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Bude Bridge Club Committee

The Club Committee for 2018/2019

 Chairman:  Vacant

 Vice-Chairman:  Deb Delvalle

Secretary:   Christine Theobald

Treasurer:     Stephen Smith

Committee Members: Linda Ashworth, Maureen Fallows, Hilary Dorren, Alison Osborne


The Directors' rota for this year:


1st, 2nd and 5th Chris
3rd Bob
4th Stephen S


Wednesdays: Deb (scorer Terry)



1st and 3rd Neil
2nd and 4th Linda
5th Neil or Linda


EBU Royalty 2018

The Club has several regular members in the 'Royalty and Honours' of the current EBU National Grading Scheme as of 1st December 2018.

Queen: Paul Creighton, Alan Biggs

Jack:  Jane Koldewey, Chris Nichols, 

10s:   Steven Clifton, Rob Irish



Members without regular partners are sometimes available.  

Ann Bennett is the club's partner co-ordinator.
Please contact her on 01288 361813
or email


All sessions (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays): Members £2.50,

Visitors £3.50 (£6.50 on Sims nights)


Contact Us

To contact us, please contact Ann Bennett at the above email and phone number.

Mr. Bridge Quiz
Mr. Bridge Quiz

Try the 'Mr. Bridge' quiz!

Updated every Tuesday.

North Cornwall Bridge Clubs
North Cornwall Bridge Clubs

As well as Bude, there are 3 other EBU affiliated bridge clubs in North Cornwall - Bodmin, Newquay and Wadebridge.

They share a website at

Welcome to Bude Bridge Club
Seasons Greetings!
Seasons Greetings!

Merry Christmas from us all at Bude Bridge Club, and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to Bude Bridge Club

We meet for duplicate bridge every Tuesday at the Parkhouse Centre, near the Castle - arrive by  6.50 for a 7 p.m. start.  tea and biscuits...

We usually finish by 10.30 p.m. 

We also meet more informally on Wednesday afternoons - 1.50pm, just roll-up, no partner needed, and on Friday evenings, numbers permitting.

A partner for Tuesdays can usually be found - just phone Ann Bennett.

Please check the calendar to see if there are any special events on any particular date.

Welcome to Bude Bridge Club
Friday Bridge

Friday duplicate bridge at the  Parkhouse will be booked on a week by week basis. 6.50pm for a 7 o'clock start.



A session for improvers, although everyone is welcome, who want more practice in a relaxed atmosphere - 15-21 boards, tea and biscuits, but no Masterpoints.

At the Parkhouse Centre, arrive by 1.50 for a 2 p.m. start - finish usually by 5pm.

Roll up, with or without a partner - Host system in operation!


Team Champions 2018
Team Champions 2018

 Sarah and Neil Trenaman teamed up with Chris Nichols and Jane Koldewey to win the club Teams Championship 2018.

Chris and Jane were also winners of the John Ridding Club Championship 2018.

Mix and Match winners 2018.
Mix and Match winners 2018.

Linda Ashworth teamed up with Paul Creighton to win the Mix and Match trophy 2018.

Monthly News Report, October 2018

Bude Bridge Club Report for November 2018.

This month saw Alan Biggs and Paul Creighton come top on the 6th November, thus winning the 2nd North Coast Wine handicap pairs. Jane Koldewey and Chris Nicholls won on the 13th, winning the Children in Need simultaneous pairs. All table money from this week was added to the receipts from the cake sales (a total over £200) and sent to Children in Need. Jane and Chris also won later in the month, making them the stand out winners for Tuesdays in November.

Deb Delvalle and Geoff Scutt were overall winners for Wednesdays, and Neil and Sarah Trenaman won the only Friday session.

During the week commencing 10th December, we will be having our Christmas gatherings. All members, guests and visitors are welcome from 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday 11th, and from 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday 12th. Partnerships will be organised at the session. Please bring a plate of something yummy!

We wish all our members, friends and guests a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.



December Puzzle of the Month
December Puzzle of the Month

A real Christmas Cracker! Don't peek at the answer until Christmas Day...

Spades are trumps and South is on lead.

Your goal is to win 6 of the last 7 tricks. A breeze if North is on lead....

If North was on lead, this would just be a matter of drawing trumps; but South cannot do this.

If South leads winners, East and West will each win a trump trick.

There is only one solution - South must lose a trick to the singleton K .

Cash the Ace ♣ , throwing the Q from dummy. 

Now lead the J .

West must give North the lead, and South discards his top Diamonds on North's aces, leaving those tiny Diamonds as winners.

Latest Tuesday result

Congratulations to Sarah, winner of the June Justice Individual Championship on December 11th.

Latest Friday result

Congratulations to Neil and Sarah, winners on 7th December.

Children in Need Sim Pairs

The club raised £227 for Children in Need - thanks, everyone!

Jane and Chris came top in the Club with 64.81% and came 96th nationally out of 1921 pairs.

Margaret and Mary came 2nd, with 59.63%, and 253rd nationally.

Mike and Jean scored a magnificent 56.67% but slipped nationally, whilst Nick and James achieved 54.58%, 472nd in the country.

Handicap Pairs Sponsor
Handicap Pairs Sponsor

We are delighted to thank North Coast Wine for sponsoring our Handicap Pairs competition for the fourth year.

Monthly wine winners for 2018/19:

October: Margaret and Noreen

November: Sue and Glenys

December: Christine and James


There were no new promotions in December.

Forthcoming Events

The last regular bridge for 2018 will be on Friday 21st.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon bridge continue throughout the spring 2019, starting on Wednesday, January 2nd and Tuesday, January 8th (Handicap Pairs Round 4) and with the EBU Winter Pairs (January 15th) and the Teams competition on the 22nd - get your team of 4 booked now!

The ballot box for the Beryl Mardon Memorial Cup is open for nominations during January - your chance to nominate someone who has made a significant contribution to the Club.

 Friday evenings will continue when numbers allow.

Top Ten Club

Leading  scores during the 2018/2019 season:

Chris and Steven 79.00% April 20th
Alan and Rob 71.60% May 15th
Bob and Ann 70.83% May 18th
Jane and Chris 70.31% August 28th
Mary Hicks & James 69.79% July 10th
Bob & Ann Bennett 68.23% Oct 2nd
Alan and Bill 67.50% April 24th
Neil and Sarah 67.26% May 4th
Jane and Chris 66.67% June 12th
Linda and Steven 66.20% Sept 18th


and Top Five from Wednesdays:

Chris N and Jonathan 76.11% May 16th
Chris N and Jonathan 73.02% April 25th
Alison and Maureen 72.78% April 16th
Neil and Sarah 70.83% August 1st
John and Margaret 69.79% October 17th


Competition Winners 2018/2019


The John Ridding Club Championship

March 12th
(Qualifying Feb 12)

Club Plate

March 12th

Teams of Four

January 22nd

Collian Bowl

Annie Q and Rob I

North Coast Wine Handicap Pairs

March 5th

Doris and Frank Clifton Trophy

Alan and Rob M

June Justice Individual

Sarah Trenaman
Beryl Mardon Memorial Trophy January 9th

John and Bill Grand Slam Bottle

March 31st
Christine Carey Cup
(Wednesday Afternoons)
March 18th


Cornwall County Bridge Association
Cornwall County Bridge Association

Bude Bridge Club is affiliated to the Cornwall County Bridge Association.

Click here to visit their web-site.

12th December 2018
Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Director: Deb Delvalle
14th December 2018
Open Pairs
Director: Linda Ashworth
18th December 2018
Open Pairs
Director: Bob Bennett
June Justice Individual/Xmas party
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Chris Nichols
Open Pairs
Director: Neil Trenaman
Scorer: Neil Trenaman
Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Director: Deb Delvalle
Scorer: Neil Trenaman
North Coast Wine Handicap Pairs 3
Director: Chris Nichols
Scorer: Chris Nichols
Open Pairs
Director: Neil Trenaman
Scorer: Neil Trenaman
Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Director: Deb Delvalle
Scorer: Terry Abbott