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League of Eight

Berks & Bucks League-of-8
The Club has three teams competing in the Berks and Bucks County Leagues.
At the end of the B&B CBA League of 8 2017/18 season our "A" team finished in 3rd place of Division 1 of the, winning 6 and losing 2 matches with 1 match drawn. Similarly Burnham "B" finished 3rd in  Division 2, winning 6 and losing 3 matches.   Burnham C had a difficult year in Division 2 and hence will be playing in Divison 3 for the 2018/19 season.
The season for the leagues runs from September to April inclusive. If you're interested in being involved, contact Club captain Nigel Lancaster.
See League-of-8 Latest News on the Home page for comments on recent matches
For details of the team squads, fixtures, and results, see L-of-8 Details within the Members' Area of this web-site.