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5th January, 10.00am

TD and BMO Rota
  Events First Floor Lounge Top Floor BMO
First Mon * Aggregate         (MP top floor) Christina MacPherson Joyce Hood Sheena Hamilton Horst Kopleck
First Wed MP Horst Kopleck Frances Sergeant Christina MacPherson Fergus Kerr
Second Mon MP Norman McGeagh Farhad/Georgina John Donaldson Horst Kopleck
Second Wed Aggregate Bobby Dickson David Merriman Frances Sergeant  Christina MacPherson
Third Mon * Aggregate         (MP top floor) David Merriman Neil Wylie Fergus Kerr John Donaldson
Third Wed Aggregate Dot Sim Elaine Johnston Georgina Halfnight  David Merriman
Fourth Mon MP Sandy Wilson Georgina Halfnight  Kathleen Craig Horst Kopleck
Fourth Wed Aggregate David Merriman Fi Barrett Horst Kopleck  Georgina Halfnight 
Fifth Mon** Aggregate         (MP top floor) Christina MacPherson Bobby Dickson Kathleen Craig Horst Kopleck
Fifth Wed Aggregate Laurence Archer Grace Walker Fi Barrett Christina MacPherson

*  On first and third Mondays - First floor: Div 3 & 4 and Improvers; Top floor: Div 1 & 2; Lounge: Open.
** On fifth Mondays - Matchpoints top floor, aggregate elsewhere. No ranking restriction.

Relief TD    Christine Howe