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Members only. Non-members are welcome to play Bridge but must wait outside during the AGM.

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Committee Member Nomination Form

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  AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held at 1.15pm on Wednesday 18th May 2016  

At Maiden Place Community Centre

Apologies for absence were received from Margaret and David Chopping and Anthony Collins

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the AGM held on 19/5/15 and they were agreed by the members present (68).

Chairman’s report – Mike reported that it has been a good year at the club with a friendly but competitive atmosphere and bridge played to a good standard. Sadly some of our members have died, Ross Sutton, Joyce Kent, Mike Fleming and Norman Johnston. Membership is around 150. The new technology being used in the club, Bridgemates and Duplimate, is working well and session scores are now available straight away. Duplimate dealing machine has the additional useful features that it allows us to play 16-18 tables in a fair way and adhering to the EBU rule of everyone playing 75% of the hands and the hands are available to view on the club website subsequently. There had been some concerns about extreme hands which Jill Lark had taken up with the manufacturers of Duplimate, the software company and also the EBU. A new software disc had been received and loaded but it was anyway decided by everyone that the machine was working correctly and that there is an adjustment period needed for club members to get used to randomly dealt hands. The social side of the club had been active with a successful quiz night and supper organised and run by Brian and Roger, Estelle and Jan. Also two Christmas parties had been organised by the committee with Jo and Jan organising the food. The Winter Weekend 2016 at Bournemouth and arranged by Lynn was a success with 58 attending. The Winter Weekend ,2017 will be held in Stratford on Avon. The 3 club teams have had an active year, Dennis Killey has run the Div 3 team of 4 which has done well and ended up midtable, Pat Gordon has run the Div 2 team of 8 which has had a tough time and ended up 1 off the bottom and probably relegated, Nick Higham has run the Div 4 team of 8 which has done well and is being promoted. Richard Lark has run the annual Bradshaws/Bourne End team of 24 fixture. Rita Evans has won a county event and was congratulated by Mike. Mike paid thanks to the committee, the Captains of teams, Richard Lark for auditing the club accounts and organising the directors rota, Bridgemate operators, directors, Membership Secretary and those running refreshments at club sessions. Mike said that he was stepping down as Chairman but had agreed to be co-opted onto the committee for the next year, Ken Jones will be the new Chairman. Elaine Dunage had resigned as a committee member during the year as a result of ill health. Jill Lark had been co-opted onto the committee to replace Elaine but was now leaving. There had been no nominations for new committee members and therefore will be no other changes to the committee for 2016/17. Jan Buckley proposed acceptance of the new committee and Mel Tuson seconded the proposal.

Treasurer’s report – Brian said the accounts showed a loss of £3039.08 which was accounted for by an increase of hall rent and EBU fees, table money reduced by £450 and the purchase of the Duplimate £3691.00. The club has a working profit of £1555 and holds £1878 in the current account and £1777 in the deposit account. Brian thanked Richard for auditing the accounts. Rhiona Reid proposed acceptance of the accounts and Margaret Johnston seconded this.

Proposal for discussion – Ray Bedwell had made a proposal that the club should play hand dealt cards at one session per month. This was discussed by members followed by a show of hands with very few members supporting this proposal and a large majority of members present supporting future use of the Duplimate dealing machine at all sessions.

Presentation of Prizes


Champions Carrington Trophy Anthony and MarilynCollins

Mixed pairs Hawley Trophy Jill and Richard Lark

Ladies pairs Cheadle Trophy Jan Buckley and Pip Mills

Individual Fleming Trophy Norma Allen

Teams event Biddle Trophy Gail Houghton, Susi Treloar,

Pat Gordon, Mike Gordon


Champions Egham Trophy Ken Jones and Pam Hanson

Mixed pairs Ascot Trophy Nigel and Rosa Hague

Ladies pairs Handforth Trophy Jean James and Trish Lee

Mens pairs Loddon Trophy George Sankey and Ken Casey

Individual Lensbury Trophy Marion Fleming

Teams event Lilley Trophy Jean James, Trish Lee,

George Sankey,Ken Casey

Ascenders Stuchbury Cup Lesley and Nick Highham


Chairmans Trophy Jan Buckley


Winter Weekend 2016

Victor Ludorum Bradshaw Plate Tony Solomons and Vince Hull

Any other business – Mike presented Jill Lark with flowers for her hard work as a co-opted committee member, Duplimate organiser and director in the previous year. Ken Jones thanked Mike and presented him with a present for his hard work as Chairman in the previous year and for agreeing to be co-opted back to the committee for a further year.

Mike thanked members for coming and the meeting closed at 1.50pm.