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You can view the papers including the draft minutes and revised Constitution for the AGM held on 22 Jan 2018 by clicking here

Committee meetings

Minutes of committee meetings are posted on the website after each meeting and can be viewed from the menu to the left of this page. The latest available minutes are from the meeting held on 4 April 2018.


Click here to go to the Kent Contract Bridge Association website with information about local events, competitions and clubs

Roger Horton Trophy Draw 2018
Roger Horton Trophy Competition - rules and draw
Roger Horton Trophy Knockout Competition
1.  All matches to be played on Mondays, date to be agreed by both pairs, before the deadline shown on the noticeboard
2.  Should a match miss the deadline, the opposition in the next round will receive a "Bye"
3.  For the match - if playing as N/S, players will sit on adjacent tables, if playing E/W players will sit two tables apart
4.  The winner of a match will be the pair attaining the higher position during the normal club session
In the event that the 2 pairs finish equal then the winner will be decided by the first of the following tests that produces a result:
  • the pair with the most 100% scores
  • the pair with the fewest 0% scores
  • the pair with the most dark green boards on their Bridgewebs card
  • the pair with the fewest dark red boards on the Bridgewebs card

See below for the draw and deadlines for 2018