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Monthly Competition 

And the Winner Is.......

This Bridgewebs bridge club site lets us put up various competitions online.  The Club Manager does these for fun, since they are available.

November's Competition was for the highest number of slams made by an individual. Grand Slams equalled 3. At the end of the month there was a tie between Syndi and Dave McDougall, Liz Jacobson, and Gerry Teldon. We had a run-off, the first one to make a slam would be the winner. Dave McDougall made and bid the next slam.

December's Contest will have three winners: The highest averages for the month each in A (over 1000), B (500-999) and C (0-499). Persons without ACBL numbers will be placed in a category at the club manager's discretion. Good luck to all. Current scores can be seen under the "Competitions" tab.

Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende

Welcome to The Bridge Studio of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We are an official ACBL duplicate bridge club, offering games four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Games start promptly at 1:30pm, so please arrive by 1:15. We welcome visitors, please stop by and see our club. See our information page for more details. Any questions, contact our board at  

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Our Club
Our Club
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Membership Renewal Time

Membership Renewal

You can still join or renew your membership in the Bridge Studio. According to the new bylaws memberships will run the same as the Board terms, April 1 to March 31. Cost is $100 pesos a year, and include a free nametag.


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December events

December is here already. We are starting to get our snowbirds and our table count is up. Welcome back players from up north!

December 5, Wednesday, we will be setting up our bridge holiday tree again after the game. Wine and snacks provided to those who stay and help. Any additional Seasonal decorations would be appreciated.

We will be having a STAC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs)  the week of December 10 - all  four  games at the regular times. Silver points will be awarded for the winners. Thanks to the Unit for contributing to running our STACs. 

Dec 17 we will hold an International Fund game which will give us extra points (black) and overalls with clubs all over the continent. If you do well, you can rack up a lot of points. 

There will be a game on Christmas Eve Day (Dec 24). Also New Year's Eve Day. Why not?



Right now the partnership desk is on hold. We will let you know shortly the new contact. We thank Beth Rosener for all her help this year getting partners together. 


No Fragrances Please!

Please keep in mind that some of our players have allergies to perfumes and other frangrances so lets not wear any to our games. In our small confines, there's no where to go! 


December 14, 2018
STAC - Open Pairs - Silver Points
December 15, 2018
STAC - Open Pairs - Silver Points
December 17, 2018
ACBL Int. Fund Game
STAC - Open Pairs - Silver Points
Director: Terry Holden
STAC - Open Pairs - Silver Points
Director: Ellen Snyder
Saturday Open Pairs
Director: Susan Cumming