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Bytown Bridge Club
Jan 18, 2017 Dangerous Opponent


Dangerous Opponent

Board 1
North Deals
None Vul
Q 8
J 10 6 5 2
Q 10
Q 7 4 3
A 5
Q 8 7
A 8 5
K J 10 6 2
W   E
K 9 7 3
K 4
K 6 3 2
A 9 8
J 10 6 4 2
A 9 3
J 9 7 4

EW 5N; EW 5♣; EW 4♦; EW 2♥; EW 1♠; Par −460

West North East South
  Pass 1 ♦ Pass
3 NT All pass


EW have a good auction and get to a very reasonable game. North has a natural heart lead and starts the defense by leading the ♥ J.

Looking at the board, West has plenty of tricks if she can find the ♣ Q. She only has one heart stopper if South holds the ace in that suit.

At the first trick, if West plays low from dummy, South will follow low as well. South's ducking play will limit declarer to one trick in hearts. So West calls for the king on the first trick. South takes her ace and continues the suit. West wins the third round of hearts.

She must now play on clubs. However since she cannot afford to lose to North she plays the clubs in an unusual fashion. She leads the ♣ J from her hand and ducks if North plays low. She can repeat the finesse against North is the jack holds.

Even if the finesse loses, West is assured of nine tricks as South cannot continue hearts.