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Welcome to Bury Athenaeum Bridge Club
Welcome to the Bury Athenaeum Bridge Club Website

Bury Athenaeum Bridge Club is a great place to come and play bridge with a friendly atmosphere and games to suit all standards of player. The club operates a host system at most events with visitors most welcome with or without a partner. The club is affiliated to the EBU and Master Points are awarded at all duplicate events.

Assisted play occurs on Monday evening and Wednesday morning, where inexperienced players can play in a light hearted event, supported by experienced members willing to provide guidance on bidding and play. An ideal environment for improvers as play uses simple ACOL. Wednesday evenings are a simple systems only event, ideal for beginners.  Monday and Wednesday afternoons are very popular with those members and visitors who prefer not to venture out on winter evenings. Tuesday and Thursday evening are  popular club nights. Friday evening tends to have a party atmosphere with free refreshments provided.

For full details of events and times go to Schedule of Events.

Behaviour and Etiquette

You should be polite and courteous at all times. It is improper to use facial expressions or intonation to indicate to partner what you would like to do.

Use only the proper language of bridge and try to make all your bids at the same pace. You may have a bidding problem and you are permitted to take time to think, but do not take an eternity. Try to play your cards at a uniform pace. It is improper to play a singleton with undue emphasis. Do not hesitate with the intention of deceiving declarer.

You are not permitted to try to mislead your opponents by your manner, behaviour or remarks. It is considered impertinent and bad manners to give unsolicited advice to opponents or criticise your partner. Better to say too little rather than too much.

There are occasions when we wish to discuss hands we have just played with partner. It is rude to opponents to delay play of the following hand. It can and does convey information to players at other tables who have yet to play the hand. For the movement to run smoothly, there should be as little delay as possible between hands and when moving from one table to the next.

Please make the opening lead before entering the contract on the Bridgemate or personal scorecard. This permits dummy to go down allowing declarer and partner to plan the play as the contract and opening lead are being recorded. This avoids unnecessary delay and more time is available to play the hand.

Contact Details


All Bridge Club correspondence to secretary@buryathenaeum.plus.com


Telephone Numbers
Club 0161 764 4218
Secretary 0161 798 9095


Any suggestions or problems regarding this web site please email buryathenaeum@gmail.com


Monday Afternoon
Director: GB
Scorer: GB
Friday morning
Director: KB
Scorer: KB
Friday Evening
Director: JG
Scorer: JG
22nd December 2018
Christmas Party - Free for members
29th December 2018
New Year Party - Free for members
5th February 2019
Stella Manson Cup - Week 1
12th February 2019
Stella Manson Cup - Week 2
13th February 2019
Wednesday Afternoon - President's Cup - Week 1