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BBL Survey

The Committee of the Bracknell Bridge League is currently reviewing the format of the League and has developed a short survey to establish whether the League continues to meet the needs of local Bridge players.  Bridge players in the area are asked to take part in the Survey, which will remain open until 6 May 18.  The results of the Survey will then inform recommendations to be made by the Committee to the League AGM on Thu 17th May, with a view to implementing any changes for the next Season.  Players who took part in the League during the 2017/18 season are asked to complete the survey at this link:

Played in 17-18 Link

Those who have never played in the League, or have played in the past but did not participate in the current season should complete the survey at this link:

Not Played in 17-18 Link

Please do complete the survey, at either link as appropriate, in order to help the League Committee ensure that the League remains relevant for Bridge Players in the area.

Bridge Jargon

♠ Director ruling - A revoke, where the player that had revoked realised before the trick was completed. Since the revoke was not established (law 63) the card played was withdrawn and replaced with a legal card (law 62). The revoke was by a defender so the revoke card stayed on the table as a major penalty card (law 62B1). The next non-offending player was allowed to withdraw the card he had played and play another (law 62C1).

 Claims -  If a claim has been made, you can now ask for the cards to be played, provided all agree, although it is in your interest to call the Director. This is a change introduced with the 2017 laws (see below).

♠ Tip - If you do not have a convention card that supports your system the TD may rule against you. Complete a convention card!

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