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Monthly Competition 

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The May competition was for the highest percentage games for players in our usual A, B, C ranking.

B-Players Liz Jacobson and Norma Scott topped everybody with an 80% game.  What a team!

Congrats to the Feinbergs, Doris and Alan, on their 76% game making them first in C for the month. 

Woody and Sherry McHarg were the leaders in A with a 72.9%. game

 Coming Events 

April was Charity Month!

The extra money we spent for the all the extra points we earned, also earned our charity fund $420 usd. A painless way to get those extra masterpoints.

Week of June 10-17: We are having a STAC that week - that is, Sectional Tournament at Clubs. All games at regular times.  Extra points are awarded and they are Silver! Plan ahead to play that week.


Classes for February-March by Ellen Snyder


If you are interested in Beginning and Intermediate Bridge Classes, please write to Ellen Snyder at to be added to a mailing list. If you have a class you would like taught please let her know.

Possible Classes:

Beginning Bridge

Play of the Hand




Introduction to Two-over-One

Opening Leads against Notrump

No Trump Bidding Play Course

Major Suit Raises Play Course (includes long-suit game tries, Jacoby 2NT, Weak Freaks, 2-step Limit Raises)

Major Suit Raises Play Course II (includes Splinter bids, Drury, Forcing 1NT)


End Plays