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The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende

Monthly Competition

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online. In January I tested the waters by putting up a competition for the month to see who had the highest average percentage. One had to play in at least 4 games to qualify. The winner was Rob Rich. This months competition from Feb 4- Feb 26 is for the person with the highest number of slams bid and made. You can see how it is coming along by clicking on "Competions" in the main menu.

 Coming Events 

ACBL-Wide Charity Game:  Club results are posted on the Web site. Hand analysis is available at

Overall results are not available until the end of the month, posted on under clubs/special events. Same goes for the Feb 3 International Fund Game, after the monthly report is processed.

Regional Tournament

Feb 27- March 4. At the La Casona convention center, off Salida de Celaya. The Bridge Studio will be closed during these events. Sponsored by District. For the flyer go to

Contact Phyllis Culp if you would like to take part in an Under-299 sections in any of the tournament sections. There are already enough entrants to have such sections in a number of the games.


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