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Monthly Competition 

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The Club Manager does these for fun, since they are available.

February's competition was for highest averages for A, B, and C players, A for players over 1000 mps, B for 300-999, and C up to 299. A minimum of 4 games played was required to be a winner.

Our winner for A was Rick Kerbel (from California), For B Mel Karp, and for C Ian Irving, who actually was in second place. Congratulations all. See the competition page on the menu to see how you did. 

Our Competition for March will be for number of wins. You get 8 points for 1st, 7 for 2nd etc. The program then takes an average. Good luck. See the competitions page to see how you are doing. 





Due to increased expenses, the Board voted to raise the game fee to 100 pesos, and the book of 10 tickets to 900 pesos. But remember, your game fee now includes fees for special games, such as charity, NAP games and others.

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