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4th August, 10.00am

Standby Rota
June 2018
Monday Wednesday
4th June Heather McGrattan 6th June Fiona McLean
11th June Heather Merriman  13th June Joan McGraw
18th June Margo McLellan 20th June Mags McLucas
25th June Irene McMillan 27th June Janice McIlwraith 
July 2018
Monday Wednesday
2nd July Patricia Millar 4th July  
9th July Annette Monaghan 11th July Nairn Balfour
16th July Farhad Noorbaksh 18th July Jan Norris
23rd July Jean Ogilvie 25th July Evi Park
30th July Eleanor Robb
August 2018
Monday Wednesday
6th August Myrtle Peterkin 8th August Catherine Potts
13th August John Wright 15th August Patricia Richmond
20th August Paul Rideout 22nd August Pat Paterson
27th August Ann Robinson 29th August Rosi Rutherford
September 2018
Monday Wednesday
3rd September Sheila Scott 5th September Frances Sergeant
10th September Malcolm Shannon 12th September Joyce Shannon
17th September Mandy Simpson 19th September Elizabeth Simpson
24th September Michael Tomkinson 26th September Raymond Andrew