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Looking for a partner?


 Make sure you have an up to date list of member telephone numbers (ask Gill if you need one)


 Use the members only section of website to request a partner (ask Gill if you need help)

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 Put your name on the list on the club notice board


 Ring Gill at home on  

0151 924 0868

or send her a text to 

0798 117 0515

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 Ask the TD to announce at start of a session


Telephone when open - 0751 959 5864
Social Duplicate on Thursday Mornings

Cup of Coffee Cup of Coffee

Every Thursday morning 10am to 12:30pm
Come along for some relaxed informal bridge, a cuppa and a chat
Play at a leisurely pace with help on bidding or play available
Partners not required
Any questions contact Ann Brewer on 0151 949 1329

Car parking

Free Parking

 Members and visitors are reminded that there are no parking charges for the use of the Council controlled car parks in Crosby Village after 6 p.m.  Consequently anyone attending one of our evening sessions should be able to park free of charge.

Pre-Dealt Boards

We sometimes receive comments from members that they believe hands are ‘rigged’ and are intentionally made to include abnormal distributions and awkward situations that they do not enjoy. This is not the case.

The hands are computer dealt, and each set is used exactly as dealt by the dealing program (we use Bridge Composer incorporating Big Deal for this).  There is no manipulation of the hands, nor do we deal 100 and pick the ‘strangest’ 30.  They are as natural as those that would be dealt (assuming adequate shuffling) at any bridge event.  So whilst there may be a 5-0 split, or an eight card suit, this is no more likely in these than in any other bridge event that has properly random hands.  Some players who are used to hand dealing with packs that have not been sufficiently shuffled may find these hands to be more ‘lively’ than they are used to.  That is not because these hands are fixed, simply that hands dealt from poorly shuffled packs are not properly random.

There should be no difference between the computer generated hands and those that have been shuffled correctly and dealt manually.

Advantages of pre-dealt boards:

  • A hand record is available which makes going through the results (particularly the travellers) much more interesting.  If you want to improve your play, it is important to review what happened at the table but nobody can remember all the hands in a session.  Having a record of the hands is the best way to do this. It enables you to see what partner had in the bidding and play. One hears conversations which start:“ I had x and y in spades, so many hearts etc .., what should I bid?”. How much easier if you have a record of the hand!  

  • It allows you to see that you and partner are using the same system, it enables you to identify your weaknesses: when you have missed a game you should have bid or bid one you should not have, for instance. If you are not interested in this sort of post mortem, then you have lost nothing, but those who want to improve find them vital.

  • A hand record allows the director to sort out issues when cards are put back in the boards in error.

  • Computer dealing avoids the chore of shuffling and dealing at the table.  Some of us with arthritis find it difficult to shuffle adequately. (Mathematical research has shown that seven interweave or riffle shuffles are required to randomise the cards in a pack)

So why is the hand above being shown?

This was hand 7 in the evening duplicate on Wednesday 12th September 2018 - a very rare event because it was passed out by the entire room.  Random can be boring too!

Mentored Duplicate

We have discontinued the Mentored Duplicate that was previously held on the second Tuesday of each month.  As an alternative please consider the Social Duplicate on Thursday Mornings

The new year starts on 1st July

Subscriptions are now due

All of last year's competitions have now been finalised and full details can be found on the Honours Board

Tue 11th December 2018
Annual General Meeting
At the club 19:30
Wed 12th December 2018
Club Duplicate (Norman Green Trophy)
At the club 19:30
Thu 13th December 2018
Social Duplicate (mornings)
At the club 10:00
Organiser: Ann Brewer
Fri 14th December 2018
Club Duplicate (Pearson Rose Bowl)
At the club 19:30
Wed 19th December 2018
Club Duplicate (Tallon Handicap Trophy)
At the club 19:30
Fri 21st December 2018
Club Duplicate (Peter Reid Cup)
At the club 19:30
Wed 26th December 2018
Boxing Day
Fri 28th December 2018
Mon 31st December 2018
New Year's Eve
Club Duplicate (Kay Dow Trophy)
Club Duplicate (Tallon Handicap Trophy)
Club Duplicate (Fifth Friday)