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Monthly Competition 

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The Club Manager does these for fun, since they are available.

February's competition was for highest averages for A, B, and C players, A for players over 1000 mps, B for 300-999, and C up to 299. A minimum of 4 games played was required to be a winner.

Our winner for A was Rick Kerbel (from California), For B Mel Karp, and for C Ian Irving, who actually was in second place. Congratulations all. See the competition page on the menu to see how you did. 

Our Competition for March will be for number of wins. You get 8 points for 1st, 7 for 2nd etc. The program then takes an average. Good luck. See the competitions page to see how you are doing. 





Due to increased expenses, the Board voted to raise the game fee to 100 pesos, and the book of 10 tickets to 900 pesos. But remember, your game fee now includes fees for special games, such as charity, NAP games and others.

Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende

Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We are an official ACBL duplicate bridge club, offering games four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Games start promptly at 1:30pm, so please arrive by 1:15. We welcome visitors, please stop by and see our club. See our information page for more details. Any questions, contact our board at  

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Our Club
Our Club
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Membership Renewal Time

Membership Renewal

You can still join or renew your membership in the Bridge Studio. According to the new bylaws memberships will run the same as the Board terms, April 1 to March 31. Cost is $100 pesos a year, and include a free nametag. See Susan Cumming to sign up or renew.


Last updated : Feb 18, 2019 17:32 CST
How do you get to Grand Slam?

A hand from the game on Feb. 11, 2019. Board 22. The best scores for this board were 6NT and 6 . Most people were in 3NT. Is there a way to bid slam? Looks like you can make it if you play the diamonds carefully. Write in with your suggestions for bidding. and I'll publish them.

Anyone who would like to help with this feature on the web site let me know.

Last updated : Feb 18, 2019 17:33 CST
February Events


FRIDAY, MARCH 22 AFTER THE GAME (Unit Championship)




Need to be current member to vote




 Extra Points Must be 55+ to participate  

Play against other Clubs for BIG Points





We have a new Partnership Chair! Mary Katherine Wainwright is taking over the job, which is an important one to help build our club.. You can email her at If you want to be added to the distribution list for partner requests let her know. When requesting let her know what level you play at (or masterpoints) and what days. Please be willing to let her know if you find a partner on your own so she doesn't keep looking for you on a particular date. Many thanks to Christie McGue for stepping in (again) to serve as Partnership Chair for the last month or so.Christie continues as the Partnerhip desk for the up coming Regional at the end of February. You can reach her at  If you need a partner  for the Sectional Tournament Feb 10-13, Liz Jacobson can help you. She can be reached at  .


No Fragrances Please!

Please keep in mind that some of our players have allergies to perfumes and other frangrances so lets not wear any to our games. In our small confines, there's no where to go! 


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