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Monthly Competition 

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The Club Manager does these for fun, since they are available.

November's Competition was for the highest number of slams made by an individual. Grand Slams equalled 3. At the end of the month there was a tie between Syndi and Dave McDougall, Liz Jacobson, and Gerry Teldon. We had a run-off, the first one to make a slam would be the winner. Dave McDougall made and bid the next slam.

December's Contest will have three winners: The highest averages for the month each in A (over 1000), B (500-999) and C (0-499). Persons without ACBL numbers will be placed in a category at the club manager's discretion. Good luck to all. Current scores can be seen under the "Competitions" tab.

Classes for February-March by Ellen Snyder


If you are interested in Beginning and Intermediate Bridge Classes, please write to Ellen Snyder at to be added to a mailing list. If you have a class you would like taught please let her know.

These classes are tentatively scheduled. Most require a minimum of 4 to be held.

Wednesdays December: Beginners Review. Drop-in. For people who didn't quite finish the beginners class or need a review of various topics. 10:30-12:30am.

These are informal sessions to discuss various topics covered in the Beginners course. Either held at the club or Ellen Snyder's home.

Beginners Bridge

Jan. 22-Feb 28 Beginners Bridge Tues and Thurs 10:30-12:30

March 4-March 29 Beginners Bridge MWF 10:00am-12:30am

Based on the series by Audrey Grant, this course is designed for the new player or players who have been out of the game for a while. The 12 lessons cover all the basics: trick-taking, bidding, defending, scoring. It can be used by casual players, rubber or party bridge players, or duplicate bridge. A series of 3 books is available, for about $10 each. The class costs $80 total, payable at the first lesson.

Advancing Classes

Jan 7-Jan 25 Play of the Hand (Advanced Beginners) Mondays and Fridays, 10:30 am-12:30pm

This is an abreviated course based on the ACBL text. It is designed for persons who have taken the basic course and want to learn declarer play in more depth. Also includes a review of basic bidding and some tips on defense also. 200p per class. Topics include: Finesses, Trump management, Promotion, Length, Entries, Discarding Losers.

Feb-4-March 1 Defense (Advanced Beginners) Mondays and Friday 10:30am-12:30am. The next course in the ACBL series, it covers defending against a contract in depth. You play defender fifty percent of the time so best to learn all the tricks you can. Also includes bidding review and review of declarer play. 200p per class Topics include: Opening leads, Third and second-hand play, Signalling, Making a defenders plan, 

Feb 6-13 Introduction to Duplicate Bridge 10:30am - 12:30-am Wednesdays. For those who are new to duplicate bridge or have never played it before, an introduction to the mechanics, scoring, strategy vs rubber bridge, and some of the laws and practices you are expected to follow. Some hands will be played and scored as examples. $20 usd.

Other courses may be considered. If you have a group of 4 or more who want to pursue a topic please let us know. Some possibilities are:

Doubles - Takeout

Overcalls. Simple Overcalls, Strong Overcalls, Two-suited Overcalls

Introduction to Two-over-One - 4 lessons based on the Audrey Grant book. Includes forcing 1 NT, cue-bidding, slam bidding

Opening Leads against Notrump

No Trump Bidding Play Course

Major Suit Raises Play Course (includes long-suit game tries, Jacoby 2NT, Weak Freaks, 2-step Limit Raises)

Major Suit Raises Play Course II (includes Splinter bids, Drury, Forcing 1NT)


End Plays