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Bytown Bridge Club
Feb 1, 2017 Decisions

Everyone's in the Action

Board 3
South Deals
E-W Vul
J 8 2
9 2
K Q J 6 2
9 7 3
A J 7 5
10 9 8 7
A K J 5
W   E
K 7 4 3
Q 10 8 6 4
10 6 2
13    5
A Q 10 9 5
K 3
A 5 3
Q 8 4

EW 5♥; S 4N; S 4♠; S 4♦; E 4♣; N 2♦; W 2♣; N 1♠; Par −100: S 5♠×−1; S 5N×−1

West North East South
      1 ♠
Dbl 2 ♠ 3 ♥ 3 ♠
4 ♥ ???


There are many questions on this auction. South opens 1 ♠ however in the modern game, many would try 1 NT as it solves the rebid problem. West doubles to ask East to pick a suit. North supports spades and East has a close decision. We would not fault a pass by East however given the favourable vulnerability and the fact that she holds five hearts and a singleton diamond we we think East should try a heart bid.

We are not certain whether South should be 3 ♠ nor are we sure where the auction will end.

If South declarer in 4 ♠ she can make 10 tricks and may even make 11 if the defense starts a heart. On the heart lead declarer will win one heart whether West cashes her ace immediately of leads a low heart. (Note that West should not lead a low heart, we only mention it in discussion of what might happen.) Declarer can get to dummy with a diamond and try the spade finesse by leading the ♠ J. Regardless how East plays declarer will have five spade tricks. After drawing trump she can cash five diamond tricks.

A similar situation exists if East declarers in 4 ♥. South cannot lead a spade lest she give declarer a spade trick. (We again see why you should not underlead an ace as that allows East to avoid losing spade trick.) If South cashes the ♠ A the defense may also get the ♦ A however East can win 11 tricks playing in hearts.

East can ruff a diamond to get to dummy. She can lead the ♥ Q and take the finesse if South does not cover. She can draw trump in two rounds and if she ruffs two spades in dummy she will make 11 tricks - two spade ruffs, five hearts and two clubs. If she gains the lead before the defense has taken their two tricks Est can make 12 tricks by trying the club finesse after she has drawn trump.