Top left Year 5 girls teaching minibridge to year 3 children at Kidmore End Primary School.

Top right New Scotland Hill winners of school minibridge SIMS

Below a competition at Wallingford Bridge Club




The Bridge For Schools Team brings bridge to all schoolchildren in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Its volunteers provide their time freely to teach bridge and minibridge in schools. Follow the Bridge4Schools tab on the left hand side of the screen for more information.


For a headteacher’s view of our activities please look at Bridge in a Village Primary School which you will find under 'Bridge & Education'.


In addition to in-school clubs the Team runs two Junior Bridge Clubs that are open to all 8 – 18 year olds wishing to play bridge or minibridge, or to receive tuition. Follow the links on the left hand side for further details.


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Oxford Junior Bridge Club Pairs at The Oxford Congress

Three Oxford Junior Bridge Club pairs took part in the June Oxford Congress: Jacob and Max Potter, Zane Soonawalla and Aidan Saunders and Freddie Beneat and Freddie Wivell.


In the Swiss pairs on Saturday Zane & Aidan won three of their eight matches.


In the Swiss Teams on Sunday the OJBC team of Zane, Aidan, Thomas Potter and Freddie Yu won the best non expert team prize.



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Marcham Primary Pro-Am 2017


The End of Term Pro-Am was once again a great success.


Joint winners were:


Lara Withers (a winner last year) and Martha Kingsbury.


The competition was ably directed by Dave Walton, and 10 children participated.


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Wessex weekend April 2017
Wessex weekend April 2017

Fifty children, 10 family and 10 tutors enjoyed a fabulous weekend in April at Cheltenham Ladies College and Bridge Club.Volunteer tutors included the Welsh and U20 squad coaches- lucky children. Activities included late night speedball for teenagers, rounders frisbee etc.for all, and amazing food and accommodation supplied by Cheltenham Ladies College.

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Loughborough - 4th March 2017
Loughborough - 4th March 2017

The Dragon team of Will Wauchope, Thomas Potter, Freddie Yu and Richmond Yeung came 3rd in the Schools Cup beating the usual prestigious schools, the Perse, Haberdashers Aske, Manchester Grammar, Loughborough Grammar, RGS Malvern and managed to trounce Eton College in the playoff for 3rd place! See below for a hand from this match reported by Andrew Robson in The Times. They succumbed only to the winners,Westminster and the runners up, St. Paul's!

20 teams entered this year and our Junior Bridge Team of Zane Soonawalla, Jacob Potter, George and Elizabeth Cooper came 8th in the Harry Scully Trophy, a cup for teams from different schools.

Henry Rose's Under 16 second team came 2nd in the Harry Scully Trophy, narrowly beaten by the Under 16 first team.


For more pictures refer to our blog - see left hand column.


Below is the hand from The Times:



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Never work with children or animals” – whoever thought of that one? Whomsoever it was had never run a Junior Bridge Club or an end of term competition for 8 to 12 year olds, with a heavy imbalance of males!

What fun and what joy we ‘middle aged’ volunteers experienced as Summertown Church Hall filled up with 21 eager children (17 boys and just four girls) on the afternoon of Sunday 19th March.

With ten ‘bidders’ and eleven mini-bridgers, tables were hastily made up with adults, and scorer, Diane Coe gave Holly Kilpatrick, TD, the correct movement. Meanwhile at the Mini bridge end of the room, the cry went up all too soon: “Please Ma, we’ve already played these hands……” More juniors were arriving – did we have enough tables? Would we have enough tea? Were enough Easter eggs hidden in the church hall garden?? Another latecomer……another table; thank goodness, a parent clutching cakes, the tea problem temporarily solved.

“Director Please! Lead out of turn and a revoke” “Really……?” (misunderstanding of the meaning of revoke……!

“Director Please! (from the mini-bridge end?) This hand is badly sorted” – “Really? Ah, I see, each player seems to have thirteen cards of the same suit.” No problem, Anthony Harris has adopted pragmatism and has turned it into a lesson: “Now then, who is most likely to win this contract??”

More movement problems with the mini bridgers; “Quiet please, who are pair 5?” – up shot four hands. “Are you sure”? Help! where are the table slips;” “I think our pair number changed when we moved for the first round Ma…”

“Have you a key to the kitchen, Holly? The door has locked itself.” No key and we are locked away from the Easter feast , the prizes and 48 sausage rolls browning themselves in the oven! No problem, Clare jumps on a chair and climbs through the hatch, nobody notices. Another call from the bidding end “Are we playing Teams or Pairs Ma?”

Finally, we call a halt to proceedings; time for the egg hunt. They may be outnumbered but the girls’ eyes were sharper and Easter eggs were scooped up in record time while everyone descended upon the groaning tea table.  Miraculously, we seemed to feed everyone, young and older, while Diane feverishly calculated a ‘fair’ result for both sections.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the juniors who joined us on that Sunday afternoon! The hall exuded the usual good humour and bonhomie generated by youth and, on this occasion, winning simply wasn’t important!

Alas, there was no time to take photos but it really did happen.

Holly Kilpatrick

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This was a new venture held at Cheltenham in 2016. Over 100 children came of whom over 25% were from Oxfordshire. Berkshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, London, Sussex, Cardiff and Worcestershire were also represented.The tutors all freely gave their time and included the coaches of all the England junior squads (U15, U20 and U25), the food was excellent, and the only downside was the weather which curtailed the usual outdoor activities.



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Junior Teams Championship Nov 2016

An England Under 16 team finished seventh in the Czech Republic Junior Teams Championship at the end of November.


The team of Oscar Selby & Henry Rose, Jasmine Bakhshi & Liz Gahan, Alex Pemberton & Andy Cope, with NPC: Mike Bell, competed against eleven other junior sides - including some U26 teams and many with more international experience.




They struggled in their opening qualifying matches, finishing fifth of the six teams in their group. They bounced back well, however, finishing second in the next group phase to move on to the 5th-8th playoff. They lost their 'semi-final' but an emphatic victory in their final match saw them claim 7th place and improve on their good performance in the 2015 competition.

Henry Rose (on the right of the picture) started bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.

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OJBC Winter Competition November 2016



20th November 2016


The second Oxford Junior Bridge Club Competition was held at the Oxford Bridge Club on the afternoon of Sunday 20th November when twenty-five children, aged 9 – 15 years, descended upon the balloon decorated premises, generating laughter and good will. The juniors came from a variety of schools around the city and county and from as far afield as Sonning Common, Reading and the Midlands!

Congratulations to our scorer, Diane Coe and TDs, Mike Fletcher and Peter Sherry, who managed to keep boards and children moving, in spite of the speed differentials and the cross table chatting! and thanks to David Bygott for all the competition photos.

This year we merged the experienced bidders with the novices and awarded prizes in both sections. 

The mini-bridge players (left) might have been low in numbers but were high in enthusiasm and played eight boards from a recent simultaneous pairs competition. Two young entrants have only been learning for four weeks!


At 4.15 p.m. we called a halt and everyone descended upon the tea table, groaning with goodies, mostly donated by parents, many of whom joined us for tea, while Diane feverishly attempted to get a result.

When presenting the prizes, organiser, Holly Kilpatrick warmly thanked the Chairman and Trustees of the Oxford Bridge Club, who had kindly given their premises free of charge. In the mini-bridge section, first prize went to Carl Shelley, whom, although playing with an adult, had played all the hands and chosen the contracts.  In the novice bidders section our winners were Jennifer Ellis and Jacob Hathaway from Sonning Common.

In the “experienced” bidders section first prize went to Richmond Yeung and Inigo Sanchez-Asiain from the Dragon School.   Some of the results were extremely close and congratulations to all the children who took part. Full results are listed below:




1st Richmond Yeung and Inigo Sanchez Asiain

2nd Megan Jones and Henry Rose



1st Jennifer Ellis and Jacob Hathaway

2nd Jacob Potter and Freddie Beneat



1ST        Carl Shelley

2nd       Freya Cook and Louisa Alvey

3rd        Harry Litchfield and Zach Matthews

4th        Merlin Kavanna and Hanmer Hanbury


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BP Swiss pairs at Wallingford on 18th September 2016

There were some very good county players at the annual event on Sunday, and our junior members played really well against them, all of them winning at least one of their 'minimatches' as well as enjoying the substantial tea. The pairs finished as follows:- 3rd Jamie Muller/JB, 25th George Anstis/John Mewes, 28th Nathan Galpin/Jack Lawrence, 37th Dominic Cooke/ Edmund Lea. This is the 3rd year running in which the junior participation has increased, and Jamie Muller at 16, is the highest placed ever junior. 

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England Under 15 team

Henry Rose has every right to be beaming! He has just heard the news that he has been selected to play for the Under 15 England team in the Youth Bridge World Championships to be held in Italy in August. Henry started bridge at the Dragon School when he was 8 years old and has been attending the Oxford Junior Bridge Club regularly since it started in 2014; in fact, he was their first pupil.


Hers is Henry and the two teams from Salsomaggiore.