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One of the objects of our club is to promote the playing of bridge.  With this in mind we have various training and coaching options including both formal tuition and supervised practice sessions in our comfortable club room.

  Update in progress

Exact details of our future programme are being updated - check back soon.

  Formal Tuition

We offer formal tuition for both beginners and more advanced players.

Beginners who have either not played any bridge before or have only limited experience are catered for:

  • we have a series of lessons for complete beginners on Friday afternoons (at 1:30) and;
  • we are continuing a formal beginners course we started last year on Saturday mornings (at 10:30).

Those who are more confident about their bridge might be more suited to our improvers course on Monday afternoons (at 2:00)

If you simply want hands-on play and experience without any formal instruction you might like to consider our paractice sessions detailed below.

  Practice Sessions

Less formally, without any specific tuition, we have gentle sessions of duplicate bridge for players who would like to practice and build up their experience. 

Each Thursday morning (at 10:00) we have a two hour session of Social Duplicate and once a month on the second Tuesday evening of the month we have Mentored Duplicate (at 7:30).

Rubber Bridge is catered for by weekly sessions of Cut-In Rubber every Monday evening at 7:30 (no partner required) or, as a partnership, every Thursday evening at 7:30.

  Starting From Scratch

We started a series of lessons towards the end of 2016 which are intended for absolute beginners.

These lessons on Friday afternoons at 1:30 will be resuming on 12th May 2017 and will be running for 10 weeks until 14th July 2017 inclusive.  Each session will be about 2 hours long and will include a short period of instruction (20 minutes) followed by supervised "hands-on" play

No previous experience necessary and no playing partner needed.

£5 per lesson including refreshments and course material.

This course is still open and we can accommodate new joiners.

  Next Step Beginners Lessons


We are continuing our existing course, now reaching the end of its second year, on how to play the fascinating and challenging game of bridge with lessons at 10:30 on Saturday mornings resuming on 13th May 2017.

The course outline through to Summer 2017 is as follows:-

13th May 2017 Defending against trump contracts
20th May 2017 Using trumps in defence
27th May 2017 Leading a King against no trump contracts
3rd June 2017 Supporting your partner - the losing trick count
10th June 2017 Supporting your partner - pre-emptive, splinter and pudding raises
17th June 2017 Transfer Bids
24th June 2017 Weak Twos
1st July 2017 Landy - a defence to 1NT
8th July 2017 Revision and play
15th July 2017 Course appraisal

All lessons will be in our dedicated and spacious club room above Moor Lane, in the centre of Crosby Village (entrance at the end of the block on the corner of Richmond Road and Moor Lane).   The course has been designed by published experts and your tutor will be an accredited bridge teacher and associate member of the English Bridge Union Teachers Association. 

Each session last around 2 hours with approximately 30 minutes of formal instruction followed by hands-on play of prepared hands to illustrate the topic. 

The charge for this final term will be £30 (refreshments included).


    If you are interested or would like to know more you may either:

  • refer to our website at
  • contact the tutor, Gareth Thomas, on 0151 476 2080
  • contact us by e-mail:
  • use the form below


  Improvers Lessons - Polish Up Your Play


For those with experience of playing bridge we are holding a formal 10 week course on Monday afternoons from 8th May 2017 on the theme of Polish Up Your Play.

The weekly topics will be as follows:-

8th May 2017 Making a plan
15th May 2017 Playing in No Trumps
22nd May 2017 Counting by Declarer
29th May 2017 No lesson - Bank Holiday
5th June 2017 The Finesse
12th June 2017 Avoiding Danger
19th June 2017 Playing with Trumps  
26th June 2017 Pitfalls in Suit Play
3rd July 2017 Dummy Reversal and Cross Ruffing
10th July 2017 Playing with the Odds
17th July 2017 Deceptive Play

This is a structured course using proven material from the English Bridge Union.  The sessions will be at 2pm on Mondays in our Club Room on Moor Lane and will last for just over 2 hours.  Each week there will be a period of instruction and discussion followed by the play of specially prepared hands.  These are individual lessons progressing along a common theme so there is no problem if you wish to join part way through the course and/or miss a week or two.

The lessons are intended for players at all levels and will hopefully be of benefit to everybody.  We would especially welcome any existing club members who would like to improve their game.

Each lesson will be charged at £4 (£5 to non-members who are most welcome) and will include written course material with limited free refreshments.

Each week we address a different topic on a common theme.
This means that each lesson in the series stands alone and anybody who wishes to join for one or more weeks is more than welcome.


For more information and/or to register an interest please contact us

  Further information

For any further information about tuition please use the reply forms above or contact Gareth Thomas on 0151 476 2080