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Monthly Competition - February

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  This months competition from Feb 4- Feb 26 is for the person with the highest number of slams bid and made. I added that if there was a tie, the tiebraker would be the number of Grand Slams. Well we did have a tie: Misha Tomic and Greg Michaels. They both had 9, a number of which they earned together. But Misha went off and got a Grand Slam with another partner, so I declare him the winner. We had a six-way tie for the next places with a total of 6 slams in the month. 

March Competition will be total wins bases on 3 for a 1st place in your section, 2 for Second, and 1 for Third Place. I will name a winner for each rank - over 1000 masterpoints A, 300-1000 B, and 0-300 C. Ellen

 Coming Events 

March 19, Monday. ACBL-wide Senior Pairs. You must have been born before Jan.1, 1959. There will be overall competition with clubs from all over. 

See Calendar page for Club Championships, Unit Championship, and Charity Games.

Annual Meeting - Last Wednesday in March. After the Game. Snacks provided.


Classes for February-March by Ellen Snyder


Below is a tentative schedule for Classes in February - March for 2018. Because of illnesses, the class schedule originally published has be modified.

All classes will be held at the Bridge Studio in the Plaza Pueblito on Stirling Dickinson, Colonia San Antonio (behind the Frontera Restaurant).

Please contact me if there are questions or if you want to be kept on a mailing list.

Ellen Snyder

Certified Bridge Instructor, ACBL

415 154-4334 or 114-3896 cell


Introduction to Two-Over-One Game Force System


Thursdays, 10:00am – 12:30pm, Starting Thursday March 22, 4 classes (four weeks – although if there are 4 people who want to do it two weeks we could also meet on Saturdays or Sundays).


Interested in playing 2/1? Many experts say that's what we should be playing. This four-lesson course designed by Eric Rodwell and Audrey Grant teaches the basics of the increasingly popular system. Only a small modification to Standard American makes it easier to find the right game contract and explore the possibility of slams. The classes include:


When to use or not use 2/1

Ehe Forcing One-Notrump response, plus other responses

Rebids by opener after 2/1

Slam bidding in cluding Control-Showing Cuebids


Book included. Min Class Size 4, Max 8. 450p. Book extra. Please reserve ahead to get book on time. Suitable for advanced beginners, intermediates, or experienced players who are looking to change their game.


Taught by Ellen Snyder, Certified ACBL and Audrey Grant Teacher. 154-4334






Major Suit Raises II - Play Course by ACBL


Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:30 -12:30 Starting March 20, 4 classes (2 weeks)


Add more conventions to your major suit openings. First class review of basic major suit raises, such as Jacoby 2NT, weak vs strong responses, bidding after interference.


Topics include:


Splinter Bids

Weak 3d seat openings with Drury

Forcing 1 NoTrump


Even if you know these conventions you will have 8 hands in each session to practice bidding and play. Class costs 450p usd. Handbook available $10. usd. Min Class Size 4, Max 8.


Taught by Ellen Snyder, Certified ACBL and Audrey Grant Teacher. 154-4334












There are lots of uses for that double card. This class investigates many that you should know. Take-out for three suits, take out for two suits, strong overcalls, penalty. Also the use of the redouble. The Negative double (responder's double) and two-suited overcalls could also be included if interest (Michaels and Unusual NT). Lecture and hands for practice.


Suitable for Advanced Beginners and Intermediates. Min class size 4, max 8.


Monday and Wednesdays starting March 26 (or other dates if interested) Cost 450p. Book Available $10usd.


Taught by Ellen Snyder, Certified ACBL and Audrey Grant Teacher. 154-4334





The Law and You:

Duplicate Bridge Laws from the View of the Player


Which are the most important laws you should know about? When should you call the director? Why should you call the director? How can you make the laws work for you?


We will discuss some of the common director calls you will have to deal with: Leads out of turn, Penalty Cards and their disposition, Unauthorized Information, Insufficient Bids, Long Pauses (Huddles).


We will answer some of these trenchant questions:


How do I contest a ruling?

What can the dummy do and not do?

If the declarer leads from the wrong side, who can accept?

If my partner give the wrong bidding explanation, whaaa?

Do I have to tell anyone if I revoke?


Wednesday March 21 10:30am – 12:30am. Contact Ellen Snyder 154-4334, if interested so we have enough handouts. Donation 50p to the Bridge Studio Charity Fund.