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  AGM Minutes




1 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Lynn Solomons, Richard and Jill Lark, Jo and Roger Wareham,

Mel and Thelma Tuson, Cindy Collier, Norma Allen, David Chopping, Roy and Pippa Mills,

Julie Richardson, Angela Andrew.

2 Minutes of meeting held on 18 May 2016

The minutes were agreed by the 52 members present and there were no matters arising. Colm Lennon proposed acceptance of the minutes and this was seconded by Marion Fleming.

3 Chairman’s report

Bradshaws is determined to retain its reputation as a friendly bridge club. To this end our web home page now states that ‘Bradshaws is a friendly club that expects courteous good manners from all so that the enjoyable game of bridge is enjoyed by everyone’.

The right of free speech is rightly respected in the UK. However, if we are to remain the popular friendly club we cannot tolerate any further cases of bad etiquette by the few, resulting in complaints to the committee from players adversely affected. Directors are instructed to implement EBU ruling on Best Behaviour at Bridge that in extreme cases can result in a disciplinary penalty. A copy of full EBU guidance is on display on the club notice board. We cannot afford to lose members – total membership is a few down on last year at 148.

Sadly former players, Ken Carver, Roger Ellis, Barbara Simmons have passed on in the last year. Our sympathies are with Bridget Brogden and Graham Holt for the loss of their partners. Thanks to Estelle for sending sympathy cards on behalf of the club.

On brighter theme, the social highlights were:-

Quiz night was again a success due to the hard work of Brian Buckley and Roger Wareham as quizmasters and Estelle as catering organiser. £201 profit was sent by Estelle to the chosen charity. As members support was down on last year we are giving the organisers a break this autumn.

Christmas parties Pam Wilde and Valerie Adams organised both parties brilliantly aided by a working party of Lynn Solomons, Peter Wilde, Margaret Hull and Pam Livesey.Thanks to them all for such a good spread laid on within budget constraint. So much food was left over on the Tuesday evening that we needed to ask members if they really want two parties? Members present at the AGM decided there should be two parties. Wendy, Sam, Rita and Gail offered to help Pam Wilde with the Tuesday party.

Winter weekend at Stratford. Many thanks to Lynn Solomons for her considerable efforts in making the weekend a success for the 59 members and friends who attended. I will leave Brian to give the positive financial news in his report.

League team results

Congratulations to Dennis Killey whose team of 4 came 2nd in Div 3 and were promoted.

Teams of 8 had mixed fortunes. The A team could not get all of their players to gel at the same time and although most pairs had good matches the captain could not rely on their consistency. So the A team were relegated and will meet B team in Div 3 in 2017/18.

Nick Higham’s B team, well into the match programme, looked likely promotion candidates but ended up mid table.

Thanks to all team captains including Richard Lark who again raised our team of 24 for the annual match against Bourne End. Unfortunately the away venue proved too much for Bradshaws to retain the trophy.

Congratulations to Anthony Collins who won the Bucks and Berks County pairs event patnering Barry Read (who has also played at this club).


Thanks to Gail who continues as Membership Secretary. Gail reminds us that £10 subs are now due. She has renewal slips if you ask her.

Thanks to Wendy who has organised refreshments on Club nights but is now standing down.

We need volunteers to buy /oversee refreshments in future.

Club members are reminded of the need to take part in the setting up/clearing away the hall and kitchen on club nights. Such jobs should not be left for active committee members alone.

Thanks to Jill Lark and Jo Wareham as organisers of the 2018 winter weekend to be held in Oxford. Jill and Jo are putting in a lot of work and club members should support them. Winter weekend application forms are available at all club sessions.

Bridgemate relies on the efforts of Technical directors who are all thanked especially web organisers Marilyn Collins and John Crook. Bridgemate scoring has had its hiccups but Marilyn and Anthony Collins stepped in to post traveller scores onto the web promptly, our thanks to them.

Thanks to Jill Lark and the team of dealers for their Duplimate dealing machine efforts throughout the year.

Thanks also to all of the Bridge directors who voluntarily interrupt their bridge play to ensure sessions run smoothly. Members are reminded that directing is often a thankless task. If a member has a concern when the director is called to the table, remain polite and ask for your concern to be addressed after the session is over.

Word of thanks to the committee. The club is fortunate that Lynn, Marilyn, Estelle and Peter are willing to serve again for another year. Their experience is invaluable. We welcome Cindy Collier, Martin Kellaway and Mel Tuson nominations which have all been seconded. Mike Gordon after years of service is stepping down. Thanks for your help on the committee Mike but please continue directing.

Last but certainly not least we are sorry to lose Brian Buckley our very competent but always friendly treasurer. But Brian being Brian he is prepared to soldier on and assist Martin Kellaway our new treasurer until he finds his feet. As a tribute to Brian on behalf of the club I would like to ask Brian to present the prizes tonight.

4 Treasurer’s Report

The club made a surplus of £896.92 this year despite allowing £92 for depreciation of the Bridgemates which were bought 4 years ago. Table money was down by £721 compared to last year but the cost of the hall hire has also fallen by £634. Cash balances are £3577 in the current account and £1790 in the deposit account. Anne Francis proposed acceptance of the report and this was seconded by Roger Merlyn.


5 Proposals for discussion

Martin Jennings had proposed that members should be allocated either a N/S card or E/W card without numbers on arrival and the Director should allocate table numbers. This was to avoid the highest and lowest numbered tables being furthest away from each other. It was agreed this should be discussed by the committee.


6 Appointment of new committee members

Martin Kellaway, Mel Tuson and Cindy Collier had been proposed as committee members and there being no other nominations their appointment was approved with Martin as the new treasurer.

7 Presentation of prizes

Ken and Brian presented the trophies to the following members:

Tuesday prizes

Champions-Carrington trophy-Marion Fleming and Ken Jones

Mixed pairs-Hawley-Marilyn and Anthony Collins

Ladies pairs-Cheadle-Angela Andrew and Julie Richardson

Mens pairs-Stretford-John Crook and Nick Higham

Individual-Fleming-Ken Jones


Wednesday prizes

Champions-Egham trophy-Marion Fleming and Anthony Collins

Teams event-Margaret Biddle-JohnCrook,Nick Higham,Marion Fleming,Anthony Collins

Chairman’s trophy-Pam Wilde

Winter weekend-Victor Ludorum-Pat and Mike Gordon



The EBU invited volunteers who would offer bridge teaching sessions for schools. Anyone interested should contact the chairman.

Ken thanked members for attending and the meeting closed at 7.40pm.