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Eileen Webster Shield
  History of the Eileen Webster Shield
History of the Eileen Webster Shield

The Eileen Webster Shield is an annual competition held in honour of our late chairmanís wife.

Leslie and Eileen Webster were instrumental in the formation of this club and its incorporation in 1968 and gave a great deal of their time and effort into ensuring its future success.

Leslie was chairman of the club for 9 years from 1966 to 1974 and Eileen herself was chairwoman from 1984 to 1985.

  Eileen Webster Shield 2014

Picture of Eileen Webster Shield Winners 2014

A slightly smaller field turned out for this year's competition with only 12 pairs choosing to swop the winter cold for the warmth of our clubroom with an excellent lunch and an enjoyable afternoon of good bridge.  At the lunch interval Lil Callaghan and Keith Thomas held a small lead but after the break a strong performance by Tony Pearson and Rob Smith was enough for them to retain their title for the fourth consecutive year.  A steady performance by Barbara Serres and David Burrows was rewarded with the runners up position.
  Eileen Webster Shield 2013
Eileen Webster Shield 2013

As the winter weather relented slightly, the late morning of Saturday 16th February 2013 saw thirty-two members assembled for the annual competition for the Eileen Webster Shield.  A good natured contest saw Sylvia Bramham and Dr. Manuel Mendick take a substantial lead in the first session before a much appreciated lunch break.  After the break Tony Pearson and Robert Smith had an excellent session to overtake the first half winners and retain their trophy by a small margin.  Without doubt everybody thouroughly enjoyed themselves with the only sadness being to reflect on the recent passing of John Bell who, with Margaret Ainscough had been a four times winner of the trophy in the years 2007, 1998, 1996, 1991.

  Eileen Webster Shield 2012
Eileen Webster Shield 2012
We had the largest field we have had in this competition for many years when the 2012 event was held on Saturday 11th February 2012.  We reached a total of 10 tables and it was gratifying that so may of our members chose to spend a really enjoyable afternoon in the warmth of the club in contrast to the cold weather outside.  With the added attraction of yet more splendid catering, convivial company and plenty of well organized bridge it was a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Everybody had such a good time that the result was in danger of being almost incidental.  A close finish with three pairs achieving a combined score of over 60% saw Robert Smith and Tony Pearson triumph to retain the trophy that they won last year
, with Shirley Stott & Shirley Prince finishing second as they sought to regain the trophy they themselves won in 2009.

  Eileen Webster Shield 2011
Eileen Webster Shield 2011
The 2011 Eileen Webster Shield was played on Saturday 12th February 2011 with the morning start which has proved so popular in recent years.  All who attended were treated to a really enjoyable day's bridge with excellent food. The trophy was won by Tony Pearson and Robert Smith with John Bell and Manuel Mendick running out of time as they staged a late charge into second place.

<< click here for the detailed scores >>

<< click here to download summary results (pdf file) >>
  Eileen Webster Shield 2010
Eileen Webster Shield 2010

The 2010 Eileen Webster Shield was played on Saturday 13th February 2010 and the trophy went to Dave Williams and John Carr.

<< click here for the detailed scores >>

<< click here to download summary results (pdf file) >>
  Eileen Webster Shield 2009
Eileen Webster Shield 2009

The 2009 Eileen Webster Shield was played on 14th February 2009 and the winners were Shirley Stott and Shirley Prince





  Eileen Webster Shield - Former winners
Eileen Webster Shield - Former winners

Robert Smith & Tony Pearson (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)



Dave Williams & John Carr (2010)



Shirley Prince & Shirley Stott (2009)

Rob Roberts & Earl O’Keeffe (2008, 2003)



John Bell & Margaret Ainscough (nee Gilbertson) (2007, 1998, 1996, 1991)

Maurice McCann & Lyn Edge (2006)

Keith Thomas & Carol Andrews (2005, 2004)

Ray Parkinson & Ron Higgins (2002)

Lil Callaghan & Jenny Levick (2001)

Pat Ferguson & Dorothy Beach (2000)

David Stevenson & Ron Higgins (1999)

Dorothy Beach & Manuel Mendick (1997)

Jon & Sue Fjortoft (1995, 1994, 1992, 1989, 1988)

Maurice & Betty McCann (1993)

Ian Gilmore & Manuel Mendick (1990 =)

Silvia & John Bramham (1990 =)


  Rules for the Eileen Webster
The Eileen Webster Shield is an annual one day Duplicate Bridge competition played in one or two sessions.   It is open to all members but it is specifically a club contest, consequently all participants must be club members.  It is played in accordance with EBU regulations and the club's normal rules will apply.
With effect from 2013 it is nominated as our club's major championship and attracts the award of Blue EBU Masterpoints.