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If you require a partner please ring Ann Dodds on 01743 357790

Welcome to Boundary Bridge Club
Boundary Bridge Club

Welcome to our website. The Boundary Bridge Club is a friendly yet competitive bridge club.

We play at Mereside on Tuesday afternoons.

Play starts promptly at 1.45pm and players are asked to be seated BEFORE 1.30pm.

Visitors by prior arrangement only please contact -                               

Geoff Cobley 01743 850222  (or John Russell  01939 261544)

Rota of Directors 2018

Directors 2019

Jan 8/15  Ian Lawrence   22/29  Peter Smith 

Feb 5/12  Warren Perks   19/26  Sue Ratcliffe 

Mar 5/12  Bob Pringle     19/26  Alwyn Winter 

Apr 2/9    John Pollard     16/23 Ian Lawrence  30th Peter Smith 

May 7th   Peter Smith       14/21  Warren Perks   28th Rue Ratcliffe 

June 4th   Sue Ratcliffe     11/18  Bob Pringle  25th Alwyn Winter 

July 2nd  Alwyn Winter    9/16 John Pollard  23/30   Ian Lawrence 

Aug  6/13  Peter Smith       20/27 Warren Perks 

Sept 3/10   Sue Ratcliffe    17/24  Bob Pringle

Oct  1/8     Alwyn Winter   15/22  John Pollard  29th Ian Lawrence 

Nov 5th Ian Lawrence        12/19  Peter Smith   26th Warren Perks 

Dec 3rd Warren Perks         10/17   Sue Ratcliffe 








TEA  ROTA   2018

If you can't attend any session that you've been allocated on the tea rota, please find a stand-in to swap with

Also please remember to bring the milk (4pts) + tea towel/cloth + a lemon + knife to slice it with! 


Jan   Liz Morrison      John Russell        Di Barber     Brian Ratcliffe

Feb  Maria Hawarth Pam Wooton Davies Corinne Russell  Eve Barker

Mar  June Cox            John Scorer         Ann Dodds           John Cox

April Marjorie Deans  Margaret Frew John Tancock Pam Holbrow

May  Gill Norman      Bill Norman          Joan Manser      Linda Perks

June Joke Spiekman Brigid Middleton Shirley Cocker  Dagmar Bowett

July  Anne Smout   Joyce Seaman Audrey Lee Glenys Gresham

Aug  Keith Winter  Elke Williams     Pam  Cooper    John Cooper

Sept Jackie Home   Gill Meinertzhagen  Irene Parker John Russell 

Oct  Bronwen Kelly  Stuart Messer  Mary Curtis   Mavis Parodi

Nov Bridget Lawrence Rose Crocker Victoria Woolley Corinne Russell 

Dec  Beth Brecon  Ann Matthews  Mary Redwood  Geoff Cobley








Committee updates

Committee   2017/2018

President     Margaret Frew

Chairman    Geoff Cobley

Vice Chair   John Russell

Treasurer     David Bagley

Secretary     Di Pollard

Members     Sue Ratcliffe

                    Joke Spiekman 


Director: Warren Perks
Scorer: Susan Ratcliffe
Director: David Bagley
Scorer: Susan Ratcliffe
Director: John Pollard
Scorer: Ann Dodds