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Holmes Wilson 2019

Very well done to all our members who did so well this year!!

It was fiercely contested & the outcome was still in doubt up to the last round, but 1st place was claimed by   Adam Mesbur!!! 

Very well done also to David Jackson (2nd place) and BJ O' Brien (5th place)

Congratulations & well done to all!!!

Results found here -->


Christmas Party

Bray Bridge Club

Christmas Party 2018


This year's Christmas Party will be held in The Martello on 18th December


Tickets €20


Meeting in the Martello at 6pm for pre-dinner drinks, then dinner at 6:30pm


Bridge afterwards upstairs in the Martello at 8pm


Music & Dancing 'til late


Have a great night and a Very Merry Christmas!


♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped out with the organisation and running of the Congress last weekend!! 

Anne Daly did a phenomenal job, and we were inundated with offers of help from our members, and it was this combined effort which ensured such a successful weekend!!!  

And very well done also to all our members who played in and did well at the Congress!!!


Mixed Pairs

2nd                             Michael McAuliffe & Sandra Newell

3rd                              David Ryan & partner

4th                              Dolores Gilliland & Peter Stewart

Best Local                    John Noonan & Carol-Ann Cummins


Gala Pairs

2nd                             Alan O’Sullivan & Alan Scott

3rd                              Ruth O’Dea & partner


Congress Swiss Pairs

1st                              Adam Mesbur & partner

2nd                             John Noonan & Carol-Ann Cummins

4th                              Michael McAuliffe & Sandra Newell

1st Session                   Norbert van Woerkom & Justin Corfield

Best Local                    Eileen O’Donovan & Maria Whelan


Congress Swiss Teams

1st                              Michael McAuliffe, Sandra Newell, John Noonan, Carol-Ann Cummins

3rd                              Norbert van Woerkom, Justin Corfield and partners

2nd Session                  Mairead Haugh and partners

Best Area Master          Frank Ó Gallachóir, Triona Irving, Mary Teehan & Peggy Kelly






Bray Swiss Congress 2018

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣  


♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ 

The Royal Hotel Bray

Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September 2018


Friday  31st @ 19:30

Mixed Pairs / Gala Pairs / Novice Pairs / Inter B Pairs


Saturday 1st @13:00

Congress Pairs Swiss

Intermediate Pairs


Sunday 2nd @ 11:00

Congress Teams Swiss

Intermediate Teams


Pre-entry for all competitions to Anne Daly 0862596889

or to

or online on

Bray Swiss Congress Brochure

Jill Kulchycky RIP

Jill Kulchycky RIP

Jill Kulchycky

It is with enormous sadness that we report the passing of our dear friend Jill Kulchycky after a short illness. Jill was undoubtedly one of Ireland’s top Bridge players, attaining the rank of Life Master and representing Ireland at International level on a number of occasions.   Only one week ago Jill and her partner (Teresa Rigney) won the Irish Trials earning the right to play for Ireland in the upcoming European Championships in June.  We were honoured to have had her with us in Bray for over 30 years and we will sorely miss her.  Irish Bridge has lost another of its truly Great People.  

We extend our deepest sympathies to her family, and may she Rest in Peace.


Congratulations to our members who did so well in recent competitions!!!


Burke Trophy - All-Ireland Inter-County Team of Four Championship – 24th and 25th February 2018

BJ O’ Brian and teammates 1st overall

Dave Ryan 3rd overall

See here for Results


IBU Women’s Trials – Final Weekend – 16th to 18th February 2018

The following members will make up the Irish Women’s Team to represent Ireland in the European Championships this coming June:

Jill Kulchycky & Teresa Rigney 1st place qualifiers

Dolores Gilliland & Maria Whelan 3rd place qualifiers

Well done also to Carol-Ann Cummins & Sandra Newell who came 5th and missed out qualifying by the narrowest of margins!

See here for Results


Novice & Intermediate Congress  - 16th – 18th February 2018

Vincent Wallace came 2nd in the Mixed Pairs Championship

See here for results


CBAI Holmes Wilson (National Teams Championship) - Tullow 10th & 11th February 2018

Norbert Van Woerkom & Justin Corfield were on the team that came 4th PLACE OVERALL

Jill Kulchycky &Teresa Rigney & partners - Best Women’s team (12th overall) -

Frank O'Gallachoir - Best Area Master team (34th overall)

See here for Results

Bray Christmas Party 2017
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♠    Bray Christmas Party 2017    ♣ 

Great fun was had by all!  :-)

Bray BC 2017 Swiss Congress

♠    Bray Congress 2017    ♣ 

The results are in!!!!  

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who supported this year’s congress - it was another resounding success, and a hugely enjoyable weekend was had by all!  

We are indebted in particular to both Anne Daly and Brendan Martin who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen!!

Congratulations to many of our members who dominated all events – very well done to all !!!!!


Swiss Teams:

1st           Maria Whelan & Eileen O'Donovan & partners

2nd          David Jackson & partners

3rd           Mairead Haugh & partners

4th           Justin Corfield & Norbert Van Woerkom & Richard Elvin & partner


Swiss Pairs:

2nd        BJ O'Brien & Alan O'Sullivan

3rd        Jill Kulchycky & partner


Mixed Pairs:

1st           Terry Levin & Rose O'Farrell


Gala Pairs:

1st           Joan O’Neill & Jack Murphy

2nd          Ruth O’Dea & partner

Bray BC Congress 2017

     Bray Congress 2017 - September 1st-3rd    

Hosted in the Royal Hotel, Bray.

This event will not be possible without our sponsor: Revive ActivePlease visit the Revive Active site for a brief 20 second survey to retrieve your discount code.

Last year, our Congress sold out, so get your entries in to Anne Daly (086 2596889) or ASAP!

Bray BC Congress 2017 - Entries

♠   ♣ Entries for the Bray Bridge Congress 2017 ♣   ♠ 

Friday, Sept 1nd Mixed Pairs (19:30): entries
Gala Pairs (19:30): entries
Novice Pairs (19:30): entries
Inter B Pairs (19:30): entries
Saturday, Sept 2rd Congress Swiss Pairs (13:00): entries
Inter A Pairs (13:00): entries
Sunday, Sept 3th Congress Swiss Teams (11:00): entries
Intermediate Teams (11:00): entries



We would like to highlight to all members of the importance of verifying the correct score/orientation when accepting the score on all boards.   

Please note that the time limit for any changes in score is 5 minutes after getting your score on the bridgemates at the end of the session. 

If any score entered incorrectly is not corrected by the TD by the end of play then the results uploaded on the website will stand as entered. 


Latest News

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Recent Successes

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Congratulations to our members who did so well in recent events!

National Mens and Womens Weekend - 2019  


Revington Cup - National Mens Pairs (34 tables)

2nd   John Noonan & Alan O' Sullivan

Jackson Cup - National Womens Pairs (47 tables)

3rd   Sandra Newell & Carol-Ann Cummins


McMenamin Bowl  - National Womens Teams (50 teams)

1st   Dolores Gilliland

2nd   Catherine McCann & Rita O' Neill

4th   Maria Whelan & Eileen O' Donovan

5th   Sandra Newell & Carol-Ann Cummins


Geraldine Trophy - National Mens Teams (39 teams)

5th   Richard Elvin 


    Dublin Summer Congress (27th - 29th July)

Mixed Pairs

3rd   Mairead Haugh & Justin Corfield

Congress Pairs

1st   BJ O’ Brien & David Jackson

3rd   Sandra Newell & Theresa Rigney

Congress Teams

2nd   Richard Elvin & John Noonan and teammates

3rd   Peter Stewart & Dolores Gilliland and teammates

Results here


CBAI National Pairs Finals (24th - 25th March)

Davidson Cup Master Pairs

1st  BJ O'Brien & partner

3rd  John Noonan & Carol-Ann Cummins

Results here

Laird Cup Intermediate Pairs

5th  Vincent Wallace & partner

Results here

IBU Seniors Congress (20th - 22nd March)

IBU Senior Teams (Pat McDevitt Trophy)

2nd  Maria Whelan & teammates

IBU Senior Congress Pairs (Pat McDevitt Trophy)

5th  BJ O'Brien & partner

Open Pairs (wednesday night)

1st Rita and Michael Riordan

 Results here

 IBU Senior Trials (16th - 18th March)

1st  BJ O'Brien

Results here


Clonmel Bridge Congress (16th - 18th March)

Congress Pairs

1st  Martin Brady & partner

Congress Teams

2nd  Maria Whelan & Dolores Gilliland & teammates

Results here

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Upcoming Events

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EBL National Women's and Seniors' Pairs Ostend

Click here>>>


23rd April 2019
Boland Teams 2
30th April 2019
No Bridge (ER Memorial)
Boland Teams 1
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Van Gogh 5
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Britton Qualifier
Van Gogh 4
Mens Pairs
Ladies Pairs
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Terry Corcoran Memorial
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