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31st Jul 2018 21:39 BST
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Welcome to Burley Bridge Club
News from your Committee
1.  There is now availability for new members at the club but to attend as visitors first and make themselves known to a member of the committee.
2. Jenny Rocke will continue as Refreshment Hostess but needs help from volunteers.
3. Richard Gomersall is now the Membership Secretary.  Please let him know of any changes to your landline phone number or email address.


Web Site
Web Site

Welcome to our new Burley Bridge Club web site.  This will help you to see the detailed results for our weekly Monday evening events. 

Just click on the event date on the right to open it.  You will see four tabs above the ranking which take you to different views of the results.  Try them out... you will do no harm. 

Of particular interest...try clicking your name in the ranking list and you will be able to see how you performed on each board you played. The right hand column shows your percentage score board-by-board, colour-coded green for a good result, red for a poor result with amber and yellow for intermediate performance.

Click on Useful Links in Left hand menu for quick access to your other local bridge clubs!

Please give your feedback to Fred on how helpful/interesting you find it.

Scorer: ann blake
Scorer: ann blake
Scorer: ann blake