 2018 13:21 BST
Thea Teale

Thea Teale is a much missed Carlton member.  She left a generaous legacy to the SBU.  Click here for more information.

Last updated : 3rd Mar 2016 23:02 GMT
Mini Bridge in Schools

The SBU are encouraging the teaching of mini bridge in primary schools. Many of the skills developed in playing bridge are included in the National Curriculum and other regions have found that schools are delighted to have our input. At present there are very few schools in Edinburgh participating and we would like to encourage more to take part. We need volunteers to go into schools, deliver the course, and support the pupils. At the end of the first course we hope to arrange a mini event for all participating schools. Eventually our schools will participate in the Scottish schools event.

You only need a little bridge experience and lots of enthusiasm. 

Please send an email to June Morrison ( or phone 0131 339 5189 if you are interested in becoming involved. If you have a preferred school then add these details. 

Last updated : 16th Apr 2015 10:59 BST
Message from Australia addressed to Woman Bridge Players

Hello from Australia,

 I have written a bridge book for women...ISBN 978-0-646-59165-0; Free Range Bridge Not For Chickens.

Very few women have written bridge books; a mere handful worldwide ever!

As the name suggests it is a bit different (but so are women).  Its time women started writing books that are appropriate for them, and sharing some of their ideas.

 I have written it specifically for women at intermediate or advanced level who are interested in becoming more aggressive at the table, and also using their feminine skills of craft and multi-tasking more effectively.

 I also address a clean up of ethics and body language, so that more serious bridge can be considered.

 My book is a frolic; its feisty, controversial and a fun read, whilst full of juicy tips and useful info.

 I have just printed the 2nd Edition.

 Ebooks and kindles (both $10) can be purchased, along with hard copies, from my website with MC or Visa (go in via Pay need to have a PP account).

 Would you mind pinning up my attached flyer at your club. My book makes a perfect Xmas present @ $16 plus $7 postage, but much cheaper if 2+.

 Kind regards

Mary Lynch
Ph. 0430895799
Free Range Bridge Not For Chickens

Last updated : 26th Nov 2012 16:34 GMT
We have an author in our midst

Margaret Forrester has just published a new story book for children, "Mac's Christmas Star".  It is aimed at 3 to 9 year olds and would make an excellent addition to the Xmas stocking.  The book retails at £5.99 but she is making it available to Carlton members for £5.50. to take advantage of this offer, pick up a flyer at the club or ask at counter.  More info at

Margaret Forrester; Illustrated by Sandra Klaassen - Mac's Christmas Star


Last updated : 23rd Oct 2012 11:30 BST