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Bridge Rules
  Rules for play

Rubber Bridge is played in accordance with “The International Laws of Contract Bridge 1993” as promulgated by the Portland Club.  We have a reference copy of these rules available at the club or alternatively try this link which is to a Danish web-site with an online copy available. (in English)

Duplicate Bridge is played in accordance with our affiliation to the English Bridge Union (EBU) and the "Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge – 2017" which are interpreted by the rules and regulations issued by the Law and Ethics Committee of the EBU (see below for more details).


  The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017
The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

The laws attempt to prescribe what should happen in every conceivable scenario and the result is not easy reading.  Should you wish we do have a reference copy of the laws available at the club or you can download a copy in portable document format (pdf) from the EBU website by clicking on this link

Alternatively you can find various summaries and commentaries on the internet which are somewhat lighter reading. 

The laws were updated in 2017 with the new version applying from 1st August 2017.

  The Blue Book

Under the title of "HANDBOOK OF EBU PERMITTED UNDERSTANDINGS" the Blue Book contains detailed regulations applicable to players in events run by the EBU and affiliated clubs.  It includes regulations about permitted systems, agreeements and understandings and their disclosure through alerts, announcements and convention cards in both bidding and play.  It has been updated to reflect the 2017 changes to the Laws. 

Click here for a copy (pdf)

  The White Book

The White Book is a handbook which is primarily intended for Directors.  It gives detailed guidance on how the laws and directives should be implemented.  It is quite technical and very involved but if you really want to read it <>

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