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Welcome to Burnham Bridge Club
Winter Dates for your Diary
Winter Dates for your Diary


Our first seminar in the New Year takes place on Monday 7th January

Charles Chisnall is presenting our first seminar of the New Year, dealing with bidding difficult hands, particularly focussing on opener's rebid.

For example, what do you rebid with  AKx   Kxx   AQJxxx   x after opening 1 and getting a 1 response from partner, or with  Axx   Axx   x   AKxxxx after opening 1 and getting a 1 response from partner?

Come along on Monday to find out how to deal with these  and similarly awkward hands.

The half-hour seminar starts promptly at 18.45, it's free and open to all. We operate a hosting system, so you don't need to come with a partner if you want to stay on and play, which we hope you will.

On Monday January 21st we shall be running an OPEN heat of the Berks & Berks Club Teams Championship (Committee Cup).  Please note that team members who have already attempted to qualify for the Final at a heat at another Club, or intend to attempt to qualify for the Final at another Club in the future are requested to mark "NQ" against their team on the table slip. The Final will take place on Sunday 7th April 2019 at Windsor - if a qualifying team does not wish/is unable to participate the opportunity will be offered to the next highest ranking team in the heat.


Pre-Bridge Seminar, Monday 3 December

This is the hand we were discussing when time ran out.

South was playing in 7♠ with the initial lead of A. The contract makes if South finds Q, but can he/she do better than rely on the 50% chance of a correct guess?  Can we make anything of the club suit? We could play West for the singleton king, K x, or K x x [11% chance] or East having the King in any holding [50% chance]. But if we're going to take our chances with the club suit, we should first boost our chances by looking for Q singleton or doubleton [33%]. So, the conclusion is that we'll try to drop Q, then take a ruffing finesse in clubs against East. We first remove the two trumps held by the defenders, then play AK, before embarking on the ruffing finesse.

As it happens, Q comes down, and we've made our contract.

And the summary:

  • Beware the Magnetic Lure of the finesse: just because a finesse is available, this doesn't mean you should take it
  • Essential to plan the hand at trick 1: otherwise you might carelessly waste precious entries
  • Remember a finesse is only a 50% chance: other lines might offer a better chance
  • Try to combine different chances: we saw a couple of examples where a properly-thought-out approach will succeed where others will fail

Nigel L

Burnham AGM & Prize-giving


The results of the 2017-18 annual competitions are:

Competion Winner Score 2nd Score 3rd Score
Club Pairs David Herod & Rob Walther 56.39 Chrys Poole & Steve Lee 56.18 Phil Thornton & Sandra Belcher 55.48
Teams of Four (Gwen Stoneham) Nigel Wolfendale 316 Chris Mooney 268 Bob Holder 240
League of 8  (Peter Hall) Bob Holder 321.3 David Owen 281 David Herod 205.3
6 Partners  (Addis Page) Nigel Marlow 61.8 Joan Murphy 61.3 David Owen 59.9
Masterpoints (Chairmans Cup) Bob Holder 588 Joan Murphy 565 David Beever 552
Improvers' Shield (Raymond Worrall) David Herod & Rob Walther 3.75% Frances Sargent & Newark Smelt 3.67% Chrys Poole & Steve Lee 3.52%


Waller Bowl Final Qualifiers


As a result of competing in the Waller Bowl heat held at Burnham on Monday 26th November 2018 the following pairs have qualified for participation in the Final to be held at Windsor on Sunday 28th April 2019:

  • Graham Dickens & Sue Dickens(S)
  • Michael Harris & Dinah Kane
  • Callum McKail & Nigel Wolfendale.

There were eleven competing pairs out of 19 giving rise to three qualifying places. 

England Senior Congress


In the Seniors Congress which took place on November 2nd - 4th 2018, Nigel Wolfendale & Phil Thornton, playing with Robert Proctor & Michael Robinson, won the Swiss Teams event by a margin of 29 VPs.


Berks & Bucks CBA Events


Burnham members have already featured in the initial  Berks & Bucks CBA competitions of the 2018-2019 season:

  • Heather & Matthew Tan won the Swiss Pairs for the Denys Jenkins trophy on 17th October 2018, with  David Owen & Bob Holder in joint 2nd place, Dick Davey & Paula Hopkinson in 4th place, and Liz Hayton & Angela Flintoft in 5th place
  • David Owen & Bob Holder were placed second in the Mixed Swiss Teams for the Carole Mueller Trophy held at Windsor on Sunday 11th November, after finishing 1st equal with a Butler score of 74 - leading the field by a clear margin of 25, the final result being determined from the head-to-head boards. Evelyn Crossley & Eva Wallen finished in 4th place. 
  • David Perkins & Phil Thornton playing with Carole & Herb Mueller were placed second in the Butler scored pairs for the Jarrett Cup held at Windsor on Sunday 2nd December.   As there was a 3-way tie for the 3rd place, this was awarded on the basis of the head-to-head tie-break results to Evelyn Crossley, David Owen, Bill  Godenzie & Charles Chisnall.

Forthcoming competitions are:

  • The County Pairs Qualifier to be held at Windsor on 13th January 2019
  • The Friendly Swiss Pairs for the Pat Husband Trophy to be held at SBBC on 20th January 2019

About Burnham Bridge Club
About Burnham Bridge Club

We have twice weekly sessions of good standard Duplicate Bridge at the very attractive South Bucks Bridge Centre - a purpose-converted 16th Century barn in its own grounds, between Beaconsfield, Maidenhead and Slough 

Our main session is at 7.30 every Monday evening, when we play Pairs, except Teams of Four on the third Monday each month except when this is a bank holiday.  A host is available to play with anyone without a partner on Pairs evenings.

We use Bridgemates, for instant scoring, with current scores displayed on a large screen.  Hand records and results print-outs are available within a few minutes of the end of every session. 

Several teams from the Club compete in the Berks and Bucks League of 8, with the A team in the first division.  We also encourage less experienced players and hold monthly free seminars before the start of an evening session.

Monday Night Host

A host is available for all Monday evening Duplicate Pairs sessions,
so anyone coming along without a partner is guaranteed a game.  This service may be used by any player not more than 6 times in a calendar year.

This does not apply for teams evenings or special events- check the calendar



Burnham A v Loddon Vale A
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Nigel
Burnham A v Reading B
Duplicate Pairs Seminar at 18:45
Director: Sue and Graham
Christmas Pivot Teams
Director: Nigel
New Amersham A v Burnham A
Mon 21st Jan 2019
Teams Committee Cup Heat
7.30 pm
Director: David
Wed 23rd Jan 2019
Burnham C v Newbury B
Mon 28th Jan 2019
Duplicate Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Malcolm & Pat
Mon 4th Feb 2019
Duplicate Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Sue & Graham
Mon 11th Feb 2019
Duplicate Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Nigel
Wed 13th Feb 2019
Burnham C v Caversham Park
7.30 pm