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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Hutchesons' Swiss Pairs 2018

This popular annual Swiss Pairs event will be held on Sunday 4 February 2018. Please note that this event is organised by Hutchesons' school and is not an SBU competition.
Entry form here

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 15:17 GMT
Next Buchanan Trophy event
Next Buchanan Trophy event

The Nancy Barr Mixed Pairs wil be played on Wednesday 14th February.

To enter, leave your names on the club notice board or use Online Entry.

Last updated : 21st Jan 2018 18:43 GMT
From our SBU Congress Correspondent

A large group of Buchanan members, including nine Bronze players, took part in a varied programme of competitions at Peebles Hydro last weekend.
The Autumn Congress was, as always, great fun and on this occasion the prize giving was particularly enjoyable as we were on hand to cheer for our prize winners…..

  • Avril Sloane and Ricky Finlayson who were 2nd in the Congress Pairs Final
  • Christine Aird and Anne MacLeod who were placed 4th in the Pairs Final  – missing 3rd position by an exasperating 0.7%!
  • Kathleen Craig and Bob Innes who were 3rd in the Swiss teams, playing with Kate and Steve Hall
  • Kate and Alan Stewart, Susan Geddes and Harry Archibald who won the new Bronze Teams competition
Last updated : 19th Dec 2017 15:37 GMT
Thursday Afternoon Bridge

From 12.30pm       Social:  tea/coffee & cake
1pm - 4pm.           Bridge Tournament, 24 boards. Master Points and printouts of hands.
Cost                       £4 per person (including refreshments}
No prize money. No bar service. Catering and collection of monies by club members.

Visitors are welcome. We look forward to seeing many members as well as visitors attending.

Please note that parking charges apply on weekday afternoons. We recommend car-sharing or using public transport if possible.

A stand-by will be provided, so if you come without a partner you will get a game. Please join us on Thursdays from 12.30pm.

Last updated : 5th Jan 2018 09:14 GMT

... to John & Peggy Donaldson, Horst Kopleck and Ricky Finlayson on winning the Chris Harrison Pivot Teams.

Last updated : 9th Dec 2017 10:05 GMT

The Winter Pairs is the Buchanan's Pairs Championship which is played as part of Matchpoint Wednesdays (so on the 1st Wednesday of each month) from September through to April.

You need to play with the same partner throughout (most players have a regular partner for the first Wednesday of the month anyway). However, only your four best percentage results will count towards the competition.

In the later rounds (from January onwards) only scores obtained in the upstairs tournament(s) will count towards players' total score. Results obtained in the Lounge tournament will not be counted.

Remaining Winter Pairs dates in the 2017/18 season are -

Wednesday 7 February, 7 March, 4 April.

For an up-to-date summary of scores and percentages, please see "Winter Pairs scores" in the Results menu.

Last updated : 5th Jan 2018 09:15 GMT
Book List

Trish Matheson and Christine Howe have been upgrading the club's book collection. Modern books (with an emphasis on declarer and defender play) have replaced ancient and out-dated volumes.

You will find the new books on the bottom two shelves of the display cabinet in the bar. On the bottom shelf are books that relatively inexperienced players will enjoy (e.g. from Year 3 of the SBU course); on the next shelf up are books that are relevant at slightly higher levels. Click for the list.

We encourage you to borrow any book that interests you. There is a folder in the display cabinet (with full instructions) for recording loans. When you return any book, it would be great if you could write comments as indicated in the folder, to guide subsequent readers.

Last updated : 1st Jan 2018 16:27 GMT
SBU Master Points

Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points should be routed as follows:

SBU Member Services Dept #16
196 Rose Street
Last updated : 16th Aug 2015 21:56 BST

Members should note that even after 6.00pm, cars must be parked in the designated bays. Although there are no yellow lines, parking in areas outside designated bays is not permitted at any time, and these areas must be left clear.

Last updated : 10th Aug 2014 14:16 BST
Doors Open Day
Doors Open Day

Once again we were delighted to be “opening our doors” and welcomed 524 visitors to see our beautiful listed building on the 16th and 17th September.
We also had visitors planning to join our classes, as well as enjoying our sample lessons. Our volunteers were kept incredibly busy - the club owes them all a big thanks.

Last updated : 24th Oct 2017 10:30 BST
WANTED: Bridgemate Operators and Tournament Directors

Members interested in learning how to set up the Bridgemate system for our regular tournaments (or would like a refresher session if you have already been trained) should get in touch with Horst or Christina.

We are also looking to expand our pool of Tournament Directors. If you have received basic training and would like to get more experience in directing tournaments (under supervision of course) please let the Committee know.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2014 10:48 GMT
Not getting emails from the club?

If you discover that you are not receiving emails from the club, then they have probably been put in your Spam folder.
To avoid this, simply create a contact called Buchanan with the email address -    members@bridgewebsemail.com

Last updated : 26th Jul 2014 09:58 BST
Sale of raffle tickets, etc

Following a Committee decision, the sale of raffle tickets and the soliciting of donations by individual members are only permitted when sponsored by the Club or the Club Committee. Thank you for your understanding.

Last updated : 16th Aug 2015 21:57 BST
Find a Partner

The Find a Partner facility operates in parallel with the Standby system. Login with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one online by clicking the Forgotten Password button. Once you are logged in, click the Find a Partner tab.

Last updated : 1st Aug 2014 18:25 BST
Avoiding Problems at the Table

Some points to avoid problems at the table -
Count your cards face down before you look at them.
Decide on your bid before you touch the bidding box. Don't hover over the box or dither between sections of the box.
If you have to make the opening lead, make it before you write up your scoresheet. It saves time.
Make the opening lead face down and then ask 'Any questions?'.
Do not take the board in play off the table.
Do not rotate the board in play.
Declarer should nominate the card to by played by dummy. Declarer should not normally play dummy's cards.
Shuffle your hand before you return it to the board.
Be familiar with the SBU Alerting Procedures. These have been in effect since 2007.
Don’t be afraid to call the director. They are there to restore equity, not to punish.

Last updated : 1st Aug 2017 11:59 BST
Simultaneous Pairs - A guide for players

There appear to be a lot of Simultaneous Pairs competitions in the calendar, so here is a quick guide to these events.
Simultaneous Pairs are basically ordinary match-pointed events where the same hands are being played in many clubs at the same time, allowing players to compare their scores with not just their club members but with hundreds or even thousands of other pairs throughout the country. Usually, at the end of play, everyone receives an informative hand commentary booklet written by an expert player.

The SBU Simultaneous Pairs and the Bobby Allan (for mixed pairs) are both Scottish events run by the SBU and are held in October and January respectively. In addition, our district runs a series of West District Simultaneous Pairs, and we play in the November and April competitions. Traditionally, to support the District, the club requires all sections to play in the April event. The SBU (along with other home unions) also runs the Celtic Simultaneous Pairs to raise funds for its international teams. Periodically, the club receives invitations to participate in other simultaneous events, and the committee decides whether to proceed on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated : 16th Aug 2015 21:58 BST