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Hi all

I have been asked to post a brief explanation of the host system..

1)  When you arrive as host you should not attach yourself to anyone until you know you will play with them. In the meantime I think it is ok to discuss what conventions you will play but on the understanding that someone else may arrive without a partner.

2)  As host it is strongly recommended that you do not take a seat with anyone until we are about to start. This of course means "floating" and discussing any conventions away from a table smiley. It also means you are excused from making up any boards!

3)  If, as often happens, you end up as a spare player, you will be the only person who has to go home. The exception ( only on a Monday ) is if you are able to make up a table by playing with "bidders" i.e. whoever is free at the time of each board. You should be aware that going home is a very realistic eventuality.

4)  Please do not be frightened to play with one of an existing pair if you are NOT host and one of the pair is! The only person who should ever have to go home is the host ( that's kinda the point! ). Do not be intimidated by any players, no matter who, into going home when you don't need to. Of course you are not obliged to play, even having turned up on the day, but you shouldn't leave unless you are 100% happy to!

5)  As some of you know, there is an option, with regards to EBU National Grading Scheme ( NGS ) scoring, to claim exemption when you play as host. You will need to let scorer and / or director know before you start playing. The option is given because you may have very little time to discuss your system with a player you haven't much played with. Of course if you are host and play with your regular partner in the end then the option doesn't apply.

6)  Betty does a very good job arranging hosts. Please be sure when you agree to be host that you make a note and remember to turn up! Rarely has our host not arrived but it can be very disconcerting when it does happen.

7) It is thought that each player should be hosting at least once ( more likely twice ) a year..

Happy hosting!  

On another tack..

Here are listed amendments made after a session ( by checking the computer against traveller scores ) before finalising an event.


Recent sessions..

Thurs 9th November.. B11 scored as 6H by S but should be 6H by E.. now corrected

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