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Thanks for attending the Alzheimer's Longest Day Bridge Marathon June 21st.  Our next major event is the Non Life Master Fall Sectional in Winnipeg.. The Ambassador Club hosts the Winipeg Fall NLM Sectional on October 14 - 15. 

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Tom Rand on Bridge
Tom Rand on Bridge
Tom Rand on Bridge

Tom Rand has authored a bridge column in the Grand Forks Herald "Tom Rand on Bridge" for over 35 years.  It appears in the Saturday edition of the Herald.  His insights in life, bridge and people are a treasure to read.  Past articles written by Tom are attached for your enjoyment .



4/8/17 - Guest Dexter Perkins

4/1/17 - Redouble  

3/25/17 - PASS    

3/18/17 - Stayman

3/11/17 - Double and Bid  

3/4/17 - Overcalls