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 Make sure you have an up to date list of member telephone numbers (ask Gill if you need one)


 Use the members only section of website to request a partner (ask Gill if you need help)

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 Put your name on the list on the club notice board


 Ring Gill at home on  

0151 924 0868

or send her a text to 

0798 117 0515

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 Ask the TD to announce at start of a session


Rules and Regulations
Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017
Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

A new set of Laws of Duplicate Bridge have been approved by the World Bridge Federation.  These were implemented with appropriate regional variations by the English Bridge Union on 1st August 2017.

We have a reference copy of the rules available at the club or you can download a copy from the EBU website by clicking on this link


Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be distracting and annoying.  We require them to be switched off or set it to silent before play commences. 

Simultaneous Pairs
For details of Simultaneous Pairs competitions see the page under Calendar Items (click here)
Convention Cards

When playing Duplicate you and your partner should have convention cards with you and make them available to your opponents.  This helps to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.  If called upon for a ruling, the director may be obliged to rule against you if your system is in doubt.

In the absence of a convention card you will be expected to use simple systems.

Best Behaviour at Bridge
In August 2006 the EBU published a code of conduct called Best Behaviour at Bridge.  To a large extent this just reiterated what we already expected of our partners and opponents but it is useful to have this set out in a code.  For further information please click here.

As a club we will not accept players who fail to show courtesy and respect to their partner, opponents and the club officials.  Players who continually ignore this rule risk being asked not to play at the club.

Visitors and non-members
Visitors and non-members
   We are a Members Club but we are usually happy to welcome visitors. Please click here for a detailed summary of our visitor policy.

Master Points
Please click here for further details
Appeals and corrections
The club policy is detailed on a separate page (please click here)