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Bytown Bridge Club
Jan 25, 2017 Force Declarer

Make Declarer Ruff

East Deals
N-S Vul
9 5 4
K 10 9 4
9 4
K Q 5 3
A K 6
A 8 5 2
J 10 5 3
10 8
W   E
Q 8
Q J 6 3
A K 7 6 2
J 2
12    13
J 10 7 3 2
Q 8
A 9 7 6 4

EW 3♥; EW 4♦; EW 2N; NS 1♠; NS 1♣; Par −140

West North East South
    1 ♦ Pass
1 ♥ Pass 2 ♥ Pass
4 ♥ All pass


EW have a constructive auction and get to their heart game. Bridge is a fascinating game. At times we get to the right contract and get a bad result. This is one of those boards. EW belong in the heart game, their side has 25 HCPs and they've found an eight - card fit.

North will lead the ♣ K and cash a second club. The defense is not easy to spot but North must now continue clubs. Declarer cannot survive when the defense attacks her trump holding.

West will trump the first club in her hand. She will cash the ♥ A and lead a heart toward dummy. (There is much to be said for the idea of leading toward strength. West is missing the intermediate hearts so leading the ♥ Q from dummy is not a good play. It's better to lead toward the queen.)

North should duck the second round of trump. Now if declarer plays a third round of hearts, North can win and play her last club. Dummy must ruff but will promote her last trump into a winner.

In practice, at most tables, declarer will succeed as it is difficult for the defense to diagnose the line to defeat the contract.

Consider making declarer ruff when you have long trump.