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Cedric Young ladder runs on Thursdays from 4/10/18 to 13/12/18


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18th Oct 2018 15:17 BST
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6th Oct 2018 02:22 BST
Welcome to Bolton Bridge Club

The front Drive is finally being painted today 18th October. It is important NOT to park here for 1 week til Thursday 25th October. 

Directors Needed Please

The Club is in urgent need of more Directors. We are not asking anyone to go on a Directors course but anyone who could facilitate a duplicate session with enough basic knowledge on rules and the various movements. Please let yourself be known! Thank you.

Cedric Young Ladder 4/10/18 to 13/12/18

The Cedric Young Ladder runs on Thursdays from 4/10/18 to 13/12/18. The 3 Highest and 3 Lowest scores are used in the competition.

Trial Host System from August 2018

At the July 2018 committee meeting, it was decided to trial a new Host system. Members will be asked to sign up to it themselves rather than being told when they had to do it. A sheet of dates has been put up on the notice board and members will be asked to put their names in the date when they would do it.  A list of all members would also be beside it and they would be asked to cross off their name when they had put in a date..

2018 Update - Bridge Lessons
2018 Update - Bridge Lessons

The photograph to the left is the beginners class of 2018 who are now into their second week. We look forward to seeing them at the tables soon.


Beginners Lessons ,  ♠   ♣ 

The next session of beginners bridge lessons will be given by John Simm. It will comprise 10 lessons starting Monday 8th October 2018 at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Please e-mail to join, or for further information, or enter your name and contact details on the notice board in the Club. You can also ring John Simm directly on 01204 496966 for more information.

              . Second set of beginners lessons ( 11 to 20 ) start 8th. January 2019 for 10 weeks. Contact as above to join

            Thanks to all who have joined the first session . We hope you enjoy and make many friends.


Intermediate lessons,  ♠   ♣ 

The  intermediate lessons have now ended and will restart next year after beginners lessons.



Assisted play bridge with instruction.  ♠   ♣ 

From Thursday 14th June 2018 the Club will be running assisted play bridge with instruction as you play. The sessions start at 7:30pm and are designed to suit players of NGS level 2 to 10.

                  ring John Simm for more info.        


   The next session is this Thursday -  no partner needed. Now every Thursday.


Volunteers Needed for Card Dealing

Volunteers Wanted Please

Bolton Bridge Club runs because of the help of many volunteers within our membership. To enable each duplicate session a small team of people help by dealing the boards using our computer and a very clever machine which automatically deals the cards into each board.

We are looking for some more volunteers to help the Club with the dealing of the boards. The time required is about 2-3 hours every couple of months, and it is a simple process to do with the computer. If you are interested and able to help please tell the Director of the session when you are playing or contact Stephen Hazlitt.

Daytime Bridge
Improvers Duplicates are normally held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.They start at 1.00 pm and finishes about 4.00 pm. NB Continues throughout the summer. 

Weekly Schedule
   Beginners/Improvers Pairs 7:25pm
   Improvers Pairs (Assisted) 1:00pm
   Pairs 7:25pm
   NonExpert Pairs 7:25pm
   Improvers Pairs (Assisted) 1:00pm
   Pairs 7:25pm
   Pairs 7:25pm
   Pairs 6:55pm
Events 2018 - 19
Cedric Young Ladder Thu 4/10/18 - 13/12/18
Mixed Pairs Thu 10/1/19
Spring Ladder Tue 5/2/19 - 16/4/19
Individual Thu 7/2/19
Mens & Ladies Pairs Thu 7/3/19
Championship Pairs Sat 6/4/19
EBED Spring Sim Pairs Thu 16/5/19
Bolton Congress TBC Sat 31/8/19 - 1/9/19
EBED Autumn Sim Pairs Thu 5/9/19
Glaister Cup TBC Mon 16/9/19
Tyldesley Cup TBC Wed 18/9/19
Cedric Young LadderTB Thu 3/10/19 - 12/12/19
Mixed Pairs TBC Thu 9/1/20
Spring Ladder TBC Tue 4/2/20 - 15/4/20
Individual TBC Thu 6/2/20
Mens & Ladies PairsTB Thu 5/3/20
19th October 2018
20th October 2018
Evening Pairs
Director: BP
22nd October 2018
Director: WB
23rd October 2018
Afternoon Pairs
Director: YS
23rd October 2018
Evening Pairs
Director: JA
24th October 2018
Director: DA
25th October 2018
Afternoon Pairs
Director: BP