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Monthly Competition

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online. In January I tested the waters by putting up a competition for the month to see who had the highest average percentage. One had to play in at least 4 games to qualify. The winner was Rob Rich. This months competition from Feb 4- Feb 26 is for the person with the highest number of slams bid and made. You can see how it is coming along by clicking on "Competions" in the main menu.

 Coming Events 

ACBL-Wide Charity Game:  Club results are posted on the Web site. Hand analysis is available at

Overall results are not available until the end of the month, posted on under clubs/special events. Same goes for the Feb 3 International Fund Game, after the monthly report is processed.

Regional Tournament

Feb 27- March 4. At the La Casona convention center, off Salida de Celaya. The Bridge Studio will be closed during these events. Sponsored by District. For the flyer go to

Contact Phyllis Culp if you would like to take part in an Under-299 sections in any of the tournament sections. There are already enough entrants to have such sections in a number of the games.


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News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Welcome to the new web site
Welcome to the new web site

We are now using a specially designed web server which host a number of bridge club sites. It is easy for us to manage without a web developer. Hopefully we will be able to keep members and players up to date.

What we really like about the site is how it presents the game results. You may look at your results in many ways - the familiar list of winners, or a traveler of a particular board with hand record, or your partnership's personal record with color codes as to how well you did on each board (green = great, red = disaster, and other colors inbetween). Take a look and experiment on clicking on different parts.

Please send comments and suggestions to News items that you would like posted would be welcome.




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Upcoming Events


STaC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) at the Bridge Studio the week of January 11, at the regular game time. A chance to earn silver masterpoints and play against other clubs in District 16. An extra fee of

Sectional Tournament January 26-28 at the Bridge Studio in San Miguel sponsored by Unit 254. A non-life master for players with less than 499 masterpoints will be held at Casa de la Noche on Thursday, January 25 at 10:00am. Procedes to charity.

Regional Tournament February 27 - April 4 At the La Casona Convention Center, San Miguel Sponsored by Unit 173. See for info flyer.

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October Board Minutes

The Bridge Studio of San Miguel Board Meeting Minutes 10/23/17 at The Bridge Studio


Present Mary Katherine Wainwright, Woody McHarg, Tom Chambers, and Ellen Snyder by Skype, Colleen Berk was absent.


The motion was made seconded to approve the minutes from the September Board meeting.


Tom gave the treasurer’s report. Sixty-three members contributed to the chair fundraiser. The total amount raised was $6083. Total cost for chairs and shipping was $6935. The Club chipped in $850 to cover the balance. The financial position of the Club is still strong. The BOA account opened for the chair fundraiser will be closed.


Ellen gave the Club Manager’s Report. Ellen has registered the Club for the Stac’s the week of December 11th-17th. The usual December sectional will not be in SMA this year. The Club needs to decide about sanctioned games for 2018, this will need to be decided by January. People are starting to use the contact form on the website. Ellen will return November 18.


The Facility Manager’s Report was given by Mary Katherine. Mary Katherine suggested the Club have a sale to dispose of chairs and items the Club is not using. A discussion was had as to ways to make the club more eco friendly focusing on cups used during the games. We welcome members to place their ideas in the suggestion box.


The Game Director’s Report was given by Woody. A discussion was had as to a proposal to be made to membership concerning playing directors. During certain times of the year there is a risk of games being cancelled for lack of directors.


The Unit Sectional is January 25-28. The game on January 25th will be at The Bordello and the rest of the Sectional will be held at the Club. The Thursday game at the Bordello will be for non Life Masters.


New Business was discussed. The Board decided not to allow the renting of the Club facility to Narcotics Anonymous. One-time rentals

may be considered in the future if there is no conflict with Club activities.


Woody, Ellen and Colleen will meet to discuss possible additional bridge games, lessons, and other bridge activities to allow for more effective use of the Club. A suggestion was made to start using forms to keep records of visitors and new players and interest in lessons.


The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting is scheduled December 11.

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Newsletters and Minutes
Newsletters and Minutes

 SMA Bridge Studio Board Meeting, Feb 7, 2018

Bridge Board Meeting Minutes 2/5/18

Woody M called the meeting to order. Present, Mary Katherine Wainwright, Colleen Berk, Tom Chambers, Melissa Hirsch, Woody McHarg and Ellen Snyder.

The Minutes of the January meeting were approved unanimously.

Tom gave the Treasurer’s report. A motion was made by Mary Katherine to increase the food fee paid to Sherry McHarg to 5 pesos per person. Melissa seconded. It was approved unanimously.

The Board discussed consolidating the position of facilities and club manager and make it a paid position. General consensus favored this idea and it will be addressed further.

Mary Katherine gave the Facilities Manager report. She moved that we adopt a no dog policy and Colleen seconded, it was approved unanimously. Colleen will investigate purchasing hands free garbage containers for the bathroom.

1800 pesos was raised from the sale of the old chairs, 62 were sold.

Colleen made a motion that the Board appoint a Social Chair. MH seconded the motion. The Motion was approved unanimously. Lynn Chambers agreed after the meeting to serve as Social Chair.

Sherry McHarg gave 10900 pesos to Tom C to cover the 10000 balance due from the Unit and 900 to cover the cost of incidentals from the Sectional tournament.

Tom will calculate the amount of actual loss of income to the club during the Sectional.

Ellen gave the Club Manager report. Ellen proposed we participate in an ACBL charity game and each player pay the extra 10 pesos to upgrade to extra red points.

Woody discussed coordinating a special event in honor of Jerry Siskin and will pursue.

The Annual Meeting of the Bridge club will be Wednesday March 28 following the game at The Studio with a party following.

The Board will have another meeting on March 12 at noon at The Studio to discuss the budget and final preparation for the annual meeting. Tom is going to prepare a proposed budget to present at the annual meeting.

The nominating committee that the Board has approved is Susan Cumming, David Rowe, and Wendy Valentine. The committee will report before March 1.

Ellen will organize a Bylaws Committee for proposals before the Annual Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned

SMA Bridge Board Meeting 12/13/17 


The Meeting was called to order at 11 am by Woody McHarg.   

Present:  Woody McHarg, Tom Chambers, Colleen Berk, Ellen Snyder, Mary Katherine Wainwright, Melissa Hirsch 

The minutes of the October 2017 were approved. 

Tom gave the treasurers report.   Ellen moved that the treasurer’s report be approved.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.  

The Board discussed Ellen’s report that the extra costs  for charity and special ACBL games average  about $1 per person per game.   A discussion was had as to any special games the Club may want to schedule for 2018.      

  Colleen moved that the Club add an additional  game on Saturday afternoons for players with 0-299 master points beginning January, 2018, the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.   

  Woody made a motion that the Club add a team game once a month.    The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.    These games will be held on Sundays at 1:30 pm and will begin January 7.    The price will be determined based on the cost of lunch that will be provided at the team game.   

A discussion was held regarding a raise for Isabel who keeps the Club clean etc.   The Aguinaldo for Isabel was approved at 1600 pesos and her weekly pay will be raised to 900 pesos beginning January 2018.    Emilio will be given 350 pesos Aguinaldo.     This was approved unanimously.   

The Board approved that Ellen may buy a new printer for the Club up to $300.00 USD. 

Mary Katherine moved that the Board continue to abide by the policy regarding playing vs. non-playing directors adopted by our previous Board at the January 2016 meeting.   The Policy reads as follows: 

Mainly we have chosen to go with the ACBL guideline which does not prohibit playing directors, but states: 

“It is preferable for a game to have a non-playing director.  A non-playing director can give more objective rulings concerning disputes and infractions of bridge laws and regulations than one who is personally involved in the session.  Even when no rulings are called for, the non-playing director can give more attention to maintaining the quality of the game.  Some special games require a non-playing Club or higher-rated director.  Non-playing directors are encouraged, but not required for games having not more than one section of 17 tables or less. “ 

The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. 

Mary Katherine further moved that the Board  add to the policy the caveat that no director will be required to direct and play at any time.  The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.   

Old Business was discussed.    Woody noted that there will be extra expenses associated with the Sectional tournament and the Unit will reimburse the club for the additional expenses.   

New Business was discussed.     Mary Katherine moved that the Club have a Christmas party on December 18th at the Club after the game and this was approved unanimously.    La Frontera will supply food.   There will be no game on Christmas Day.    Ellen moved that the Club have an open game on December 26  (Boxing Day) at 1:30 pm, and the motion was seconded and approved unanimously.      

The next Board meeting will be scheduled and announced.    

Melissa moved the meeting be adjourned and it was seconded and approved unanimously.    


August - September Newsletter - Submitted by Melissa Hirsch

Summer at the Bridge Studio has involved sprucing up the facility to support a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.    There has been an outstanding response to the fundraiser for the purchase of new chairs for the studio!   Fifty- seven people have donated to the purchase of the new chairs.  Not only will these new chairs provide more comfort for regular bridge games but will give the studio a more professional look for any tournaments held at the studio.  Woody McHarg is making the arrangements to have the chairs shipped down from the US.  
Thanks to the help of Michel Paragot, forty side tables have been ordered to place at each bridge table.  Two different types were given an audition and the round ones got the part. These tables can be used to place drinks and food items, and the lower shelf can be used for purses or other personal items.  Hopefully having the side tables will cut down on spills.  
New inserts for the bidding boxes have also been ordered as the old ones were tired! We welcome all bridge players to come check out the changes at the studio!   
Another exciting addition to the bridge game is fresh healthy food.  Sherry McHarg as head of the food committee has been providing a wonderful selection of fresh and healthy snacks for each of the bridge games.  As soon as the food is set out there is quite a congregation of players, a nice way to start out the game. The Bridge Studio will continue to provide coffee, tea and water for players and the refrigerator may be used if players wish to bring their own drinks.  
San Miguel’s own Bridge Unit will be holding their first Sectional Tournament January 26-28, 2018 at the Bridge Studio.  Woody McHarg has been given permission to direct the tournament, saving on expenses usually charged by the traveling directors.   There will also be a non-championship game at the Bordello Bridge Club under the direction of Phyllis Culp on January 25th.  
Proceeds from past charity games from last season are being donated to the chosen charities.  Mujeres en Cambio and Cruz Roja will each receive 7090 pesos.  
Don’t worry if you do not have a partner.   Christie McGue continues to offer help in locating a partner, but has a new email address.  Email her at with your request.  We are lucky to have Christie’s help!  << 
Ellen Snyder is working on replacing the old web site with a “bridgewebs” site designed especially for bridge clubs.  The site is easier for non-web professionals to maintain.  Currently only the game results are available.  The site can present the results in different ways.  Click on your partnership and you will see the results such as your scorecard (makes it easy to check).  Like the ACBL site you can look at a hand record with all the scores.  There are some other choices, experiment!   Don’t try to sign up on the member page – that is still under construction for a future members only area.  Ellen is open to suggestions on building the site.   Find it at and also at    Check it out!  
  1. Please refrain from snapping cards as it is distracting and irritating to other players and is actually in violation of Laws of Duplicate Bridge. 
  1. Players should not touch the bidding box while deciding whether or not to bid until they actually know which call they are going to make.  He/she may being unauthorized information to his/her partner. 
  1. The director should never be called by name when being summoned.  When calling the director, the correct and polite manner is “Director, please.” Leave you hand up when you call so the director can find you.
  1. Players should always be polite to their partners, opponents and the director as outlined in the Zero Tolerance Policy posted at the Club.   
As there are players at the Club who have fragrance allergies we want to remind all our players that the Board has adopted a new rule that the Club is a fragrance free zone!! Please be considerate.
We welcome all bridge players.   If you have not played in a while we invite you to come check out the changes.   We are lucky to have such a pleasant environment in which to play!  
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