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Welcome to The Thursday Bridge Club


                                                                   WELCOME TO THE THURSDAY BRIDGE CLUB


We meet at the Hallmark Hotel, Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth BH2 5JS every Tuesday and Thursday. Play starts at 7.00pm. Members and visitors must be seated by 6.50pm.

The club currently has 116 Thursday evening members and although membership is currently closed we hope to be able to take on some new members during the year. The hotel limits us to 20 tables and on some occasions we've been full.

The bridge session on Tuesday evenings is open to anyone wishing to play. Tuesday evening membership will be offered to those who can demonstrate that they are committed to uphold the friendly ethos of the club.

Priority is always given to members wishing to play. Some will have dual membership. "Tuesday only" members do not have an automatic entitlement to play on Thursdays but would have priority over visitors. The same applies to "Thursday only"members wishing to play on Tuesdays.

Visitors are always welcome but must come with a partner. On Tuesday evenings we can always guarantee that you will be able to play. Visitors are also welcome on Thursday evenings and we will do our best to ensure you will be able to play but we can't guarantee that.


   Important Information Regarding Hotel Car Parking

                   and Hotel Exit to the Car Park


Members and visitors who use any of the Hallmark Hotel's car parks must register their vehicle registration number on the electronic device in the bar or at Reception to avoid incurring a fine. The external door to the hotel's car park in the bridge room corridor is locked at 10.00pm. Members and visitors must use the main entrance to exit the hotel at the end of the evening.





Tuesday and Thursday Membership Subscriptions 2018

£10 annual subscriptions for Thursday evening  membership are due by the end of February. Please see Margaret Seward for a renewal slip.

The subscription for Tuesday evening membership will be £5 until June when a further £5 will be payable assuming that there are sufficient numbers to warrant continuing to the end of the year. Please see Jeanette Bird for a membership slip.


2017 Charity Evenings

Three times a year the club donates our table money and anything extra which members and visitors wish to give to charity. This is usually a local charity but the club also responds to emergency appeals when a major disaster occurs.

On 16 March the club donated £224 to the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation which provides financial assistance to local people suffering from cancer and their families to help with treatment and recovery.

On 20 July the club donated £218 to "Spring", a local charity which is based at Poole Hospital and supports parents and relatives who have lost a baby.

On 26 October the club raised £292.40 for the Myanmar Refugee Appeal.

In 2017 we donated a total of £734.40 to charity. 

Thank you to all our members who support our charity evenings.


2016 Charity Evenings

On 24 March the club raised £220.50 for Forest Holme Hospice in Poole. Members of the club were able to use this opportunity to donate money in memory of Evelyn Lewin who was a popular and longstanding member of the club and who had received excellent care at the hospice.

On 11 July the club raised £244 for the Dorset Air Ambulance Service. It provides a valuable service for those who are seriously ill or injured and  relies entirely on public support for funding.

On 17 November the club raised £275 for Bournemouth Heart Club which helps people recover from cardiac events and procedures and maintain their health and fitness.

In 2016 we donated a total of £739.50 to charity.


2015 Charity Evenings

In March we donated £142.90 to Chesnut Nursery which is adjacent to Poole Park in Kingland Road. The charity provides voluntary work for more than 60 people  with a mental ilness in a supportive and pressure-free environment.

In April the club donated £176.50 to the Nepal earthquake appeal.

In July the club donated £212.80 to the Bournemouth Leukaemia Fund which is raising £60000 to purchase a 'Next Generation' Sequencer  which  will enable a Single DNA Test to give individual diagnostic information which in many cases will provide specific treatments for patients with solid tumours and blood cancers at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

In  November the club raised £279.60 for the Dorset Kidney Fund which works on behalf of renal patients at Bournemouth and Poole hospitals. Members of the club were able to use this opportunity to donate money in memory of Marcia Levey who was a very popular and longstanding member of the club and who had had been a renal patient at Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Overall the club donated £811.80 to charity in 2015


2014 Charity Evenings
2014 Charity Evenings

In 2014 we donated £480.45 to local charities.

In November the club donated £150.20 to Crumbs in Boscombe which doubled to over £300 as a result of The "Just Giving " initiative. The charity runs a cafe and catering service which provides work and pre-employment training for people with learning disabilities or mental health problems.

In July the club  donated £163  to Routes to Roots which supports homeless people in Poole by providing them with food, shelter, clothing and bedding as well as help in finding somewhere to live.

In March the club  donated £167.25  to the local branch of Leonard Cheshire Disability which provides care and support for disabled people as well as work and skills training for those who are able to take advantage of this.


2013 Charity Evenings
2013 Charity Evenings

In February we raised £182 for the Boscombe Corps of The Salvation Army. The money was used to support the BH1 Project which provides food for those in need living in the centre of Bournemouth.

In July we raised £186.35 for "In Touch" which provides food, clothing, bedding and support for homeless people in Bournemouth.

In November we raised
£167.50 for the Youth Cancer Trust which is based at Tracy Ann House in Westbourne.

Overall we donated £852.85 which includes £317 in response to the disaster in the Phillipines.

Do You Need a Partner?
Do You Need a Partner?

If you need a partner on Tuesday or Thursday evening please ring David Joannides on 01202 383128 or email him at 

Members/visitors must have a partner as we don't provide a host. The system for arranging partners using our email circulation list works very well and there are very few occasions when a partner can't be found.

Members Contact Details

Would Thursday evening members please let Margaret Seward  know of any changes in their contact details including address, phone number and email.

Tel 01202 394522

Would Tuesday evening members please contact David Joannides (contact details above)

24th April 2018
Tuesday Pairs
Scorer: Alastair Tainsh
26th April 2018
Thursday Pairs
Director: David Joannides
Scorer: Eugene Nicdao
1st May 2018
Tuesday Pairs
Scorer: Sandy Lochhead
Thursday Pairs Red section
Director: Jayne Fisher
Scorer: Nichola Reavenall
Thursday Pairs Blue section
Director: David Berwitz
Scorer: Nichola Reavenall
Tuesday Pairs
Scorer: David Joannides