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BBL Survey - April/May 2018

The BBL Committee would like to thank all those who took the time and trouble to complete the League survey in April/May this year.  A total of 67 individuals from all clubs responded to the survey:  50 answered the survey for current players and 17 responded to the non-current player survey.  A summary of the responses can be seen on the BBL Web Site

The results were discussed at the BBL AGM.  Following this, the BBL Committee does not propose to make any significant changes in the structure of the League, the playing season or policies regarding where and when matches are to be played.  Greater freedom will be given to teams who wish to organise their matches during the day – but this must be with the express consent of both teams. Although the majority of responses indicated that players are satisfied that the current number of matches is ‘about right’, it is likely that the number of teams wishing to play in the league next season will naturally result in a slight reduction in the number of matches to be played, and the Committee will review this when the applications from teams wishing to play in the next season have been received.

Bridge Jargon

♠ Director ruling - A revoke, where the player that had revoked realised before the trick was completed. Since the revoke was not established (law 63) the card played was withdrawn and replaced with a legal card (law 62). The revoke was by a defender so the revoke card stayed on the table as a major penalty card (law 62B1). The next non-offending player was allowed to withdraw the card he had played and play another (law 62C1).

 Claims -  If a claim has been made, you can now ask for the cards to be played, provided all agree, although it is in your interest to call the Director. This is a change introduced with the 2017 laws (see below).

♠ Tip - If you do not have a convention card that supports your system the TD may rule against you. Complete a convention card!

Welcome to Bracknell Forest Bridge Club

Welcome to Bracknell Forest Bridge Club!

We are a medium sized club located at Brownlow Hall in Newell Green, Bracknell with a membership of c50 people and 8-11 tables at each session. We organise a variety of duplicate bridge events and also participate in organised Sim pair events - our aim is to provide a different style of event each month! We run a number of member only club events and have a number of teams who compete in the Bracknell League, the Pivot Cup and the Greens Cup. Our club night is Monday and we typically play 24 hands at each session. We are EBU affiliated and award master points at the majority of events.

We are a super friendly bunch! We have playing scorers and directors at each event who manage to maintain the right balance between a well managed evening and a relaxed atmosphere. Visitors and new members most welcome. Please see the information panel for further details or contact


Change of Venue - Mon 22 Oct 18

Please note that, as Brownlow Hall is not available on Monday 22 October, we will be playing in St Martin's Church Hall, Church Road, Chavey Down (Ascot Bridge Club's normal venue) instead.  Please aim to arrive by 7:20 pm as usual for a 7:30 pm start.  We will be back at Brownlow as normal on Monday 29 October. 

Francis Cup Teams Competition - Mon 15 Oct 18
Francis Cup Teams Competition - Mon 15 Oct 18

Congratulations to Dave Lee’s Team (Dave Lee, Simon Kearon, Keith Greig and Jim Graham) who won the Francis Cup Teams-of-Four competition on Monday 15th October 2018 with an impressive score of +63 IMPs.

Berks and Bucks CBA Sim Pairs - Monday 17th September 2018

Congratulations to Dave Lee and Simon Kearon  who came 10th overall out of the 175 pairs (in 9 clubs) who took part in the Monday session of the Berks and Bucks Simultaneous Pairs on Monday 17th September.  The full results can be viewed on the EBU Sim Pairs web page (

Introduction of New Laws of Duplicate Bridge

In 2017, the World Bridge Federation completed its ten yearly review of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and the EBU has issued an updated book of Laws applicable to the game in England. The trend with the new laws is to try and reduce the number of occasions where boards are cancelled and artificial adjusted scores are awarded.  Whilst most of the laws relating to the common situations we are likely to encounter in the Club remain principally the same as in the 2007 Laws, there are some subtle changes of wording and members are asked to be patient with Directors if they are called to give a ruling whilst they find their way around the new laws. The EBU has produced a poster (link here) that summarises two key changes that all players should know about:  the procedure governing a claim; and the use of comparable calls to replace insufficient bids and calls out of rotation. 

  • The procedure governing a claim has effectively been changed to follow practice at the table where, after a claim has been made, the non-claiming side has said ‘play on’.  The old laws actually required play to stop and the TD to be called in the event of a disputed claim – generally honoured more in the breach than the observance.  The new laws allow play to continue, provided all agree.  However, if the TD is called and declarer’s stated line does not adequately account for all the tricks he is claiming (perhaps because he hasn’t drawn all the opponents' trumps and has not stated that he is drawing trumps when he claims), the TD can rule that the declarer takes a line of play that is less advantageous to him.  If the defence insist on ‘playing on’ and declarer wakes up to the fact that there is an outstanding trump and draws it, the defence cannot then claim that they might have made a trump trick and then call the TD.  The advice remains to call the Director if you are not happy with a Claim that has been made.
  • Comparable Calls will allow the bidding to continue in circumstances where, after an insufficient bid or a call out of rotation, offender’s partner would have been silenced for the rest of the auction. The poster at the above link covers this in more detail.

Club mobile 07435 444051

Please continue to use the Find a Partner facility if you are looking for a partner.


Competitions and Events 2018/19

Date                Competition    

12 Nov 18       ECATS CiN Sim Pairs (Charity Event)
19 Nov 18       Swiss Pairs
10 Dec 18       Christmas Party
14 Jan 19        B&BCBA Committee Cup Teams of 4 Heat (Club members to only to qualify)
11 Feb 19        B&BCBA Waller Bowl (Pairs) Heat (Club members to qualify only)
25 Feb 19        Swiss Pairs
11 Mar 19        EBU Stratified Sim Pairs
7 Apr 19          Committee Cup Final (Windsor)
22 Apr 19        Drawn Teams of 4
28 Apr 19        Waller Bowl Final (Windsor)
13 May 19       EBED Spring Sim Pairs
20 May 19       Individual Competition for the Tom Fegarty Memorial Cup (Members only)

The finals of the Committee Cup and the Waller Bowl will take place at Windsor starting at 13:30

17th December 2018
Christmas Party
Brownlow Hall 19:20
Director: Keith Sheppard
Scorer: Keith Sheppard
Opening Hall: Derek Thornton
Closing Hall: Keith Sheppard
24th December 2018
Christmas Eve - Club Closed
31st December 2018
New Years Eve - Club Closed
Monday Pairs
Director: Mark Carson
Scorer: Keith Sheppard
Monday Pairs
Director: Les Anthony
Scorer: Keith Sheppard
Monday Pairs
Director: Mark Carson
Scorer: Keith Sheppard