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Materials available from this site
Materials available from this site

All materials available from this site are free for you to use. Please acknowledge the source.

Welcome to Bridge for Pleasure
Where to Play?
How to start a bridge club

A duplicate bridge club can be an extremely simple affair.

You need:

  • Somewhere to play
  • At least eight players
  • Two tables for them to sit at 
  • A plan for the number of hands you are going to play
  • That number of packs of cards and devices "boards" to store them in and pass them to other tables/the othertable
  • Some paper to score on

..... now form a club

Free Seminars for Bridge Organisers

We have been piloting a series of ten sessions designed to help people thinking of running a bridge club, or already doing so. These seminars will be run again in January, at Dunchurch near Rugby, from January onwards. Watch this space for dates and times. The topics are:

1. Bridge on the Internet

2. Bridge Etiquette, Ethics, Laws & Regulations

3. Bridge Scoring

4. What are TD’s for?

5. Planning a Duplicate Session – Movements

6. Duplicate Bridge Club Tools and Equipment 1

7. Duplicate Bridge Club Tools and Equipment 2

8. Introduction to Teaching Bridge

9. The EBU, Counties, Master Points, National Grades, Congresses, Holidays

10. Running and ensuring the future of a Duplicate Bridge Club

Large Print, Full Instruction, Table Cards with Guide Card for the TD.
Large Print, Full Instruction, Table Cards with Guide Card for the TD.

We are developing a set of highly usable and accessible table cards and movement guide cards.

The table cards will be really useful if you are not using a scoring system, or using a scoring system whose movement instructions are difficult to see or difficult to interpret.

The movement guide cards let the TD see at a glance what the features of the movement are, where the sitting pairs are, where the relays are, what position the boards start in etc.

The first set are a balanced three quarter Howell for four full tables. We can e-mail the associated Scorebridge movement file as well.


Offer of the month
Offer of the month

Have a free set of one A4 Laminated Movement Guide Card and four A5 Laminated Table Cards when you complete the club survey and register for the Bridge Fair.


We have extensive experience of this tablet based scoring system. It's now a year old. Our experience, and that of some other clubs, is available here to registered users. Register by completing the form above.

13th March 2018
(Rugby Village)
DSVH Club Room 10.00
Suit Preference Signals
Director: Graham Clarke
20th March 2018
Quick Start Bridge 1 - NOT Card Play
(Rugby Village)
DSVH Club Room 10.00
FREE TO ALL. Give bridge a try, have a refresher
Director: Graham Clarke
Friendship Day
Free Seminar for Bridge Players & Organisers
Free Seminar for Bridge Players & Organisers