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New Event - Teams of Four

This will be once a month, on the third Wednesday when possible (but check on the fixtures diary or on the club website.).   Scoring will be in IMPS

Many consider this the finest form of bridge.   At both aggregate and matchpoint there can be big chance elements affecting the scores.   At teams it is far less.   Also the club has 14 teams in the league, 3 teams competitions but no opportunities to practice the strategies required for teams or opportunities to establish teams of four for the competitions.

How will it be managed?
If two pairs wish to form a team, that is excellent.   But pairs who are not teamed up will sit at a table as usual and the table will constitute a team.   Teams will be played in Room 1 and on the top floor and you should go to one of these rooms initially.   It is anticipated that as like-minded people form teams, possibly quite casually, these teams will gel and become regular teams.

What if there is a half table?
In the lounge, play will be Butler pairs.  While teams of four will be the norm in the club that night, for those who cannot negotiate the stairs, and for the final half table, we shall try and mimic teams of four by playing pairs but with Butler scoring.

Why Butler scoring?
In the age of computers we can instantly produce the average score on every board. So let me introduce you to your partners, they are Mr and Mrs Average NS and likewise for EW. They will never bring back a disastrous score, however neither will the bring back a score that will save the day. Your score and your partner’s (average) score are added and converted to IMPs just like real teams of four.  As all pairs are effectively partnered by an average pair in the scoring, the final ranking is what would be achieved if you had been playing teams.   The Butler scoring, in IMPS, avoids some of the extremes of normal aggregate scoring or match point scoring.   Also the best play strategies parallel those used in teams.

We hope to introduce this change a little more efficiently than changing of train time tables, but please bear with us, something new is always worth a go.

P.S.      For those with little experience of IMPs, it is worth saying that in IMP scoring an overtrick is worth 1 IMP, two over tricks are worth 2 IMPS, failing to bid to game is 7 non vul and 11 vul, and failing to bid a vulnerable slam costs 12 IMPs.   And the 10 point difference between a NT contract and a suit contract is worth no IMPS.

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Thursday Afternoon Bridge

From 12.30pm       Social:  tea/coffee & cake
1pm - 4pm.           Bridge Tournament, 24 boards. Master Points and printouts of hands.
Cost                       £4 per person (including refreshments}
No prize money. No bar service. Catering and collection of monies by club members.

Visitors are welcome. We look forward to seeing many members as well as visitors attending.

Please note that parking charges apply on weekday afternoons. We recommend car-sharing or using public transport if possible.

A stand-by will be provided, so if you come without a partner you will get a game. Please join us on Thursdays from 12.30pm.

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Avoiding Problems at the Table

Some points to avoid problems at the table -
Count your cards face down before you look at them.
Decide on your bid before you touch the bidding box. Don't hover over the box or dither between sections of the box.
If you have to make the opening lead, make it before you write up your scoresheet. It saves time.
Make the opening lead face down and then ask 'Any questions?'.
The board in play should remain in the centre of the table until play is complete.
Do not rotate the board in play.
Declarer should nominate the card to by played by dummy. Declarer should not normally play dummy's cards.
If you cannot follow suit, do not say ‘Having none’. It is your partner who has the option of asking.
Shuffle your hand before you return it to the board.
Be familiar with the SBU Alerting Procedures. These have been in effect since 2007.
Don’t be afraid to call the director. They are there to restore equity, not to punish.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Members will no doubt be aware of changes to data protection law (the new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) and will have received numerous communications from banks and other organisations on the matter.

The committee has been advised by the SBU that these changes also apply to membership organisations such as bridge clubs, and that we should have in place a privacy policy which sets out what personal data the club holds on its members and what is done with it.  Helpfully, the SBU has provided a model format which has been adapted for Buchanan Bridge Club and the club policy is now enclosed for your information; please do read it.

The club gathers only a little personal data, via your membership form (e.g. name, contact details, SBU number), and it is only shared with the likes of the SBU and West District as necessary for the function of a bridge club.  Details are given in the club Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

Naturally, you have the right of correction or deletion of data, and how to do so is explained in the policy.

If you are content you need take no further action.  However, if you do have any concerns, feel free to raise them; how to do so is explained in the policy.

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SBU Master Points

From 1st February paper points are no longer accepted. All email queries related to SBU Master Points should be sent to masterpoints@sbu.org.uk

Last updated : 5th Feb 2019 12:09 GMT

Members should note that even after 6.00pm, cars must be parked in the designated bays. Although there are no yellow lines, parking in areas outside designated bays is not permitted at any time, and these areas must be left clear.

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WANTED: Bridgemate Operators and Tournament Directors

Members interested in learning how to set up the Bridgemate system for our regular tournaments (or would like a refresher session if you have already been trained) should get in touch with Horst or Christina.

We are also looking to expand our pool of Tournament Directors. If you have received basic training and would like to get more experience in directing tournaments (under supervision of course) please let the Committee know.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2014 10:48 GMT
Not getting emails from the club?

If you discover that you are not receiving emails from the club, then they have probably been put in your Spam folder.
To avoid this, simply create a contact called Buchanan with the email address -    members@bridgewebsemail.com

Last updated : 26th Jul 2014 09:58 BST
Sale of raffle tickets, etc

Following a Committee decision, the sale of raffle tickets and the soliciting of donations by individual members are only permitted when sponsored by the Club or the Club Committee. Thank you for your understanding.

Last updated : 16th Aug 2015 21:57 BST
Find a Partner

The Find a Partner facility operates in parallel with the Standby system. Login with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one online by clicking the Forgotten Password button. Once you are logged in, click the Find a Partner tab.

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Simultaneous Pairs - A guide for players

There appear to be a lot of Simultaneous Pairs competitions in the calendar, so here is a quick guide to these events.
Simultaneous Pairs are basically ordinary match-pointed events where the same hands are being played in many clubs at the same time, allowing players to compare their scores with not just their club members but with hundreds or even thousands of other pairs throughout the country. Usually, at the end of play, everyone receives an informative hand commentary booklet written by an expert player.

The SBU Simultaneous Pairs and the Bobby Allan (for mixed pairs) are both Scottish events run by the SBU and are held in October and January respectively. In addition, our district runs a series of West District Simultaneous Pairs, and we play in the November and April competitions. Traditionally, to support the District, the club requires all sections to play in the April event. The SBU (along with other home unions) also runs the Celtic Simultaneous Pairs to raise funds for its international teams. Periodically, the club receives invitations to participate in other simultaneous events, and the committee decides whether to proceed on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated : 16th Aug 2015 21:58 BST